Weaponized pipe bomb found in Valley Street, Springfield home

Anibal Castro, Jr., 33, of Valley Street in Springfield pleaded innocent last week in federal court with unlawful possession of a “destructive device” (“Pipe Bomb”), in violation of the National Firearms Act. He was jailed pending trial.

Court records say that on April 6, while the Springfield Police Department and Vermont State Police were executing a state search warrant at Castro’s Valley Street residence, they discovered a ten and one-half inch pipe bomb. The pipe was made of aluminum with crimped metal ends covered in tape and had a pyrotechnic fuse extending out from inside the pipe.

The words “BYE BYE !!” were written on the outside of the pipe. The pipe contained 650 BB pellets and black powder. The government alleges that the presence of BBs “further weaponized” the device.

If convicted, Castro faces a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment and three years of supervised release.

Valley Street has been the scene of multiple shootings and drug crimes this year.

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