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Dutch Nitrogen Minister to Seize and Close 3,000 Farms to Comply With EU Environmental Rules | 28 Nov 2022 | The Dutch government is planning to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to be in compliance with EU environmental rules. It comes after farmer protests erupted this summer following a government plan to reduce nitrogen emissions by 50% by 2030, The New York Times reported. Farmers believe the measure unfairly targeted the agricultural sector, which is responsible for the largest portion of nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands, the Times added. The government will conduct a “compulsory purchase” of large nitrogen emitters as part of a voluntary, one-time offer, announced Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy [?] Christianne van der Wal, Bloomberg reported.

‘Carbon pawprint’: Pet Ownership is Now Under Attack by Unhinged Climate Extremists – Says Dogs and Cats are Part of the Climate Problem | 26 Nov 2022 | In an effort to lessen their “carbon pawprint,” unhinged climate activists are now advocating for the death of millions of dogs and cats worldwide. An article published by CNN claims that dogs, cats, and other household pets that regularly consume meat contribute to “global warming.” “Our four-legged friends don’t drive gas-guzzling SUVs or use energy-sucking appliances, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a climate impact. In fact, researchers have showed that pets play a significant role in the climate crisis,” according to a recent CNN column. The news outlet added that most of the carbon pawprint comes from their diet, which is extremely high in meat and so requires a lot of resources (including energy, land, and water) to create. The manufacturing of pet food also results in a significant quantity of greenhouse gas emissions.

New Visa Card Features Personal Carbon Emissions Tracker –One of several new programs to monitor your spending habits | 22 Nov 2022 | The monitoring of personal behavior by banks will take another step forward as Canadian credit union Vancity launches a new credit card technology to report users’ carbon emissions. On Oct. 19, Vancity announced that it will be “the first financial institution in Canada to offer its individual and business members a way to estimate the CO2 emissions that come from their purchases.” Vancity said its carbon counter, which is attached to Visa credit cards, was developed with ecolytiq, one of Europe’s leading climate engagement technology companies. This will be the first carbon counter program for Visa holders. Mastercard already provides a CO2 emissions-tracking card, developed with technology from Swedish company Doconomy. The Visa credit card technology developed by ecolytiq also provides “education and behavioral nudging” so that card users are not only informed about the CO2 emissions of their buying activity but also told how to reduce them.  

British Columbia Bill C-36, drafted in secret, lays the groundwork for forced vaccination for any illness the government chooses —British Columbia health professionals in shock over proposed Bill C36 – are their rights being compromised? By Brian Peckford | 21 Nov 2022 | Bill 36 will give the BC Minister of Health the ability to appoint College Boards who are then required to pass bylaws mandating vaccines for any illness the government chooses as a condition of license, and creating an environment of censorship where if you challenge the government’s position on anything you will face discipline and potentially lose your license. It also allows the College to determine who has good character and who doesn’t and to define informed consent… See Division 3 starting with s.500, which gives the government power to make an application to the court without notice to the person affected, and in private with the judge, for an order compelling someone to comply with the government’s/College’s direction and to enter premises and search, seize or copy the property of the person affected. They can secure the premises and prevent the owner from accessing or entering the premises. Also see s. 514(2)(b). Penalties for failure to comply include fines up to 200,000 and jail for up to six months for each offence if the person provides false or misleading information (as defined by the College/Government) while performing their duties under the Health Professions Act (i.e., while working as a regulated health care professional). So if a health professional questions the safety and efficacy of the experimental covid injections for example, this would seem to qualify as false or misleading information based on what the government has been saying for the last 2 years, which could result in fines of up to 200.000 and up to 6 months in jail for each “offence.” See s.70(2)(g).

More Than 200 Million Doses of COVID Shots Dumped Due to Diminishing Demand –U.S. Discarded 81.1 Million Doses of COVID Shots | 22 Nov 2022 | In June 2022, the U.S. Centers for Control and Disease Prevention (CDC) said that pharmacies and state health authorities and federal agencies in the United States discarded 82.1 million doses of COVID shots between December 2020 and May 2022… The government of Canada recently discarded 7.7 million doses of Moderna/NIAID’s Spikevax mRNA biologic because of low demand. Swiss government officials have reported that they will destroy nine million doses of Spikevax that have expired, with an additional 5.1 million shots to expire by February 2023.

San Diego COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate for Students Illegal, State Appeals Court Rules | 23 Nov 2022 | A lower court’s ruling striking down San Diego’s mandate requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for students will remain in effect after a California appeals court slapped down an appeal Nov. 22 lodged by the second-largest local school district in the state. San Diego’s school district decided earlier this year to delay the mandate until at least mid-2023. The California Legislature currently requires schoolchildren to be vaccinated for 10 diseases, but COVID-19 is not one of them. The issue in this case was whether a school district can require students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as a condition for both attending in-person classes and participating in extracurricular activities. San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer previously found that only the state can implement such a mandate.

