West Rutland man arrested in undercover police sting

Scarlett Shadows of West Rutland arrested for enticing a minor into sexual activity

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An adult male who self-identified as a lesbian teenager was arrested on charges of attempting to entice a minor into sexual activity after being caught in a law enforcement sting targeting child predators, police say.

Scarlet Shadows, also known by the screen name “Dragongurl69,” of West Rutland, Vermont, appeared in federal court on January 27, where the court heard that Shadows exchanged sexually explicit messages with undercover law enforcement officers for weeks before travelling from Vermont to Warren County with an engagement ring, condoms, and gifts for what he believed was an 11 year-old girl.

According to The Rutland Herald, the charge against Shadows, 31, is based on an affidavit written by FBI Special Agent Jenelle Bringuel, who specializes in investigating the sex trafficking of minors.

In the affidavit, Bringuel said an undercover officer pretending to be the guardian of an 11-year-old girl in foster care posted on a social networking site in December using terms “commonly associated with individuals seeking to find children for sexual purposes.”

On December 26, the officer received a reply from a person using the name “Dragongurl69”, who law-enforcement officers believe is Shadows. The undercover agent then began exchanging messages with “Dragongurl69.”

Shadows told the undercover agent that he was 31 but identified as a “middle,” which he described as identifying as a teenager, and said he didn’t want to “get arrested for sexual stuff with minors.”

On January 15, Bringuel sent Shadows several photos of an undercover agent that had been digitally manipulated to make her resemble an 11-year-old girl, according to the affidavit.

Later that same day, Shadows suggested having sexual contact with the child and “having her date me” and requested to speak with the child. Bringuel stated that she arranged to have a second undercover officer exchange text messages with Shadows while posing as the girl’s “mother.”

Shadows texted the girl saying her mother “wants me to teach you sex stuff” and added, “But up to you to lol (sic.)” The next day, Shadows sent messages establishing his age as 31 and urging the “girl” to keep his communications and the relationship confidential.

“We have to keep the relationship a secret. So to the public im gonna be your nanny but wen we are home we are girlfriends. Its just so we don’t get in trouble then when your not a minor we can express our love in public, Ok? (sic),” Shadows wrote according to the affidavit.

On January 18, Shadows sent messages describing imagined sexual abuse of the girl, which he said would be “more than kissing.” Shadows arrived in New York on January 26, at which time he was arrested. During questioning, he claimed the sexual texts were nothing more than “roleplaying.”

The Department of Justice release on Shadows’ arrest referred to him as a ‘woman’ and utilized ‘she/her’ pronouns to refer to him, something that has now been replicated in media reports. So far, no news outlets or government documents have noted that Shadows is a biological male who identifies as transgender.

If convicted, Shadows faces a minimum of 10 years and up to life in prison, and will be required to register as a sex offender.

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  1. Sorry……..but this is all utterly bonkers: “An adult male “identified” as a lesbian teenager”???? If you still do not believe that this is a spiritual battle that has very nearly & convincingly manifested itself as a “political” one, think again.

    This dude needs serious mental health help, but we are instead being coerced into believing this is all completely “normal”. What’s next? People that identify as dogs & run around biting others? Oh wait….already seen that too. A senile, corrupt, elderly man whose family ties to China have compromised U.S. national security & unconstitutional policies identifies as POTUS & proceeds to convince approximately one-third of Americans that he is completely “normal”? Um…..hold up……

  2. I don’t believe that this is a good source for anything especially the topic at hand:

    “Reduxx is a newly-launched, independent source of pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news and commentary. We’re able to continue our work exposing predators, standing up for women, and reporting the truth thanks to the generous support of our readers.”

    From their about page:
    “Jennifer is a Marxist and aspiring polyglot, living begrudgingly in the American South.”

    Marxism is exactly what has perpetrated this whole trans and identifying movement (as well as others) to break down society.

    Something is fishy…..

    “An adult male who self-identified as a lesbian teenager” – It’s a SICKNESS, please call it what it is.

    • But it is a man and mainstream media refuse to tell the truth about that.

      Feminists and people who you would dismiss as Marxists have been fighting this of years. The genderist project is not left wing, or Marxist, it is an individualistic commodification o our bodies and sex.

      • Don’t you tell me who I would dismiss as Marxists. Her BIO says it…

        Anyone who is perpetuating the lie that someone can be female when they are male (or vice versa) are pushing marxism whether they say they are, know they are or not.

        Feminism was the first push in this direction (warranted, correct or not). Learn your history.

  3. I wonder exactly how bj donavan is going to inject his marxist ideology into this case and get this thing released and free to do this once again. Remember this is what the majority of the progressive socialists under Montpelier’s Gold Dome dem as normal and support this 100%. Enough with this madness already.

  4. I “self-identify” as a Jack Russell terrier, does that mean I can now bite the ankles of everyone I come in contact with? Just wondering..

  5. There is a lot going on here to digest. I dont in any way want to advocate for the defense here but if an undercover agent deliberately “digitally manipulates the image of a real adult person to make her resemble an 11-year-old girl”, and does so in a sexualized manner, have they not just generated what the courts have previously ruled is child porn? Using such an image to lure also sounds like entrapment, and cases are thrown out for that. We also have to assume that because this is Vermont, and because the defendant is claiming to be a member of a “protected class”, that there will be no real prosecution resulting, even under this Federal jurisdiction. As this unfolds (or doesn’t), let it be a lesson to our Legislature and other officials who make social policy that when we encourage and recognize people as “self identifying” as whatever they want, that there can be serious legal ramifications. We currently allow people to “self identify” as a gender different than what their chromosomes code for and their original birth certificate indicates. This suspect is extending that concept by combining that deceit with an “age” which is not consistent with their birth certificate, which is a legal document. Will the Vermont legislature, in their progressive wisdom, entertain the idea that people can “self identify” with an age different than from reality? This will be a problem for businesses when people are seeking child discounts at the movie theater or senior discounts for a ski ticket. It will be a problem in competitive sports when younger athletes seek to compete in higher age classes, and let’s not pretend that this is not already a problem with gender/ “gender identity”. Let’s be clear…deliberately MISREPRESENTING one’s gender OR one’s age is FRAUD and the Vermont Legislature has already legally enabled it in the case of gender. They have tinkered in the devil’s workshop and this case is one predictable result, with many more to follow, no doubt. We have to acknowledge that the legislature’s legal acceptances of “gender fluidity” will have serious legal entanglements and may allow child predators a loophole. Maybe that is their intent?

  6. Because this man “identifies “ as a woman, he will most likely be put in a female prison, where he will most likely rape woman. // By the way,…Have you been introduced to Sam Britton, Biden’s new pick for Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, Office of Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy //. These people are deranged. Their behavior is not healthy or normal. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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