What’s going on with the Vermont media? Two veteran journos discuss

Allison Teague, host of the online interview program “Conversations with Vermonters and Beyond,” interviewed Vermont Daily Chronicle editor and publisher Guy Page April 5.

In Episode 50 of her long-running video program, the pair of veteran Vermont journalists proceeded to “talk journalism standards and many other standards currently in place here in Vermont, and the agendas behind them, who benefits, and who is funding it,” Teague described in the promo for the episode. 

Teague is the author of award-winning Vermont journalism, and is a former reporter for the Commons community newspaper in Brattleboro.

They discussed the evolving funding models for Vermont media, which now increasingly rely on not-for-profit organizations that are themselves reliant on or supportive of Big Government. It was noted that during the pandemic, most of Vermont’s media organizations (although not Vermont Daily Chronicle) took direct payments from the government to make payroll. 

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  1. Ahhhh the Vermont Media……so full of integrity and caring for the good of the state, and us commoners. So full of it. Here’s to……

    The Boring-Ton Free Press

    Vermont Digit (news in pursuit of half truths)

    Times Wokus

    Prattleboro Reefer

    Valley Schmooze

    Seven Liberally Dazed and Confused

    Caledonia Wired

    Saint Albans Meh-senger

    Bennington Banned Her

    And let’s not leave out….

    Vermont Public Radico

    Double You See An X (when there IS no X)

    • You can add WPTZ and WCAX local news as inaccurate, indoctrination centers as well. They are horrible. I don’t watch a lot of Channel 22 local but would bet it is just as bad. I use them to get my “left wing nut news” fill for the day. And they deliver! Biased as the day is long.

  2. “…Vermont’s media organizations…took direct payments from the government to make payroll” is an admission of guilt in regards to the take-over of communication networks. Those that are willing to ‘go along’ are nothing short of traitorous.

  3. Vermont has been on downward spiral since 1980 when the progressive activists started infiltrating our state in-mass. The progressives have taken over our public schools and state and local government as well as out failed justice system.

  4. Re: “It doesn’t take much, it’s not a huge time suck, to edit these comments.”

    Consider this synopsis of an otherwise long interview: As usual, Guy gets it right.

    Comment is the crux of our new journalism. After all there’s a lot to learn from others. And while Guy won’t say it straight out, VT Digger, Seven Days, and VPR didn’t stop public commenting because of administrative costs. They did so to better enable them to censor points of view with which they disagree. ‘Don’t question the narrative.’

    Re: Guy’s pet peeve – housing.

    As with all things governmental – Vermont’s ‘regulated’ economy is a ‘censored’ economy. If a proposed housing development doesn’t meet the ‘standards’ narrative, it’s not allowed. And the regulators (the legislators) aren’t accountable for the results of their policies – as they would be in a true free market.

    Case in point: when I recently questioned the rationale of one Vermont legislator representing my district, her retort was “And thanks for your reply. I appreciate hearing your perspective. Big learning curve for me.”

    ‘Learning curve’? Now you tell us.

    Re: The rest of the discussion – and its extensive. Energy, Homeland Security (i.e., totalitarianism).

    The only thing missing in this interview is the realization that, while Allison and Guy provide a platform for the ‘we the people’ segment of our society, the responsibility for our political divide comes down to those news outlets we support and those politicians we elect to office. It’s up to us – ‘we the people’.

    Please support Vermont Daily Chronicle, and, in fairness, True North Reports, and the other ‘mom and pop’ blog outlets out there that support the U.S. Constitution, Liberty and Freedom. As Guy said at the end of this interview – Don’t Give Up!

  5. You all have nailed it here, except for one of the biggest perpetrators of bias, censorship, and outright lies. AND, worse yet is just the absolute failure to print many items over the years that are REAL news, such as the Biden Family Stories of Corruption.

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