Rutland police shoot twin brothers from Springfield

One brother charged with assault on police officer, the other with fentanyl possession

The Vermont State Police investigation is continuing into this week’s non-fatal police shooting by a member of the Rutland City Police Department.

Stae police say the men who were shot are identified as Randy A. Perez-Coiscou and Andy H. Perez-Coiscou. They are twin 21-year-old brothers from Springfield, Massachusetts. Both men remain hospitalized at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington for treatment of their injuries.

The Rutland officer who fired his service weapon is identified as Sgt. Andrew Plemmons.

The incident occurred when Plemmons and Officer James Rajda saw a suspicious vehicle parked near the Giorgetti Athletic Complex along Oak Street Extension shortly before 8:30 p.m. Monday, July 3, and initiated an investigation. The Perez-Coiscou brothers were the occupants of the car. During the interaction with police, the car began to move, and Sgt. Plemmons fired his handgun. The car eventually crashed at the end of Oak Street Extension. Rajda received a minor injury to one of his arms during the encounter. The Vermont State Police has not recovered any weapons connected to the suspects.

As a result of the investigation, Randy Perez-Coiscou was arrested on two charges of felony aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer. He was turned over to the custody of the Vermont Department of Corrections while remaining hospitalized. He was arraigned by video Wednesday, July 5, in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Rutland, pleaded not guilty, and was ordered jailed for lack of $10,000 bail.

Andy Perez-Coiscou received a citation on a charge of possession of fentanyl and is due in criminal court in Rutland on Aug. 14.

Plemmons, a patrol sergeant, has worked for the Rutland City Police Department since November 2014. Rajda is a patrol K9 officer and has worked for the department since September 2018. Their photos are attached to this release.

VSP’s investigation into the police shooting remains active and ongoing. Detectives have obtained video from body-worn and cruiser cameras, and will review any additional video available from surveillance cameras in the area. The Crime Scene Search Team processed the location of the shooting and the subsequent vehicle crash. Detectives have spoken to witnesses. The Rutland City Police Department is cooperating with the investigation.

Anyone with information that might assist in the investigation should call the state police barracks in Rutland at 802-773-9101 or leave an anonymous tip online at

No additional details are available at this time. The state police will continue providing updates as additional information becomes available.

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  1. Double the trouble. Two for the price of one.

    Thought Homer Simpson was laying claim to Springfield only to find others are usurping his turf.

  2. Two poor innocent boys simply trying to make ends meet in light of constantly having
    been victimized by society until the mean ‘ol police who daily risk life and limb to protect & serve the citizens of Rutland come along and pick on them because they are so “racist”. Right, Sarah George??

    Ms. George & the rest of the State’s Attorneys from each County – YOU were put in place to protect the LAW-ABIDING citizens of Vermont – NOT to protect the gang members and druggies out of Springfield, MA, and The Bronx, NY!!! Blow out your George Soros votive candles and get to WORK & try to remember that a prosecutor’s job is to prosecute!!!

  3. Such poor, LE, marksmanship could be resolved with extended, tactical, live fire at our militia, training facility.

  4. Those officers are out there every night they arrest more thugs that are always let go free with a citation because of screwed up prosecution and judges.
    No wonder that park is a drugstore at night always a lot of drug trafficking to well after midnight.
    They walk creeks to get there there so not to be seen but I hear them every night.
    Those Officers keep us safer than the local liberal progressive prosecution who could give 2 craps about protecting LAW abiding people.
    16,000 people in Rutland and it is being trashed by a couple hundred thugs and imported drug dealer gangs from out of state
    Put up in hotels cause they game a system that says screw the vets and real needy people

    • Yes, we were invaded and they pushed out every real republican in government back in the 80’s. I am not sure where the bigger threat lies, out of state drug dealers are barely still in the lead, but the government is within striking distance.

      • The real threat to our society is from those who vote for democrats and progressives…

  5. Massachusetts my butt! They are cartel gang illegals from Mexico. Bravo to the cop that shot them. Now get them deported and stop putting band-aids on their much deserved bullet hoes.

    • I could be wrong, but I believe it is being inferred that these brothers are members of the La Familia gang out of Springfield Mass.

  6. If I was from another planet I’d read this headline as police just went out and shot two innocent twins. How about Police shoot to criminals who happen to be twins?

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