Letter from the Publisher

Welcome, True North Reports readers!

By Guy Page

Last Friday, True North Reports publisher Lenore Broughton announced that Vermont’s longest-running independent, conservative news outlet has closed. Friday was the last edition.

Broughton graciously invited Vermont Daily Chronicle to comment on the news story with an invitation for TNR readers to subscribe to VDC. Not surprisingly, our number of free subscribers began climbing immediately. Welcome aboard! 

* * * * * 

First, a word about Lenore Broughton. Many people know about her generous financial support for conservative Republican candidates and, of course, TNR. What they don’t know is that she has also put her money where her heart is on two chronic, non-partisan problems facing Vermont: the housing shortage, and civility in public discourse. 

I first met Lenore Broughton in 1981 when she needed a house-sitter for her housing reno in Burlington’s run-down Lakeside neighborhood. Out of her own purse she converted some dilapidated mill housing into a smart-looking, highly affordable apartment house. Several years ago, she sponsored a statewide series of structured discussions where Vermonters of all politics and perspectives took turns explaining to each other why they believe what they believe. 

Do you know anyone else who’s done those things? I don’t. 

Across the decades, Broughton’s support for dozens of people, proposals and projects has had one goal: making life better for Vermonters. It’s never been about Lenore. It’s always been about others.

The Jewish concept of Tikkun olam (Hebrew: תִּיקּוּן עוֹלָם, lit. ’repairing of the world’) refers to actions taken to repair and improve the world. In my humble gentile opinion, Lenore Broughton, an observant Jew, has walked the Tikkun talk. 

* * * * * 

True North readers will find many similarities at VDC, starting with many familiar faces among our op-ed writers, including John McClaughry, Rob Roper, Don Keelan, John Klar, and others. 

Also, like TNR but few other news outlets, we welcome reader comments. No subject is off-limits. We edit out profanity, explicit racism and bigotry, and personal criticism of other commenters. Follow what my son and assistant editor Tim calls “Just Don’t Be a Jerk” Rules, and the floor is yours. 

Differences? We publish 10 news and commentary posts every day, a few more than the average TNR edition. We run more crime news. Independent voices from the left are occasionally published (e.g. Kolby LaMarche). The work of Mike Donoghue, Vermont’s best crime reporter ever, appears here. 

And one other big difference – the publisher isn’t wealthy! Without readers’ voluntary support, Vermont Daily Chronicle couldn’t exist. (Some business model, huh? But that’s how we roll.)

We welcome help from all subscribers:

– Donate $108 online at PayPal, either one-time or at $9/month, or

– Mail a $108 check to Vermont Daily Chronicle to P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, VT 05601.

Thank you,

Free Speech Forever,

Guy Page, Editor and Publisher

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  1. Lenore was a big help on the Vitale school choice lawsuit, too. And what’s happening with Mike Bielawski? He’s a good ‘un!

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