22 states ask feds to repeal COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers | 17 Nov 2022 | Twenty-two state attorneys general are asking the Biden administration to end it’s “draconian vaccine mandate” for U.S. health care providers because it is causing critical shortages of health care workers and is justified with outdated data and science. In a petition reviewed exclusively by Fox News Digital, 22 Republican state attorneys general, led by AG Austin Knudsen of Montana, demanded that the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) repeal the interim final rule, or IFR, that authorized the federal mandate in effect since November 2021. “The more we dig into this, the more we look, this interim final rule was just completely arbitrary and capricious,” Knudsen told Fox News Digital. “The science didn’t ever back that the COVID vaccine was ever going to prevent transmission.”

FDA Says Telling People Not to Take Ivermectin for COVID-19 Was Just a Recommendation | 19 Nov 2022 | The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) telling people to “stop” taking ivermectin for COVID-19 was informal and just a recommendation, government lawyers argued during a recent hearing. “The cited statements were not directives. They were not mandatory. They were recommendations. They said what parties should do. They said, for example, why you should not take ivermectin to treat COVID-19. They did not say you may not do it, you must not do it. They did not say it’s prohibited or it’s unlawful. They also did not say that doctors may not prescribe ivermectin,” Isaac Belfer, one of the lawyers, told the court during the Nov. 1 hearing in federal court in Texas. “They use informal language, that is true,” he also said, adding that, “it’s conversational but not mandatory.” The hearing was held in a case brought by three doctors who say the FDA illegally interfered with their ability to prescribe medicine to their patients when it issued statements on ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that has shown positive results in some trials against COVID-19.

Tucker Carlson slams Zelensky for ‘demanding’ money –The Fox News host earlier argued that intervening in the Ukraine conflict is not in U.S. interest | 27 Nov 2022 | Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is a “corrupt strongman” who “demands” m-ney from the U.S. taxpayer, Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared on Thursday. Carlson is a prominent critic of Zelensky, whom he already accused of attempting to drag the U.S. into a “third world war.” The nation has allocated a total of 68 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine this year and the White House asked Congress last week to approve another 37 billion before Republicans retake control of the House of Representatives in January. This combined expenditure is “double what we spent every year in Afghanistan,” Carlson exclaimed on Thursday, adding that Zelensky “doesn’t just ask the US Congress for m-ney, he demands it.” “Who is that guy?” he asked. “He’s some corrupt Ukrainian strongman. Where does he get that attitude?”

Bye-bye Kiev – hello, Côte D’Azur: As Westerners send aid, here’s how Ukraine’s corrupt elites are profiting from the conflict –Officials and oligarchs have diverted much of the financial support sent to Kiev | 24 Nov 2022 | Since the beginning of Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine, the United States, the European Union – and their allies – have provided Kiev with 126 billion worth of aid, a number almost equal to the country’s entire GDP. Moreover, millions of Ukrainians have found refuge in the EU where they were given housing, food, work permits, and emotional support. But is the aid reaching its intended destination? According to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, 20 business jets took off from Kiev’s Boryspol airport on the 14th as well. Tycoons were at the front of the line…

EU member will defend nuclear cooperation with Russia, foreign minister tells RT | 21 Nov 2022 | Hungary is set to continue its nuclear energy cooperation with Russia and remains opposed to any sanctions in this field, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told RT on Monday. The country’s top diplomat made the remarks on the sidelines of the ongoing Atomexpo-2022 forum in Russia’s southern resort city of Sochi. “It’s obvious that nuclear [power] is the cheapest, safest and most environmental way of generating energy. And that’s why it’s in our national interest to continue the nuclear cooperation with Rosatom and to make the two new reactor blocks operational as of 2030,” Szijjarto said. He was referring to plans to expand Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant in cooperation with Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy giant Rosatom.

AP fires journalist behind ‘Russian missile’ story – media | 22 Nov 2022 | The Associated Press has fired the journalist [sic] behind a since-retracted story, which claimed that the missile that hit Poland last week had been launched by Russia, a number of US media outlets have reported. The news that the agency had terminated its contract with investigative reporter James LaPorta after a brief internal probe, was broken by the Daily Beast on Monday. The sacking was later confirmed to the Washington Post by “people at the news organization.” Last Tuesday, AP issued a news alert citing “a senior US intelligence official,” who claimed “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.” Such an event would constitute a major escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, given that Poland is a member of NATO and an attack on one member is supposed to trigger a response from the entire US-led military bloc.

