Welch votes for 16-year-old right to vote

by Guy Page

Rep. Peter Welch voted yes an amendment to the HR1 “For the People” act that, had it passed, would have lowered the mandatory minimum voting age for federal elections to 16.

The amendment, proposed by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts), was defeated 125-302. It was supported by Progressive Democrats but opposed by other Democrats and all Republicans. A similar amendment, also supported by Welch, failed by a wider margin last year.

Without the amendment, HR1 was approved by the House March 3 and will soon go before the US Senate.

The town of Brattleboro in 2019 voted to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in local elections. “We as youth feel that we deserve a voice in local government because we are active members of this town and we are fully affected by town issues and policies. We drive cars, have jobs, pay taxes, and we have a big impact on movements all around the globe. We should have an impact at the polls,” according to a statement by charter change support group ‘Brattleboro Common Sense’ that appeared in the March 27 VT Digger.

However, this charter change must be approved by the Vermont Legislature, where it went nowhere in the 2019-20 session. This year, Brattleboro representatives February 26 introduced H361, a Brattleboro charter change “to allow youth voters to vote in certain town elections.”

H361 was sent to House Government Operations committee. It is not scheduled to be discussed this week, and its future is uncertain.

The website procon.org lists three pros to 16-year-old voting:

  1. 16 year olds and knowledgeable and capable of making wise decisions.
  2. Lowering the voting age will increase turnout.
  3. At age 16, people should have a voice in determining their nation’s laws and policies.

and three cons:

  1. Kids under age 18 aren’t mature enough to participate in elections.
  2. The 18-29 age group has low turnout numbers, suggesting people even younger aren’t ready to participate.
  3. The majority of voting Americans do not support 16 year old voting.

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  1. But of COURSE he voted for it!

    The more children, history-ignorant younger adults, and government-dependent illegal aliens you have voting in your elections, the closer you can come to that one-party system you want like in Venezuela or China!

    How’s that razor wire working out for you all around the People’s House down there, Congressman?

    • Sadly enough, I don’t think that Curly has made the connection between bird brain ideas like this and, insurrections, and razor wire. I just don’t think he’s that smart. It really says something about the dumb a$$es that keep voting him in as well. Sad………

    • Well said. The younger generation are not educated like we were, their being brainwashed by the education system and miss information.

  2. Can’t drink , can’t smoke , but sure let them vote while they are still in the indoctrination clinics aka public school ..We all know damn right well that the teaching staff will only give them a one sided political view ….

  3. It seem that every time I read a story about how Rep. Welch has voted or has taken an initiative, I’m disappointed. There must be a constituency out there he represents…but then maybe not. May be he just rolls along on his own and we aren’t concerned enough to call him on some of this silly stuff.

  4. This is actually very good news. Welch’s vote here shows that he is way far to the left of where most Vermonters stand. If a strong Republican candidate challenges Welch in 2022, he might actually lose the election!

    • It has all gone too far. Republicans need to rebuild the Party and show that they care about people. The absurdity needs to end. Let’s hope enough Vermont voters are sensible on this issue.

    • I take umbrage with your comment “left of where most Vermonters stand.” That just can not be true as the 3 Stooges are continuously reelected by substantial margins! This clown is just biding his time so he can slip into the void when Sanders or Leahy become even more incapacitated than Sleepy Joe!

      • Sad but true. Of course you could always claim that a lot of the people that support the three stooges are not “real” Vermonters……..(Flats)

    • Sad thing is that evidently he’s not a big enough loser, as he keeps getting reelected. Term Limits !!

  5. Welch’s vote is a vote against those who are now 16, almost 100%. How many 16 year old people think their thinking will not mature as happens with nearly everyone? If that thinking changes as real life is encountered, that is because the thinking at 16 does not work out as well. And so having the power at 16 to set policy that you have to live under when you are say 30 is not at all meant to benefit the people who are now 16. Rather like in nearly everything from today’s Democratic Party that is controlled by the radical left, it is designed to exploit people who allow themselves to be exploited.

  6. Wow ! What kind of dip stick thinks that it’s a good idea to entrust 16 year olds with the right to vote ? Infreakincredible !

  7. I objected to the “Equality Act” as it is now written, as it will erode Women’s Sports, etc. Welch replied about how he supports equality.
    Giving 16 year old the vote, I believe, is an absurdity.

  8. Aren’t these votes by Peter Welch strange? On one hand his vote gives Covid relief payments to the likes of prisoners Dylann Roof, a convicted white supremacist who killed nine people at a church in South Carolina, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber. And on the other hand, he just voted to let people who aren’t old enough to buy cigarettes or beer or guns or M rated computer games, the right to vote? Does he think those 16-year-old kids won’t vote to change the laws to allow them to buy that stuff?

  9. Ol’ Pete should read the US Constitution. The 26th Amendment clearly states the voting age is 18. In order to lower it, the document must go through the amendment process. 2/3 of both Houses og Congress must approve the amendment, and then it goes to the states where 3/4 of the states must approve it.

  10. Welch the weasel hasn’t got enough brains to vote for anything smart. He thinks if the 16 yr old votes he’ll stay in office. because the True Vermonters aren’t voting for the little weasel… He like the other 3 amigos ( Leahy, Sanders and Scott).are a disgrace to Vermont

    • Like countless others, he avoided the question of how the Equality Act as it stands discriminates against women who were born under the standard definition of women. The act might have been modified.

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