Wilton: Strong GOP support for Redic

Ericka Redic finished second in the GOP Primary to Liam Madden, but the Libertarian Party nominee is first in the hearts and minds of at least 66 Republican state and local leaders and activists. Photo: screenshot from VTDigger-sponsored Sept. 15 candidate debate.

by Wendy Wilton

Numerous Republican party members, and many local and regional party leaders from around the state are supporting Ericka Redic for US Congress.  Redic is seen as the “true” Republican candidate in that race.  Redic is running against progressive Democrat Balint and Liam Madden, who distances himself from the Republican party and its platform.

Republicans supporting Redic know she stands for the values of the Vermont Republican Party and its platform:

  • Supports our US Constitution and will protect our constitutional rights
  • Economic growth & energy independence
  • Pro-life–also opposes Article 22/Prop 5
  • Pro-2A, NRA “A” rating
  • A fighter for our first amendment

The Republicans below urge all Vermont voters to be informed about the candidates for the US Congressional race and consider Ericka Redic as the candidate who best represents Vermont traditional values:

Ann Louise HoganJanet MetzPatricia Myers
Bradford BroylesJay ShepardPaul Clifford
Carl RosenquistJeremy AyotteRachel Stringer
Carol MullerJill LowreyRandal Northrop
Carol & Bob FrenierJohn LaBargeRandy Gray
Carol & Paul GrossJohn PedoneRenee McGuinness
Carol & Tony DupontJoyce HottensteinRon Pal
Chet & Sherry GreenwoodKay & Richard TrudellRon Lawrence
Chris HowlandKeld AlstrupSharon Rae Quinn
Christopher Aaron-FelkerLaura BennerStephen W. Webster
Christopher KruckelLee ThompsonSusan Bowen
Dave SouliaLinda QuackenbushSusan McBride Crowley
David O’BrienMaggie KerrinSuzanne Pelletier
Denise & Tom HughesMark HigleyTerry Williams
Dolores & Jay LuebkeMary Alice CallahanTheresa Burke
Ed WheelerMichael LannonTom McLinden
Edgar & Sally ClevelandMillicent JohnsonVal & Rob Mullin
Ellie & Glenn MartinPat & Roger CrockerWendy & Chuck Wilton
Patricia Howes

In a recent debate hosted by VTDigger on September 15, Redic performed well with clear and thoughtful answers. 

The author is Milton Town GOP chair, candidate for State Treasurer in 2012, and a Rutland County state senator from 2005-06.

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  1. Compare Redics numbers to Liam Maddens in Primary. Who are you trying to get elected… Becca Balint? The Bernie followers are like Trumpster cult. They vote blind and without thought for ‘their’ side. Look at crime, drugs, and homelessness? Liam is the only realistic chance here. I believe Ms. Redic has merit, and will play a part in Vt. Politics. But not this one. Don t split votes in a tough battle.what is your real motive here? It Damn sure ain’t Vermonts best interest.

    • Mr. Branley : I have compared the numbers, and I’m certain that, had the race been a one-on-one, it would have been a close call. The other numbers I am able to compare are Ms. Redic’s and Mr. Madden’s financing ( SoS website). A reasonable person reading Mr. Madden’s website would be left with the impression that he either skipped or failed Civics 101. Mr. Madden has publicly stated that he is not a Republican and would not support or caucus with the Party. Ms. Redic has assured
      us that she would.

      As far as “Bernadette” Balint is concerned, she got 1.2 million dollars worth of free PAC support from a crypto-currency wizard from out of State, based solely on her support of gay rights. She also enjoys the doting spotlight in our legacy media here, which (in my opinion) has become merely a Progressive Propaganda Ministry.