Arms sent to Ukraine could end up with ‘terrorists’ – UK –British cops are on the lookout for pistols, machine guns, and grenades smuggled out of the conflict zone, the National Criminal Agency’s chief has said | 20 Nov 2022 | Western weapons could be trafficked out of Ukraine and into the hands of criminals and terrorists, UK National Crime Agency (NCA) Director General Graeme Biggar told the Sunday Times. Earlier, Moscow estimated that up to 1 billion worth of arms are funneled out of Ukraine every month. “As with any conflict, when weapons pour in there is a risk of blowback,” Biggar said on Sunday. “At the end of the conflict, there are surplus weapons that get into the hands of criminals or terrorists.” Biggar, who took over at the helm of the NCA in August, said that police in the UK and Europe are watching out for pistols, machine guns, and grenades turning up on the streets.

Bolsonaro seeks to overturn Brazilian election –The incumbent leader has challenged the reliability of electronic ‘voting’ machines | 23 Nov 2022 | Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s lawyers have urged the country’s electoral authority to invalidate all votes cast on more than half of the electronic voting machines used in the election that he narrowly lost to former leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. In a complaint filed on Tuesday, Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party questioned the results of the October 30 runoff over what they called an “irreparable non-compliance due to malfunction,” claiming that nearly 280,000 older voting machines were missing identification numbers in internal logs. Former President da Silva — a leftist politician known to many Brazilians simply as ‘Lula’ — was officially declared the winner by a thin margin of 50.9% against the incumbent’s 49.1%. However, if all the votes in question are annulled, Bolsonaro would win reelection with 51% of the remaining valid votes, according to Marcelo de Bessa, the lawyer who filed the motion.

RNC, Arizona AG candidate file lawsuit alleging election mismanagement by officials –Lawsuit names Democratic candidate for attorney general Kris Mayes and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs | 23 Nov 2022 | Republicans in Arizona have filed a lawsuit alleging incompetence from election officials illicitly influenced the midterms. Arizona Republican nominee for attorney general Abraham Hamadeh, together with the RNC, filed suit against many election officials Tuesday. The lawsuit names Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs alongside the recorders and boards of supervisors for all counties in the state… “The voters of Arizona demand answers and deserve transparency about the gross incompetence and mismanagement of the General Election by certain election officials,” Hamadeh said. “Pervasive errors by our election officials resulted in the disenfranchisement of countless Arizonans who had their voices silenced.

Four Arizona Counties Delay Election Certification | 22 Nov 2022 | Historic denial of election data is happening in the state of Arizona because the midterm elections earlier in November were completely suspicious and election officials really had no choice other than to say “no” to lousy election results. Fox news has gone to the dark side and labeled the historical problems with election integrity as nothing more than “conspiracy theories,” when in fact, thousands of eyewitness statements have been collected showing that the election problems in the largest of Arizona’s counties were very disturbing and highly corrupt. Four Arizona counties say that they will hold off on certifying the 2022 midterm elections. Gila, Cochise, Mohave, and Yavapai have refused to approve the suspect election. Arizona only has 15 counties in the state.

House GOP leadership rejects 6 of 8 rules changes sought by conservatives, with more pending | 25 Nov 2022 | The House Republican leadership has rejected 6 out of the 8 House Freedom Caucus rules changes that have been considered so far, Just the News has learned. The amendments that failed included a requirement that spending bills must pass before the fiscal year officially begins on Oct. 1. If not, other legislation would not be able to be considered on the floor. An amendment that would ensure all members of the Republican Conference are able to participate in conference meetings was rejected, and a rule change to allow one member, with the support of 25 others, to request having one Republican staffer admitted to conference meetings also failed. In addition, House GOP leadership rejected an amendment that would have allowed committee members to elect their own chairmen.

Arizona lawmaker calls on Mayorkas to resign | 25 Nov 2022 | Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.) called on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign on Friday, warning that he will face House investigations if he refuses. The border state lawmaker’s message comes days after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) promised to launch investigations in next year’s Republican-controlled House to determine whether Mayorkas should be impeached… “I personally have signed on to legislation to impeach Mayorkas. Prior to that, I signed on to legislation that he resign, and I signed on to letters asking him to resign,” Lesko said on Fox News. Lesko, a member of the House Border Security Caucus, went on to accuse the DHS chief of lying to Congress about the situation on the southern border.

42 Biden Admin Officials Put on Notice by House Republicans | 27 Nov 2022 | At least 42 Biden administration officials were sent letters by Republicans on House Judiciary Committee this month as they request testimony from a variety of different White House officials. Those letters primarily dealt with the suspected politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), investigations into U.S. border security, and Hunter Biden. Interviews from four White House officials were requested. That includes embattled Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement chief Tae Johnson… Incoming House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) revealed that some of the GOP’s priorities for the incoming Congress are probing the origins of COVID-19, the widely criticized U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and allegations surrounding Hunter Biden.  

