Wheeler: Successful candidates

To the editor:

Five people close to me have just run for office. None will be taking office soon. However, all have been successful in important ways. There are others like them and the following applies to each one.

They have succeeded in upholding the principles and values of Americanism.

They have succeeded in teaching by example those principles and values to others.

They have succeeded in providing hundreds of fellow citizens the opportunity to vote for truth.

They have succeeded in persevering to the end of their campaigns.

They have succeeded in conducting themselves honorably.

They have succeeded in representing many citizens who would have had no voice.

They have succeeded in obeying the voice of God who called them to act.

They have succeeded in earning my earnest admiration.

They have succeeded in reaping another “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

Thank-you candidates – you are my successful heroes.

Rev. Ed Wheeler, Middlebury

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  1. Ed – you’ve captured it well. Thank you for pointing out the success we’ve all had in running the race. God has given us great peace in having finished the race well. – Joe Gervais – 2022 Bennington-4 Candidate for State Representative.

  2. Indeed !
    I am very touched by your post.
    Thank You !
    Many blessings

    Gene Leon
    Was-4 Montpelier State Rep. Candidate

  3. I am dumbfounded that 75% of Vermont voters think it’s OK to, no you can’t call it anything but, murder unborn human beings!

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