      So, my assessment of my choices are:
      Redic — clear, and reasonable conservative
      Madden — possibly a progressive Trojan Horse
      Balint — finest socialist that money can buy

      • Paul, I appreciate a reasonable reply, rather than an attack, or rant Party based. Liam won, without a major Party backing him. He must have principals or he could have just wholeheartedly endorsed being a Republican. Both things catch my interest. A Republican will not win against a Progressive endorsed by the Bern. ( The richest 1 percent…). Not in Vermont. Even Phil Scott who is sane, and anti Trump, knows this. In summation: If you split the non Progressive vote… you just elected Becca. Done deal. What will the Bong hitting rulers, of Burlington, do with the level of Drug and Gang violence then. ( Don t tell no one: but the shooters are Black,(Yup), from out of State, and here to sell Heroin to our Oxy addicted).( Soon the addicted girls for Prostitution too. Now that thats legal). I guess next, we can put a mini house in every back yard,( like a dog house), for the expanding homeless problem. Just raise the taxes and take another hit. And It’s still 1969.👍

    • the vote was split between the true republicans – Ericka and Anya.
      Liam was placed there by ‘someone’ looking to foil the election for republicans. (my conspiracy theory)… It is so obvious. This guy, Liam, is a nice guy but what the heck, he would never have won the primary if there was only one republican candidate! he confuses the heck outta me. His comments are convoluted and foggy. He says little/nothing of substance. ***** His supporters make excuses for his inconsistencies.**** RED FLAG …. I think he needs to drop out and nurture his beautiful wife and kid. oh wait – he knows he wont win – hey that is a nice plant…
      VOTE FOR ERICKA if you know what is good for you.

    • Many of us suspect that Madden is a Balint supporter and sneaked into the primary like Fred Tuttle did years ago to guarantee a victory for the Democrat. Also to help cause a split in the Republican party. There really isn’t a split, though. All the people on the list are real conservative Republicans. So is Redick. Liam Madden is NOT a Republican.

  2. Patrick, with all due respect, did you vote for Liam? I know i didn’t. Thats part of where Becca’s $ went. And phil scott is neither sane, nor representative of my views. He’s proven it with his failed covid response, being walked on a leash by big pharma, faucci, the cdc and globalists. The man has no spine. You know liam has 0 chance against becca even if we all backed him so grow some and vote your principles. Im voting for Ericka.

  3. I have to question if still have a Republican party in the state of Vermont.

    Erica does not qualify to be a candidate for the Republican party based on party rules and her qualifications.

    If Republicans follow our party rules we can not support her.

    Erica jumped ship and is now a Libertarian candidate.

    This is wrong and is pushing Republicans to no longer trust the party.

    Has anyone considered the damage that will be done to the true supporters of the Republican party as a result of this madness?

    Does everyone that signed on to this realize what they are supporting and the implications to the Republican party and the trust issues created?

    We need to bring COMMON SENSE and SELF RESPONSIBILITY back to the Republican party.

    Wendy Wilton are you trying to completely destroy what is left of the Republican party in the state of Vermont?

    A large division was created in our party by politicians who chose to take it upon themselves to create a faction in our party that refers to us as INSURRECTIONISTS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS and RACISTS.

    We are now referred to as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

    This is an attempt to completely destroy what is left of our party.

    Who in their right mind could support this?

  4. The Republicans listed above are supporting a candidate from different party, who lost a Republican primary and subequently left the Republican Party.

    You should ask yourself if trusting the people listed above to support Republican candiates and causes is a good idea in the future.

    • Ericka did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party failed to protect her and Anya T. in the primary. They allowed a non Republican (Liam Madden) into the primary. The state level of the VT Republican Party allowed this mess to happen. True conservative Republicans are not having any of it!!

  5. Remarkably interesting. Just got a public comment from Burlington Republican Chairman Christopher Arron-Felker, who said:

    “Ericka Redic is still a member of the Burlington Republican Committee and therefore still a Republicans party member.”

    Interesting. So, Ericka Redic is in one party, while saying she’s in a different party and the chair of one party’s committee is endorsing a different party’s committee. In fact, if you note the list, The Chairs of Colchester, Essex, Burlington and Chittenden County are supporting the Candidate of the Party which supports open borders and legalized drugs. Remarkable.

    • Liam has done exactly the same thing, has he not, by running as a Republican while saying loudly “I am not a Republican”. And Libertarians are all over the map concerning these positions you cite. Ericka does not support them. She is also pro-life. Liam is not. Kevin, are you pro-life??

  6. It needs to be pointed out that of those endorsing Redic on the list, Chittenden County Chair Janet Metz has been paid by the Redic Campaign.

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