Welch bill requires 70% renewable power nationwide

Representative Peter Welch (D-Vermont) has introduced legislation creating a national renewable energy standard that aims to reduce carbon emissions and create more renewable energy generation. The bill would require energy producers in the United States to meet ambitious goals for renewable energy generation.

According to a U.N. 2018 climate change report, carbon emissions must decline by nearly half in the next ten years to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, a statement issued this week by Welch’s office said.

The American Renewable Energy Act of 2021 establishes an ambitious renewable energy standard to require retail electricity suppliers to achieve at least 70% renewable electricity generation by 2030, Welch said. This requirement begins at 20% in 2021 and gradually increases to 70% by 2030. The bill includes provisions to increase deployment of clean energy resources to every region of the country and ensure that investment and benefits are driven to communities most impacted by climate change.

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  1. I’m hoping the NEK climate changes a little bit tomorrow…Currently 60’s with wind….Besides that, Pete might want to invent a way to stop the magnetic poles from shifting…Scientist have ranged the 180 degrees change happens every 10,000 years to almost 800,000 years…But without a doubt it’s shifting. The magnetic north has crossed the International Date Line and moved traveling south on the other side of the globe toward Siberia…This isn’t man made Pete…Stick your global/one world order boondoggle where the sun don’t shine…That bony thing you sit on and think from.

  2. As Regressive Peter Welch – Democrat Socialist – formulates the death of western civilization with his ‘Green New Economic Winter’, China brought 38.4 giga watts of new coal-fired power into operation in 2020. More than three times what was brought on line everywhere else.

  3. Welch, just another liberal buffoon , even if the whole US went a 100% renewable,
    we have 99 % of the world just doing business as usual and they don’t care what
    the US wants………Check out China, Russia, Pakistan just to name a few !!

    Hey Peter, this bill makes about a sense as saying if you spit in the ocean the tides
    will rise and and people will down………………

    Welch, one of Vermont’s three stooges in DC……. pathetic !!

    • He’s a total wing nut. We’re tied to China now we when they’re 80 percent renewable, we’ll join them!!!

  4. Are we talking 70% installed on our grid or actually delivering 70% of our VT POWER demand? TWO very different things. What about the fossil fuel power sitting “on demand” to supply the balance when renewables are offline?
    At ZERO measurable improvement from VT to the US and or global “CO2” levels and at what COST? The cost benefit is nil.

  5. Plain & simple: Democrats are nothing short of pandering, unpatriotic, corrupted, mostly godless, extremist, radicalized, UN-diverse, intolerant group of dolts. Their voters are sheeple who know little about policy or facts, but vote like drones along party line and for name recognition.

  6. When has anything the government has ever become involved with gotten better or FIXED???? I’ll wait….War on drugs? War on poverty? war on guns? Heck this ‘rona vax rollout produced 6 new billionaires! But Petey cries about RX drug prices…..Beside the fact that this “climate crisis” is a manufactured crisis by the democrat socialists, like Petey.

  7. Does Welch and the rest of you climate warriors know that every living “green” thing on this planet NEEDS carbon emissions to thrive and survive! Green plants take in this carbon and produce; wait for it…………….OXYGEN!!!!!!!!!!!OMG! So let’s get this straight; you morons want to eliminate “carbon dioxide” from the Earth which will then kill off the green plants that need this carbon to survive, which creates Oxygen for other life to survive. Ok, your a bunch of morons!

  8. LOL LOL LOL Welch wants 70% renewable power nationwide.. Does little Pete know anything about what he is talking about?? It sure don’t seem like it. He and the other 2 amigos are a joke to Vermont. all 3 are socialists fools. They kiss China butts.. All 3 needs to be gone.. 2 needs to be in a nursing home..

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