Windham County GOP wants statewide election integrity committee

The Windham County Republican Executive Committee has asked Vermont Republican Party Chair Paul Dame to establish an Election Integrity Committee. 

“Election Integrity is a big concern to many in our party. This committee would give such Republicans from all over the state an opportunity to get involved if they wish to,” County Chair Richard Morton said. “I would be willing to get involved in such an effort. I think many others would as well.”

Morton has asked Dame to place the request on the agenda for the February 21 meeting.

The new committee would be authorized to examine various aspects of Election Integrity as noted below. They would do research and find strengths and weaknesses related to election integrity. They would make suggestions concerning this important function of government. 

Resolution – Be it resolved that the Vermont Republican Party at a dully warned regular meeting of the Vermont State Republican Committee, authorizes the establishment of an Election Integrity Committee. Each County Committee wishing representation on the Election Integrity Committee shall appoint or elect its representative to the committee in the manner of their choosing. The committee will conduct its activities in accordance with the rules of the state committee. The committee’s duties include but are not limited to:

a) The effectiveness and accuracy of current processes for purging voter roles at state and town levels.

b) The impact of universal mail in ballots in recent elections including the impact on Town Clerk operations.

c) Ballot Chain of Custody concerns related to blank ballots as well as voted ballots

d) How Post Office operations impact voting processes in the state

e) Impact of drop boxes, ballot harvesting, lack of voter ID controls, handling of voter affidavits, etc.

Submitted according to Rule 7 section f – Resolutions  – Sponsorship by:

Richard Morton, Windham County Republican Chair

Anna Pilette Windham County Committeewoman

Mark Coester, Windham County Committeeman

In other election integrity news, VT Grassroots will hold an election integrity seminar this Saturday. 

Election integrity expert Dr. Douglas Frank, Ph.D., will speak Saturday, January 14 at 9 AM at Vibrant Church, 2025 Williston Road in South Burlington. 

The event, sponsored by Vermont Grassroots, is entitled “Election Fraud: Is it real? Can it be proven?”

Frank shows how elections are manipulated and how citizens and elected officials can defend and improve election integrity, a Vermont Grassroots statement said.

Frank is a physicist with 60 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including cover and feature articles in the world’s leading scientific journals. His Ph.D. is in surface-electroanalytical chemistry, which combines chemistry and physics techniques for the manipulation and analysis of molecules on surfaces. 

In 1996, Frank left the academic world to apply his scientific expertise and skills in the real world, helping to invent and manufacture electron microscopes, laser scanners, and precision manufacturing and control devices. He also established a special school for extraordinarily gifted children near Cincinnati, Ohio, where he served as the Math & Science Department chair for 25 years.

Following the 2020 general election, Frank turned his scientific and data analysis skills to election integrity. By analyzing election and voter registration data, Dr. Frank demonstrates that the 2020 general election was not honest and fair and that major problems still remain.

Since December 2020, Frank has worked for election integrity and reform with grassroots teams in over 40 states, Vermont Grassroots said. He has met with state officials, dozens of legislators, and hundreds of local election officials to improve election integrity. He was featured in Mike Lindell’s documentaries “Scientific Proof” and “Absolute Interference.”

Follow Dr. Frank on Telegram here. Also, see Vermont Counties, 2020 General Election Graphs which illustrate county demographic results for Vermont.

Also speaking on election integrity will be Shawn Smith, retired as an Air Force colonel with over 25 years active duty in space and missile operations.

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