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Abortion issue is not over, it can never be over – When you gaze on a newborn his/her very presence fills us with awe and wonder. Their only accomplishment is to fill us with hope and joy.      

Unfortunately, not every infant is given a chance to bring joy. On Sept. 28th, 2022, abortionist doctor, Lauren MacAfee, from UVM Medical Center described how no attempt at abortion produces a live child because his/her heart is injected with a medication that stops “cardiac activity”.  She described cold blooded murder.      

Yet on Nov.8,2022, 77% of voters (212,323) voted that unlimited abortion right up to birth be guaranteed in the Vermont constitution. Even so, this issue is not over and can never be over because the taking of a human life is a grave injustice. It was a grave injustice to own blacks as slaves and even the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision could not make it right. The Supreme Court had to reverse its decision.  

Roe vs Wade could not make abortion right and it had to be reversed. Every human life has infinite value. Eternity begins on earth. Once a person is conceived, he/she has entered eternity.  

A person can be destroyed, but not erased. That is why post abortive women need the healing that is available.    

In the grand scheme of things, we are part of something that is beautiful beyond belief. Abortion has cast a dark shadow over our state. This needs to be rectified. Everything we suffer for life itself is so worth it. 

I am proud to be one of the 64,239 people (23% of voters) who voted against inserting unlimited abortion into the Vermont constitution. Although I am in the minority now, I have great confidence that life will triumph and I will be on the right side of history. – Anna Gagne, Swanton 

A View from Montpeculiar – I finally realized that my coming out has been a secret for too long: I’m a Christian, Heterosexual, Capitalist, Outdoorsman, Moderate Republican male living in Socialist Vermont. 

I often watch legislators speed through Montpeculiar as they talk on their cell phones and run red lights (hard to hide when Your license plates identify you). I cringe about giving legislators free health insurance since we can just add it to the teachers and state employees’ underfunded pensions…. 

Vermont was known for manufacturing Tubbs Snowshoes, McKenzie Meats, Burton Snowboards, etc. but produced out of state now due to anti-business atmosphere here….

Bill S5 (Global Heating Bill) will ask Vermonters to be punished for heating their homes and driving to work using fossil fuels….I asked my Montpelier Representatives not to support this bill….alas they are all ready to hurt our economy, drive elderly to Florida and force them to sell their Vermont home…..

Not the Vt I grew up in. – Maurice Martineau, Montpelier

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  1. Maurice,
    Welcome to the under class in our own state ! As long as urban refugees make up a “super majority” in both houses of our legislature, I don’t hold much hope for us Plebeians Those self righteous, sanctimonious, urban refugees will continue to treat us like rubes, and do “what is right for us” until REAL Vermonters come forward. Right now about 2/3 of our legislators were born, and spent their “formative” years elsewhere. Until that changes ……

  2. Vermont Republicans should be proud and rejoicing the bills their legislators are advancing, which they indirectly voted for by running candidates that stood for something. Instead of being resentful, they should happily accept the new taxes, the new gun laws, and the further deterioration of their schools. At least we stood for something and now we stand on the steps of the Capitol peering in through the windows.

    Primaries and Elections have consequences.

  3. This state is no longer a state for the people by the people. I think the reality is the state has been taken over by aliens from other states that think its their way or no way and if you don’t agree, then to hell with you!

  4. Could someone please alert Tom Arnold that his computer seems to stuck on Cut & Paste. His comment is on repeat. At least try to come up with something new Tom.
    Makes his point clear though, doesn’t he ?
    He stands for nothing, other than criticizing those that actually do stand for something.
    His main point seems to be that if you are Pro Life your voice doesn’t count. If you understand the Constitutions of VT and America actually guarantee our Rights then obviously you are mistaken on that too.
    See, the people that Tom supports have proven that the Republican Party in VT is dying. The Transrepublicans and those that voted for them are just fine with killing Babies up to the moment of Birth and giving them to the ” State ” after they are born. Because 24 Transrepublicans just voted to protect those who will sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy children. Regardless of their age. Don’t forget Phil Scott, Joe Benning and a few other Transrepublicans supported it from Prop 5 thru Article 22 and now H 89.
    The VTGOP, led by Dame and Koch wanted their Big Tent and it got them Madden.
    After Madden won the Primary, he bragged there would be no Republican running in the General.
    I supported Charles Wilson who won his race in Caledonia 3 on a 100% Pro Life and Constitutional campaign. Neither the VTGOP or the Caledonia County GOP supported Mr. Wilson. No financial or any other support.
    Gerald Malloy defeated the VTGOP pick for U.S. Senate, Christina Nolan. Mr. Malloy ran a 100% Pro Life and Constitutional campaign.
    Ms. Nolan received financial support and many in the VTGOP campaigned for her all over the State. Doesn’t matter that she supported abortion thru the 2nd Trimester. Doesn’t matter that she vowed to fight to codify Roe V Wade if elected.
    Mr. Malloy never received a Dime from the VTGOP during his campaign. None in the Primary and none in the General. Dame cashed in on Gerald’s win though, immediately calling for donations in Mr. Malloy’s name. So if you thought your donation helped Mr. Malloy, think again.

    More proof the VTGOP stands for nothing. Undoubtably Tom will attack me for leaving the VTGOP once again. What he doesn’t seem to get is that I helped write the VTGOP platform language along with the other Committee members.
    The same language they voted to follow, but immediately disregarded.
    ( that Big Tent again )

    None of this matters to Tom. He is content to scream about how the Republican Party failed. What he seems to miss is that is exactly what I have said since I left the VTGOP. If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.

    There have been many calls from Southern VT to abandon the VTGOP and start a new Party in VT.
    Makes sense, unless you want a Big Tent.

    • Perhaps the stellar election results were a reflection your altruistic messaging and efforts. Give yourself more credit. The unintended, perhaps more likely the intended consequences of your efforts is super majority. You’ve accomplished your mission. Bravo. Fortunately, I can still afford to live here.

      A new party? Really? Perhaps you can start something more inline with Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones, David Koresh, or Elbert Spriggs

  5. Mr. Arnold continues to prove he is a shill for the VTGOP. Nonstop criticism of me and Vermonters actually standing for life and the Constitutions of VT and America. But as he has proven before, not a word about the failures of Dame, Koch and the Transrepublicans that betrayed Conservative Vermonters when they join with the marxists in the Legislature and vote for the destruction of Babies and children.

    I take no credit for Mr. Wilson winning his race, I take no credit for Mr. Malloy defeating Ms. Nolan.
    The point I made is they were not supported by the VTGOP.
    Keep spewing your incredibly despicably ignorant remarks about the Cult leaders though. Must be in your vision, true Conservatives are the enemy.
    Ironic, the same tactic the leftist use.

  6. Both Anna and Maurice, and many like-minded decent people, reflect and declare humanity over the evil perpetrating our society. Those in power do not have power over anyone. They only pretend and weild it because people willingly give it over to them. The power is in every wallet across the State that they are taking without valid consent – they are simply unconsionably corrupt. The only fuel keeping these cretins performing their witchcraft is our money. They are liars and deceivers covering up their own unethical, illegal deeds. A silent war was declared upon the People of this State and this country by a nefarious, evil group of elitist eugenists. It began decades ago. The only way to stop it is for the people to wake up, stand against it, and stop supporting it with their money and labor. All the “accidents” occuring across this country are acts of war, sabatoge, and deliberately executed. They are hellbent on destroying us and God willing – they will be the ones destroyed.