WCAX pulls Randolph locker room story, will ‘publicly acknowledge the damage done’

Other Vermont news media either don’t quote players, or don’t cover story at all

Sophomore Kayla, 15, describes how a biological male student dressed privately and then watched girls’ volleyball team members dress in the Randolph Union High School locker room. See Daily Signal video below.

By Guy Page

In Vermont, the winds of cancellation and censorship are blowing hard against news coverage of the complaint by members of the Randolph volleyball team that a biological male teammate identifying as a girl dressed privately and then watched them change their clothes in the school locker room. 

For example, WCAX, the state’s leading television news station, has withdrawn from its website the September 30 news report that ‘broke’ the story, News Director Roger Garrity confirmed Thursday night to Vermont Daily Chronicle

The story was not consigned to the digital memory hole due to factual inaccuracy. “We believe our story was accurate,” Garrity said. WCAX pulled the story in an effort, Garrity said, to prevent harm to transgender students. 

“I made the decision to take down the story so that others could not continue to use our reporting to attack a teen and her family and other transgender people,” Garrity told Vermont Daily Chronicle

WCAX’s initial story was linked to and/or cited by Fox News and other media (including Vermont Daily Chronicle). Seven Days characterized the snowballing news story this way: “In the days that followed, right-wing news outlets including Fox News, the New York Post, and OutKick parroted the WCAX report and turned it into viral clickbait.”

Seven Days reports that the biological male identifying as a girl has felt supported in school but has received “unwelcome messages” on social media: “Throughout the saga, school administrators, teachers and counselors have been extremely supportive of her daughter, the mother said. However, she’s received unwelcome messages from community members on Facebook.”

Asked if the decision was influenced by corporate pressure from the station’s owners or from transgender rights supporters Outright Vermont and the ACLU-VT, Garrity gave a one-word answer: “No.” 

Finally, Garrity said the story (before it was pulled) “reveals a shortcoming in state policy that has the potential to create conflict.”

Mainstream news coverage of the locker room conflict since the WCAX report has essentially ‘flipped the script.’ VTDigger, for example, has focused on the hacking of the school website (also taken down due to actions by ‘transphobic’ hackers, school officials say), and the biological male student’s mother’s insistence that her child was victimized by hateful girls. School officials have confirmed the locker room is now off limits to everyone on the team, and say they are looking into charges of bullying and harassment – which the girls say they are the target of, because they complained first to the biological male and then to the school. 

The girls’ volleyball team’s concerns seem of little news value to both VTDigger and Seven Days.  Their coverage lacks any quotes from them. However, quotes from the transgender student’s mother and Supt. Layne Millington are abundant. A VTDigger headline called the follow-up news coverage ‘transphobic.’

If Seven Days and VTDigger had quoted the students, their readers might have heard illuminating first-person accounts, such as provided by Kayla, age 15, to the Daily Signal (1:17 on the video:

“I was the first one inside the locker room at the time. The trans student came in and walked into a separate part of the locker room and went and changed, while the other girls were in the main part of the locker room changing as well. As soon as the trans identifying student was done changing, they came out and stood at the entrance of the locker room for a little bit. A lot of the girls were changing in their sports bras and stuff. A lot of us stated, like, ‘can you please get out, we’re changing, we don’t feel comfortable with you in here.’ After a little while the student did leave, but it took a little bit for the student to leave. And a lot of us were not comfortable with that situation. It’s happened before, and so we just wanted it to be changed. Really.” – Sophomore Kayla, 15

Instead, VT Digger quoted a Northeastern University journalism professor as saying that the news value of reporting the story didn’t justify the harm caused to the transgender student. 

WPTZ, Fox 44, Vermont Public (formerly VPR), the Burlington Free Press, and the Associated Press have yet to cover the story at all, according to an online search. 

Working with LGBTQ advocates, WCAX to publicly ‘acknowledge the harm that was caused’ – Earlier this week, Seven Days reported that WCAX will – guided by LGBTQ advocacy groups – publicly acknowledge the damage done by its news story. “We are now working with LGBTQ advocates on a message to the community acknowledging the harm that was caused,” Seven Days quotes Garrity as saying. 

It is uncommon for news organizations to pull news stories, and even more uncommon to assert damage despite standing by the accuracy of the details. 

As reported by the Daily Signal, the girls and parents of the Randolph Union High School volleyball team demand their right to speak out when they feel threatened. Their claims echo the ethic of the “Believe Women” movement that reached its peak during the nomination hearings of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh but was already in full swing as women came forward to challenge famous, influential men for sexual abuse. 

“When we say ‘believe women,’ it’s for this explicit intention of making sure there’s space for all women to come forward to speak their truth, to be heard,” New York U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said. 

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  1. These leftist lunatics in the media could care less about damaging the psyches & the very lives of females – as long as it doesn’t “harm” transgenders.

    Meanwhile, these simpletons can no longer even identify what a female is. This culture & this country is exceptionally sick – at the very least.

  2. I wish we had an alternative to the local TV new, as they all have a liberal left bias. You’d swear they were all owned by Microsoft. They are spineless tools.

    • To point out the obvious, we do have an alternative news source . . . you are reading and commenting on it. 🙂

  3. ‘Woke’ is achieving it’s true goal perfectly….complete societal destruction and the eradication of all that is good and pure.

