Only 30 Vermonters re-infected with symptomatic Covid

compares to 4881 vaccine breakthroughs since Jan. 1

Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine

By Guy Page

About 30 Vermonters who contracted symptomatic Covid-19 symptoms have recovered and then suffered a second bout of symptomatic Covid-19, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said Tuesday. 

To date, the total number of confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19 is 37,775. Using Levine’s figure of 30, less than one in one thousand Vermonters with at least natural immunity have suffered symptomatic reinfection. By contrast, vaccine immunity has shown a higher rate of infection. To date there have been 134 hospitalizations and 59 deaths among the 4,881 cases of vaccine breakthrough since January 1, 2021. 

A .0008 natural immunity current Vermont reinfection rate cannot be positively claimed because it is not known how many of the 30 re-infected, naturally-immune Vermonters also may have been vaccinated.

The question of likelihood of reinfection has become important as people who have already had Covid-19 argue their naturally-acquired immunity should exempt them from mandatory vaccination. The CDC claims that among Covid survivors, the unvaccinated are more than twice as likely to contract Covid again, based on a Kentucky study. Natural immunity supporters say it is sufficient and point to the vaccine’s adverse effects, as noted in the VAERS data. 

At Tuesday’s press conference, Vermont Daily Chronicle asked VT Dept. of Health Commissioner Mark Levine about Vermont’s experience with Covid-19 re-infection. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle: How many instances have there been of a Vermonter having full-blown highly symptomatic Covid, recovering, and then at a later date redeveloping full-blown highly symptomatic Covid?

Dr. Mark Levine: What you’re referring to is called reinfection – someone who at one point in time has an infection, well over three months go by, and suddenly they present with a similar infection. 

So let me tell you about the challenges of measuring it. First because the way you accurately measure it is to know the genetic sequence of the original virus, and then the genetic sequence of what came next – to see if it’s the same virus or if it’s a different genetic sequencing. We only have that data for the most recent part of the pandemic, because states haven’t been doing whole genome sequencing for more than several months, like since the summer time. 

So I don’t have the precise number today. But the last time we reported on this number and looked at it, it was under 30. So under 30 cases, and I think we’re talking now 35,000 cases of Covid over time. So, very small number. 

So, it is known that it can happen, this phenomenon of reinfection. But again, at least during the current pandemic, it doesn’t appear to be that common an event.

Chronicle: Just to clarify, are we talking about people who were really sick – I mean not just “tested positive” but didn’t have symptoms, therefore maybe bringing into doubt the testing, but people who were really sick both times?

Levine: I don’t think I’d have to qualify it with the word really sick, I would just say symptomatic because I don’t have a handle on every case. But the reason they got tested most likely was because they had symptoms on both occasions, but hard to tell you they were really sick.

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  1. Nice work, Guy. he saw where you were leading him- and you almost got him there.
    Natural Immunity is a real thing, has been for many millennia. A gold-standard, peer-reviewed
    study wouldn’t sway the CDC off it’s current dogma. It’s settled Science and Data, you know…

  2. If people who had C-19 are getting it again, it raises questions; did they really have it in the first place, was it a very mild case, and if all true, then we are probably dealing with a bio-weapon paid for by the NIH. Get the facts and put the traitors in Gitmo for life.

  3. How many of the 30 repeat covid cases rebounded the second time as well? How many people have had repeat cases of the flu and rebounded the second time as well? Is there a bit too much covid fear hype? (understatement)

  4. Now can we get the “experts” at uvmmc/uvmhn to understand this science ? Perhaps us healthcare workers can stop being treated as the unclean. Truly- they should be identifying those with NI and giving premium pay!

  5. Theyre trying to hide the fact that the “vaccines ” are far more deadly and far less effective than advertised. After shaming, bribing, firing canceling of so many people, how could they ever walk this back? And now they’re planning to mandate for children in gov. schools. Sad times.

  6. The Kentucky study was a poorly done chart review of 250 patients comparing natural infected versus naturally infected plus vaccine. No only vaccinated or non-infected were included. The number of cases was so small the results weren’t statistically significant. Israeli data comparing natural infection vs those who had a natural infection and a vaccine showed an improvement in symptomatic second cases of only 1/1000.

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