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Welch opposes bill exposing iCOP covert surveillance of pro-life, pro-gun rights Americans

By Guy Page

Rep. Peter Welch voted Tuesday, December 6 against a House resolution seeking presidential disclosure of information about U.S. Post Office covert internet surveillance of pro-life, pro-gun rights Americans, a spokesperson for the House Oversight and Reform Committee told Vermont Daily Chronicle this morning. 

Welch voted “yes” with the committee’s Democratic majority of the House Oversight and Reform Committee to “report unfavorably” on H.Res.1479 – “Of inquiry requesting the President transmit certain documents in his possession to the House of Representatives relating to the surveillance or monitoring of pro-gun, pro-life, or conservative groups under the Internet Covert Operations Program operated by the United States Postal Inspection Service.”

The bill was introduced November 16 by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Georgia). A spokesman for the committee told VDC this morning that “reporting unfavorably” is not a typical procedure for rejecting a bill. More often a bill not in favor by a committee or committee chair is left unvoted, or given a negative vote. He offered no explanation for the decision to report out the bill unfavorably. Tuesday’s committee vote was 23-18

The full resolution reads: “That the President is requested to transmit to the House of Representatives, not later than 14 days after the adoption of this resolution, in a complete and unredacted form, a copy of any document, record, report, memo, correspondence, or other communication either generated or received by the office of the President that refers or relates to the surveillance or monitoring occurring on or after January 20, 2021, of any pro-gun, pro-life, or conservative group under the Internet Covert Operations Program (commonly referred to as ‘‘iCOP’’) operated by the United States Postal Inspection Service.

A ‘law enforcement sensitive’ government bulletin distributed throughout the Dept. of Homeland Security, and obtained by Yahoo News, says “Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity” of a March protest. Since then, some media and Republican lawmakers including Clyde have been seeking more information about the USPS covert monitoring program. 

An April, 2022 USPS Inspector General’s report found that iCOP exceeded its law enforcement authority. 

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  1. Welch is a certified Progressive now by his ideology and evidenced by the fact that he considers the US Constitution to be an impediment to social progress.

  2. Peter Welch has to be the most bland, uninspiring rep I’ve seen in a long time. No spine to actually try to push his party outside of the national line of voting. Someone who just votes along party lines is useless. Thats fine some of the time, but geez!

  3. Gee lets see, the USG has been spying on people left of center since the 1950’s, Am I supposed to shed a tear about them targeting those on the right? naaaaaah

  4. If the Supreme Court should decide that those who voted to certify the 2020 election violated their oath of office, then Welch will be gone, permanently, the answer to my dreams.

  5. Surprise!!! Not actually. This is what progressives and democrats want. The erosion and potential dissolution of our inherent rights under the US Constitution.

    Just to make it yet again nice & easy for these traitors to the Founding Principals of this nation though: I’m PRO-LIFE and PRO-GUN RIGHTS! Anything else you need to ask about me, just call… I’m big into FREE SPEECH RIGHTS too!

    BTW, I used to love to watch BoZo the Clown as a kid. (I add this as I’m not allowed to actually call you by his name as that’s “offensive”), but suffice it to say – you D.C. swamp creatures remind me of him, OK?

  6. I seem to recall when he first ran, he promised transparency in governance, if elected…looks like he Welched on that promise.

  7. So now after leaky Leahy is gone, Vermont’s congressional circus delegation consists of an aged borderline socialist/communist, an ex-ambulance chasing, insider trading, elitist, democrat rubber stamp and the newly minted lesbian, pro-abortion, anti-2nd amendment congress woman. Nice going Vermont voter, you sure know how to pick ’em. With republicans controlling the house of representatives, the Vermont money train just hit the end of the line.

  8. Given his Cultural Marxist views, why would anyone be surprised by Welch’s vote. What is surprising is there is a majority of Vermonters who think it’s OK to put Welch anywhere near a Government position. While they may feel good and claim some higher moral ground (which, we all know is important to Progressives), this guy is going to train wreck their liberties, their livelihood and the overall Republic. History will not be kind to these people.

  9. This bill is clearly treason, discriminatory and anti-constitional. It is the enemy of America and therefore anyone supporting is the enemy of America

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