Wilson: “Regenerative Economy” bill is blatant Marxism

by Rep. Charles Wilson

In just two months’ time, approximately 500 bills have been introduced to the Vermont Legislature. With this in mind…will the session ever end?

H.40.  On March 3, we listened and debated for over two hours, Bill H-40 the so-called “Stealth Bill”. This bill was introduced by the Progressives and if you do not know what this bill says, please look it up. I left the floor session not wanting to hear any more filth and wondered how this even got onto the House floor in the first place. Then the next day, there was further debate and then a vote. I chose not to attend and hoped that my fellow Republicans and Conservatives would not even dignify H.40 and to leave as well, in that way, leaving the super majority alone in their support of this vulgar and inappropriate bill showing their lack of morals, reason and plain common sense. This bill would fundamentally be impossible to enforce and would lead to multiple lawsuits. 

Rep. Charles Wilson

Also, the same week:

 S.37 was introduced which is a bill against Christian Pregnancy Care Centers and which also attacks free speech.

H.53 is a bill concerning driver’s license suspensions. If a person loses their license, they would still be able to drive! This means there would be no personal, legal responsibility to drive or to even have a valid driver’s license.

H.148 raises the question of the legal age to marry…but a child (minor) can seek gender affirming care/surgery and gender change with no parental consent.

H.435 was introduced as a Progressive bill that would create and institute what they are calling a  “Vermont Regenerative Economy” which would establish “appointed” consultants on 11 “Regional Peoples Assemblies” to oversee and authorize what businesses are feasible for an area to have, and  which would dictate everything people do and chose to support. This is blatant Social/Marxism. This does not at all adhere to Constitutional Law, the Bill of Rights, or the history of our founding upon a free enterprise system.

Our citizens in Vermont, look to the government to lead and initiate sound policy to solve problems and to protect our rights and lives. But clearly and intelligently, we must look at our current super-majority Legislature to judge whether they are leading us down a path which endangers and undermines people’s individual responsibilities and integrity. Vermont’s New England culture is made up of “all the people” – not just a few elites who think they are in charge. It is a dangerous thing to deny God, and can lead to man, playing God. This indeed limits and destroys social and legal equality in our state and nation.

Is Vermont as we have loved it… disappearing?

The author is a Lyndon resident, House representative for Caledonia-3, and a Republican. He sits on the Committee on Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry.

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  1. To paraphrase Winston Churchill ” No country ( state ) deserves the infamous government it has ” seems to fit the bill here in the Green Mountain State.

  2. When are we going to realize that this system is completely broken. This is like being a salmon trying to swim the Connecticut when it was totally polluted when we were kids. It ain’t going to happen.
    It’s best to succeed from this busted mess and recreate the honorable Vermont Republic our people built with their blood, sweat, and tears 😭. It’s our legal right and part of the agreement with the District of Columbia.

  3. Progressives and democratic socialists are Communists working under the Social Justice lexicon to destroy the Western free market and individual rights. They get their marching orders from the United Nations. The goal is equity, which is to create more equal outcomes in every facet of human life, relative to all resources. Read the United Nations Agenda 2030, of which, the US is a signatory. These people will consume everything like locusts: power, resources, individual rights, your property and anything else they can in the name of Social Justice and the redistribution of wealth.

  4. Dear Rep. Wilson,

    I read your recent article with great interest, and while I appreciate your passion for your beliefs, I believe that your language is unproductive and divisive. By using terms like “Marxism” as a catch-all insult and referring to bills as “filth” and “vulgar and inappropriate,” you are only serving to further polarize the political climate and shut down constructive dialogue.

    I believe that it is important to engage in a civil discourse that seeks common ground and promotes understanding, rather than demonizing those who hold different opinions. Instead of resorting to inflammatory language, I urge you to engage with the substance of the bills mentioned and provide thoughtful and constructive criticism where appropriate.

