Wilson: Vermont, poster child for ignorance

by Charles Wilson

How much will Vermonters take of politician’s tyranny and lies to control and burden our citizens, use tax dollars to lure “out-of-state” money to buy up our land and houses, set-up a climate change agenda to force Vermonters to convert to an all-electric energy dependency, depressing our economy and creating a two-tier class of the wealthy/social welfare culture, and eliminating our hard-working middle-class citizens?

Candidates for the upcoming mid-term elections recently received glossy reports from the State called “Vermont’s Key Environmental Challenges and Opportunities” (2022 Guide for Candidates) and the “Annual Progress Report” for 2022 from the Energy Action Network. Both these reports outline measures that when read closely, will force a monumental array of new laws and taxes upon our people in the name of progress.

Vermont is a poster child for ignorant Progressive/Democrat “bravery” yet ignoring costly and unconstitutional policies that are becoming ruinous to our state and nation. A very obnoxious and unsustainable 8.3-billion-dollar state budget tempts unconscionable spending on policies set by unelected consultants and boards of California Dreamers with President Biden’s borrowed and simply printed money.

Charles Wilson

To outline one specific goal in these reports: the new land development creates new compact housing units/blocks, like those going up quickly in Morrisville, where tenants can walk, take public transportation and be close to shopping.

Are these block buildings for our Vermonters or for ‘new Americans’ and ‘climate migrants’ coming into our area to work?

No doubt, we will see EV busses which pollute our earth more, in their production and use of minerals. One Tesla battery contains: 25 pounds of lithium, 60 pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds of cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, 400 pounds of aluminum plus steel and plastic which are all costly to our environmental footprint! Each battery weighs 900 lbs. And the cost? Not for your average working person.

Act 250 “Modernization” is all about these “smart growth” block communities of clustered people that can be more controlled and as more are proposed, private property that generational families have worked hard to keep, will eventually be bought up or fall into the state’s hands.

The truth in all this must be sought, and by God and our Constitutions, we must protect and preserve the voice of “We the People” before our freedoms slip away from us by lies and fraud.

The author is a Lyndon resident and candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives.

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  1. Thank you Charles!

    Thank you for running and Thank you for speaking clearly and truthfully.

    Vermonters need to WAKE UP and VOTE OUT the Progressive/ Marxist/Socialists!

    Their beliefs and policies are Anti-Life and Anti-Humanity!

  2. Progressive policies and their out of state money are paving the road to hell for real Vermonters. How much more will you take before you become the victim of your own voting pattern. No doubt you are feeling the pinch right now unless you are the moneyed transplant who came here thinking we have some liberal Utopia here. Remember when all the elites who got jabbed referred to those who refused the jab as, “the other” and treated us as leapers. Well it is them who should be called the others because they moved here and have infected Vermont with a brain dead liberal mentality that has ruined Vermont. They vote to change the state that welcomed them as new residents. They are trying to change our constitution, our gun laws, our customs, our farms, where we live, what we eat, what we can drive, what we can throw in our trash, what we can bag our groceries in, what we can heat our homes with, what kind of light bulbs we can use, what your children are being taught, forced equity and inclusion committees in our towns, mandatory racial training, forced injections for adults and children in school, where and how we can vote, who can rent their own property, we needs a license for everything and finally name anything other than food or clothing that isn’t taxed. Well,that’s not all. You are going to have to buy a heat pump that doesn’t heat your house and you will be forced into buying an EV if you want to or not. How much more will you take? And now, just before election the governor is handing out grants. These people play the voters like a fiddle and you all dance to there tune.

  3. Mr. Wilson mentions the Tesla battery and what it’s made of. The highly advertised Governors new Ford F150 Lightning with a 300 mile range is a dog. Ford released the cost of a new battery for this $96,000 truck at $35,000.00. The article has claims that the battery should last 10 years, yeah right. So the 2nd owner buys the truck and the battery dies. It probably weighs in at 1,000 lbs. and there’s no recycling for it. They make it sound like pocket change. A new car battery is $75.00 to $100.00 depending where you buy it. These people are selling snake oil in the form of a truck. Buyer beware. This is what the governor bought with your money for his virtue signaling prog voters just before election.

  4. Mr. Wilson exposes the deceit and corruption of these Vermont based socialists and cultural Marxists who call themselves “Democrats”. Their efforts to pound Vermonters into Climate change submission is especially troubling. One volcano eruption pretty much wipes out any government’s feeble attempt to control the climate. Money spent combatting climate change is simply a transfer of wealth from middle-income citizens of affluent countries to affluent citizens of developing countries. Not to mention that China, India, Africa toss in 5 carbon units for every 1 we remove. Feeling lied to yet? write, vote, resist against this fleecing scheme by the Orwellian class. They don’t want you to catch on. They want you to stay asleep/silent. November 8 is your chance to fight back against these elitists.

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