Keep BLM flag flying in Colchester?

The Colchester School District has planned a special meeting this Tuesday, June 22 at 7 pm in the Colchester High School Library – in person! – in order to discuss when to remove or take down the currently-flying flag that represents the organization, “Black Lives Matter.”

This meeting specifically addresses the uncertainty of how long to fly a flag that needs and has received special approval to be flown by the district. This is a public meeting regarding the flying of flags like these on our public school campuses.

If you would like to participate in the meeting, there is a portion of time set aside for Citizen Participation where anyone may speak. There is a three-minute time limit per-person. 

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  1. If the BLM flag was not allowed to fly on a public flag pole to begin with, we would not be discussing when to take it down now would we .

  2. There is no reason to fly this flag on school grounds ,period. It is representing an agenda that is marxist and is seeping insidiously into our school curriculum. As a taxpayer, I am requesting that it be removed. Permanently. The only flags that should be flown are the US Flag, Vermont State Flag, and POW Flag.

  3. Flying this flag is an abomination! 100% agree with Cheryl – BLM is also NOT a “sentiment” – it is an organization that was founded by Marxists and CONDONES violence against whites if necessary and to abolish the nuclear/traditional family. The government, including school districts, needs to CEASE from endorsing political & social organizations!!!


  4. It should never be flown on taxpayer public property or taxpayer govt. property to begin with. The flag poles it gets flown on within these properties should be toppled like the leftist have been doing the past year or more to anything sacred to America’s heritage…If we don’t start fighting back, nothing of America that we take pride in will be left.

  5. If the school insists on flying this flag then put up a flag that says White Lives Matter or better yet ALL LIVES MATTER. I agree with Cheryl’s comment. Only the US Flag, Vermont state flag and the POW flag. NO OTHERS.

  6. The BLM Organization launched a political action committee back in October. That makes their slogan a political statement and political statements do not belong at our schools. American flag and state flag is what should be flown.

  7. There is only one quote from a famous American that should be presented in schools or flying on flagpoles on public property to promote equity:
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” …
    The Rev. Martin Luther King would be profoundly embarrassed by the racist antics of BLM…

  8. BLM is a terrorist organization that is behind all the unrest in in this country along with other groups.
    BLM promotes looting, burning and killing!
    Supporting BLM is counter productive to the ideals of this nation!