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Sanders: What ARPA means to Vermonters

Sen. Bernie Sanders called the American Rescue Plan the most significant legislation for working families in the modern history of this country, and that is especially true for working Vermonters. Below are just a few statistics of what the bill will do for Vermont, according to a press release from his office:

  • As a result of the bill that passed the Senate on Saturday, 428,000 adults and 145,000 kids in Vermont will be receiving direct payments averaging $2,230 per household. In other words, 89% of Vermont households will be receiving a direct payment under the Senate bill.
  • In addition, the bill increases the child tax credit from $2,000 to $3,000 and to $3,600 for families with kids under the age of 6. This will help over 143,000 children in Vermont.
  • $1.35 billion in COVID-relief will be going to the state of Vermont and local governments – an increase of $498 million compared to the bill that passed the House.
  • $152 million in rent and utility relief will be going to Vermonters who owe thousands of dollars in back rent.
  • $50 million in mortgage assistance will be going to struggling Vermont homeowners – an increase of $10 million compared to the House bill.
  • An additional $27 million will be provided to Vermont for vaccine distribution.
  • Vermont will also receive a substantial increase in funding for summer school and after school programs, community health centers, mass transit and many other vital programs.


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  1. Yep. That’s a lot of ‘help’ indeed. It’s curious, though, that Bernie says nothing about who will be paying for this ‘help’ in the longer term. It won’t be Bernie, that’s for sure. I suspect, like all of the other (really) old guys in the Senate, they don’t care. They got theirs. They won’t be around when the bill comes due.

    Cowards or fools all – especially those who voted for them.

  2. I hope that everybody who supports this, realizes that this is “real” money we are talking about. It did not grow on a money tree, to be harvested by undocumented immigrants so they will have money to send back to their home country. This is taxpayer’s money, our money. I worked for it, you worked for it. When I see the unadulterated pork included in this legislation, (upwards of 90% of it has nothing to do with COVID!) it makes me sick. Remember that somebody has to pay back this money that we keep adding to our ballooning debt, and the more pork I see being added to this, the more I realize that those who are pushing this spending don’t care about the financial condition of the country that they are leaving their children, and grand children. Allow me to hypothesize as to how to fix this. Those that are responsible for this economic boondoggle should have personal skin in the game. What I mean by this is that their personal wealth, even though it is less than the proverbial drop in the bucket, should be on the line, as that is the situation that they are putting taxpayers in by playing fast and loose with our money. Yes, Beanie, and family should be reduced to giving up a couple of homes, and they should have to get real jobs to provide for themselves. Can you imagine Chuck, and Nancy getting dirt under their fingernails, and shacking up in tents with the homeless on the streets of San Francisco, and New York ? And Biden ? Well he’d still have it relatively easy in the dementia nursing home, unless of course it happened to be in Little Mario’s New York ! Oh well, as long as there are no consequences for crooked, loony, irresponsible politicians I do not see any help for we the people, so I will cling to my dreams of that day when statesmen take the country back from politicians.

    • Sorry to say… this is not real money, it is worthless pieces of paper. the only thing that makes it acceptable as money is we still and the world still believes in it. They are going to shower us with their generosity and then pull the financial rug out from under us. Lets hope we are ready for the fall.

  3. I think all politicians who got rich while serving (?) our country should donate 3/4 of their wealth to be distributed to the homeless vets and other people so they can get decent places to live. It can also be used to feed those who do not have enough money to buy food. I know this is a wish that will never come true, especially with people like bernie.

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