Wilson: Legislative agenda unaffordable, creates fear

by Rep. Charles Wilson

Vermont has and is losing many workers due to the second highest overall tax rate in the Nation and being business “unfriendly” with ever increasing taxes, regulations, permits and programs.

Vermont advertised for people and paid them to come to Vermont with their out-of-state, remote jobs, and encouraged them to buy land and homes leading to an inadequate availability of quality housing for our own citizens and young families. Skyrocketing real estate and rental prices and a boom in short-term rental properties have all led to increased land prices and driving up the cost of new housing, building materials, and labor costs.

The Legislature is now pushing “Smart Growth low-income housing” which will also affect property taxes. None of this will help the average Vermonter and inflation, spiraling out of control, will hurt us all.

We all agree that feeding children in need is critical but the “Universal Free Meals” (two per day per student) will expand the education budget and along with the “Affordable Heat Act” are not sustainable. The so-called “Climate Emergency” created from data from special interest groups, uses propaganda moved through liberal politicians and the liberal news media. They really never speak of solutions to pollution, over consumption and waste, but just push the electrification of Vermont on an unrealistic time-line.

It is all unaffordable and creates fear. Vermont has lost its morals, culture, and any sense of godliness. Now Socialism is dictating what, when, and how we are to live from a few elites and backed by the majority in power.

The solution is to use common sense and Constitutional law as is rightly stated in our Constitution in Article 4- Sec.4. Remember…A Democracy does not protect individual or property rights; a Constitutional Republic, like ours, does.
Do not let go! Combat Unsustainability!

The author, a Lyndon Republican, is the House Representative for Caledonia-3.

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  1. Thank you Charles, the other legislators need this reminder of both the State and National Constitutions that each took an oath to support and defend. Vermonters should expect no less. Everyone should read, study, assert, teach, and defend the Constitution. Classes are available at Patriot Academy dot com.

  2. It would be nice if Chuck could sprinkle in some actual data with his comments, so it doesn’t sound like FoxNews Talking points. We need more substance and less rhetoric.

  3. School lunches…try going to the schools and watching just how much food goes to tray then trash…how about figuring out those that actually want and need the food…not as many as you think. Its a huge waste.

    • I CANNOT echo this more strongly. The students are actually forced to take each of the 4 food groups offered in the cafeteria line and then I had seen them walk over to the trash take the one item they wanted and dump the rest. Within this small school, on a slow day, there were no less than 5 – 5 gallon buckets of food waste that went out to compost. Other days there were 8-10. It disgusted me. And now the brainiacs under the dome want to see more of that. smh. They have no clue.

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