Wife-killer cut up body and stuffed parts into bags, court records say

Joseph Ferlazzo (left) is charged with the first-degree murder of wife Emily.
Nov. 1, 2020 Facebook photo of Joseph Ferlazzo and wife Emily.

by Guy Page

Joseph Ferlazzo went out for breakfast the morning after shooting his 22-year-old wife twice in the head during an anniversary celebration trip in their camper Saturday Oct.16 in Bolton, according to court records. He later drove her body to a St. Albans driveway where he dismembered the body with a hacksaw and placed the body parts in plastic bags.

Ferlazzo, 41, a New Hampshire resident who formerly lived with slain wife Emily in Essex Junction, pleaded innocent to first-degree murder in Vermont District Court last week. He was ordered held without bail. According to court records (as reported Oct. 21 in the County Courier by Greg Lamoureux and Mike Donoghue), the couple quarreled on the evening of Oct. 16. After she went to bed, he allegedly jumped on her and shot her in the head with a Glock pistol.

Ferlazzo then covered her head with a plastic bag, court documents say. The next morning, after going out to breakfast with his sister and other family members at Maxi’s Restaurant in Waterbury, Ferlazzo drove to St. Albans,where, in the driveway of a friend, he cut off the body’s arms, feet, legs and head and placed each in separate garbage bags, putting them all in the bathroom of the camper.

According to the documents (as reported in the Courier), Ferlazzo then drove a motorcycle to his wife’s parents’ home in New Hampshire, where he told them the couple had split up. After the family expressed concerns about her whereabouts, police investigations promptly led to Ferlazzo’s apprehension in a St. Albans convenience store.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be justice if the one who murders is sentenced to die the same way he committed the act?