    In a democracy, it is important that all voices are heard and all perspectives are taken into account. I believe that we can have productive and respectful conversations about the issues facing our state and nation, even when we disagree.

    Thank you for your service to our state and for your willingness to engage in the political process. I look forward to continuing this conversation in a constructive and respectful manner.

    • Civil discourse? Constructive dialog? This whole ideology is designed around zero tolerance for opposition in thought. Even if one dares speak their mind (most dont for fear of being falsely labeled) they are quickly put in the boxes of racist, white fragility, Christian white nationalist, maga, extremist, transphobic or worse. Much like social credit scores in Eastern nations dividing folks based upon class this system seeks to divide us on race and political ideology. There can be no civil discourse when this tactic is deployed. I fear the alternative result.

    • Rep. Wilson’s description of H.435 is an accurate description of the contents of this bill. Marxism is also an accurate description of H.435. Marxism, communism and socialism are synonymous terms depicting a totalitarian government which may or may not own the means of production, but do indeed control the means of production. Vermont is definitely heading down the socialist/marxist path, quickly now that the legislative super majority has been emboldened by 2022 election results.
      To say that an opposing view on these issues is divisive and unproductive may indeed be an accurate statement- however it it the same tactic that the left has been using for several decades here in Vermont. bernard sanders is quite accomplished at it, causing divisiveness is one of saul alinsky’s rules. Current behavior by house and senate leadership is creating one sided debate, and that debate is skewed to the desired outcome and world view of leadership. S.5 testimony and debate being a perfect example. There will be no open and honest debate in this biennium, only approved bills will be considered and the viewpoints of conservatives, moderates and Republican members of both house and senate as well as the constituents are and will continue to be squelched. And that, sir is also included in the definition of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. One need only look north to Canada or west to California to see what Vermont will become, if opposing voices try to engage only in polite conversation. What the legislature is considering and doing this biennium is vulgar, inappropriate and most importantly unconstitutional.

    • Political mudslinging is reserved for the corrupt criminals only? As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. At this stage of the war, politicians and bureaucrats are not going to engage with civility and respect. The hatred and vitriol began in earnest in 2015, thanks to a complicit media and a global syndicate of criminals and fraudsters. As each lie is exposed, the heat gets turned up and arrows fly in furious haste. At this stage of the war, we have unconstitutional, immoral, and unethical criminal conduct of elected officials, corporate stooges, and elite psycopaths. Calling them out is a duty and protected under the First Amendment. It protects them just as well. The meat within the nut is “free speech” means even if it is wrong, it is protected. Those who infringe upon our civil, God given, rights and violate constitutional law must be held to account and prosecuted. Those who lie with impunity and are guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud is not to be tolerated or ignored. We are a Constitutional Republic – not a Greek-style Democracy or European Socialism.

      • Is that why Hilliary Clinton wore that style of pantsuit? I always thought they looked eerily familiar. Symbolism is their downfall.

    • Tom Arnold and his never ending quest to bring us all into the uniparty that is killing the host, Vermont and already exists. We have been taking it on the chin, in the wallet, had our freedom stolen, been called racists, domestic terrorists and a whole lot of other names and Tom wants us to play nice. He’s the same guy who pushed for Liam what’s his name, Madden for congress. The Republican non-republican. Being civil like Maxine Waters, get up in their face when you see then out at a restaurant. All the lies we have endured, the freedom we’ve lost and our customs shoved away and we are to treat them with dignity while they have a boot on our neck. No Tom, if you want to preach find a church.

  5. Charlie, don’t you think that you could have done more to fight against H.40? Isn’t that what the voters sent you there for? This reads more like a reporter, sitting on the sidelines and taking everything in. Did you forget you were in the game? Your feelings were hurt so much during your job you had to leave? Once again, I am glad you are not my rep.

    • Wait a minute, what is he supposed to do to fight harder with the numbers against him and us. What are you going to do to fight this nonsense? Come up with a plan or run for office, otherwise criticizing the man whose informing you really does nothing.