Biden Admin Authorizes Chevron to Resume Oil Pumping in Venezuela | 27 Nov 2022 | The Biden administration authorized on Nov. 26 Chevron Corp.’s joint venture to resume oil pumping in Venezuela. “The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued Venezuela General License (GL) 41, authorizing Chevron Corporation to resume limited natural resource extraction operations in Venezuela,” the Treasury Department said in a statement… The Biden administration’s decision comes after the Nicolas Maduro government and opposition political alliance Unitary Platform resumed talks in Mexico City.  

Biden’s Gender-Fluid ‘Pup Handler’ DOE Employee Sam Brinton Charged With Felony Theft | 28 Nov 2022 | Joe Biden’s gender-fluid “pup handler” Department of Energy employee Sam Brinton was charged with felony theft for stealing a woman’s luggage last month at MSP airport in Minnesota. According to Alpha News, Sam Brinton took a woman’s bag from the baggage claim area on September 16. Brinton reportedly removed the ID tag from the blue bag, quickly left the area and jumped in an Uber. According to the complaint, Brinton returned to MSP airport with the stolen blue bag on September 18 where he caught a flight to DC. The female victim said the contents of her stolen bag are valued at around 2,325.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried donated thousands to House committee members who will investigate him –Nine members of House Financial Services Committee received donations from Bankman-Fried, other FTX employees | 19 Nov 2022 | Members of the House Financial Services Committee have received hundreds of thousands of d-llars from Sam Bankman-Fried and others at his now-bankrupt cryptocurrency company FTX. Nine members of the House Financial Services Committee have received money from FTX totaling just over 300,000, according to a review of Federal Election Commission records by the Washington Free Beacon. Bankman-Fried was a major contributor to Democratic candidates during the midterm election cycle, funneling most of his donations through a political action committee called Protect Our Future PAC.

ANTIFA Terrorists Are Reportedly Planning Terror Attacks on Tesla Dealerships | 26 Nov 2022 | CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is concerned about a recent tweet that is encouraging arson at Tesla dealerships all across the United States. The report originated from journalist Andy Ngo who shared a screenshot on his Twitter account from a now-suspended user who was calling for members of Antifa to “protest” outside of Tesla dealerships. The tweet from the now-deleted Antifa-affiliated account read “Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!.” In that same tweet was a picture of a Tesla on Fire, which has Tesla dealerships across the country on high alert.

Elon Musk says Trump will be reinstated to Twitter after more than 15 million users voted in poll –Musk posted on Twitter in Latin that the ‘voice of the people is the voice of God’ | 19 Nov 2022 | Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted Saturday night that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated to Twitter after a poll he posted on his social media platform resulted in the majority of users supporting the idea. “The people have spoken,” Musk tweeted on Saturday night. “Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.” Musk’s tweet came 24 hours after he posted a poll asking Twitter users if Trump, who was booted off the platform by previous ownership following the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot in 2021, should be allowed back on the platform. More than 15 million people responded to the poll with 51.8% of users saying that they wanted Trump back on Twitter.

Facebook announces removal of religious views on personal profiles–Political views also expurgated | 22 Nov 2022 | Beginning Dec. 1, Facebook will no longer allow user profiles to feature their religious views. “Some profile info is going away soon,” reads a warning sent to Facebook users who have filled in their profiles, including their religious views and affiliations. “Starting from 1 December 2022, the following info that you shared on your profile in About, Contact and basic info will be removed…Your other information will remain on your profile, along with the rest of your contact and basic info.” “As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we’re removing a handful of profile fields: Interested In, Religious Views, Political Views and Address,” wrote the spokesperson in a statement.

Lava begins to flow out of Mauna Loa as it erupts on Hawaii’s Big Island for first time in 38 years – experts warn of ‘serious’ situation if magma from world’s largest active volcano seeps into rift zones | 28 Nov 2022 | Lava has started to flow from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, after it erupted for the first time in 38 years Sunday night. The eruption began in the summit caldera of Mauna Loa late at around 11:30 p.m., but started overflowing early Monday morning — though experts say it remains confined to the Northeast rift zone, away from the town of Hilo. Still, any strong winds could carry volcanic gas, fine ash and thin fibers known as Pele’s hair downwind to the South Kona shore. “Surface flows have come out of the caldera in past eruptions — that’s not uncommon,” the United States Geological Survey tweeted. “It’s magma going into the rift zones that is the real concern, because that can develop into a serious situation much more rapidly.”

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