  4. How will Vermont deal with clearly misogynistic policies and policies for the mentally ill, suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’? For liberal media outlets it is a paradox wrapped up in a conundrum, with seemingly ignoring the issue as the easy answer.
    Politicians too, are seemingly treading water here- unable to make clearly needed decisions. Women’s rights groups, ACLU and other organizations profiting off social issues seem silent. Yet as liberals think their way thru to the appropriate, non- offensive, affirming and inclusive, welcoming answer- we whom have not lost our moral compass’ already know the only correct answer.
    Grab some popcorn, this is a long movie. The truly offensive part is that these girls must be put thru this, because some adults can’t figure out the correct path.

  5. I stopped watching WCAX ever since this ‘Woke’ agenda has put the liberal media to sleep regarding what is true journalism in reporting all the news. They cherrypick what they want to report…that is why the uninformed sheep followers of the Joe Zero party keep voting them and their inflationary and cowardly policies into power…my daily watch or read list is Fox, the Vermont Chronicle, The Daily Signal, Retalk, Breitbart, OAN, NewsMax, and so many more in order to diffuse the vicious propoganda ‘news’ of the Left…

  6. WCAX has quite a history of broadcasting going back to the dawn of radio in Vermont and with television service since 1954. Stuart (Red) Martin and family owned and ran the operation for 62 years. They were the last major network affiliate in the US to be privately owned but have since sold out to a major media corporation. Red’s son Peter gradually took over operations and brought the news operation and persona deep into the woke zone. This “flipping of the script” in the Randolph HS story is clever and insidious and is the perfect example of how our major media players no longer report the facts to provide information, but instead to mold public sentiment and opinion in the interest of social engineering. Broadcasters who are granted a license for pumping out a million watts of power into the air and through our bodies have an obligation to do so with some level of social responsibility. Unfortunately there seems to be some divide these days as to how to define “social responsibility”.
    Red Martin must be rolling in his grave.

  7. These women are so much braver than those that just toss on a pink hat and hold a sign. Solid work ladies.



  9. We need to have a trans sports team for all of those who don’t identify as male or female, you know all the other pronouns. That way, they/them can compete against those who identify as how they were born. That would be fair and then we would have three teams. We could just build a separate locker room for them and crisis solved! You’re welcome.

  10. Media cowards. Complicit in the Orwellian conscription of Vermont. WCAX and other so-called Media outlets (“Ministries of Truth”) have adopted the logo “All the News We Want You to Hear.” Vermont will continue it’s spiral into Dystopia until Vermonters stand up and fight these Cultural Marxists.

  11. We don’t need any special teams. We need to stop teaching kids to be gender dysphoric. They aren’t and it’s disgusting that it being pushed onto them.

  12. wcax has a history of disinformation and out right lies they refuse to retract. Case in point was a news caster claiming Emitt Till was killed by a mob of angry white men. Unless 2 is an angry white mob!!

  13. I am awaiting Orca Media’s recording of Wednesday’s school board meeting in Randolph. It was much tamer and had more conservative voices that the standing room only community forum that overfilled the high school auditorium.

    Tuesday’s community forum meeting began with Superintendent Layne Millington reporting on the hacking that dismantled the school’s website and shared 3 ugly phone calls that the school had received from around the country expressing in vile language their contempt for the locker room decisions that had been made by the school.

    In my educational leadership training experiences, it is the roll of educational leaders to calm and reassure the community, not to fan flames using vile language to start a community meeting.

    Though the link to this week’s school board meeting is not currently available, a link to the meeting in April when parents were upset that Superintendent Layne Millington for canceling a Chick-fil-a fundraiser to support the baseball team because it offended the LGBTQ students is available below. There was also discussion about the need for the BLM flag to come down.

    To all parents – are you willing to be watch dogs in your community for what the LGBTQ, Equity, CRT, and Gender agendas are doing?

    Some feel it is time to pull students from public education, but the bulk of the community will still be raised in the public schools. They will become future residents and community leaders. In the words of Frederick Douglass – It’s easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults. Too many bury their heads and say – leave it to others. Folks, it’s time for all of us to stand up and be a voice. Your community’s children is still your responsibility even if your children are grown and gone, or you have pulled yours from public education. Our children are your community’s most precious natural resource – to protect.

    • Hilltop, I agree we ALL need to speak up and protect ALL children. If just 10% pull their children from school, that sends a strong message. Schools lose money when students leave. I’d like to see both. Vote for candidates who support school choice!

  14. What has happened to our education system? I think all those involved with the education of our children either decide they are going to teach and not indoctrinate or they are fired. Starting from the top down to every person working near the children or in any way involved with the education system. What would it be like if a female decided to use the males locker room or bathrooms and looked at the guys when they changed. Time we get back to normalcy.

  15. Gender dysphoria is a condition that needs no validation from the medical field.
    A person just “says” they have it and everyone, including medical professionals,(and the Randolph High School girls volleyball team), are required to act on their undiagnosed condition.

    Gender Affirming Curriculum takes ordinary childhood insecurities, like ‘I’m confused “ or “I feel out of place” and then teaches the child they are probably transgender. The child then seeks advice from a Gender Affirming Therapist, who starts to treat the child in the manner in which the CHILD DEMANDS to be treated. Even if that treatment requires a lifetime of hormones and bodily mutilation surgeries.

    Permanent physical damage is allowed to be done to innocent children, sexual fetishes go unchecked leaving young children vulnerable to predators, and worse, parents are losing legal control.
    We need to stop this barbaric insanity.

  16. Proud of the comments here. There’s nothing more important than protecting children from these messed up adults who think they can alter mother nature with these feel good but horrible solutions created by them and promoted onto minor children. As they alter these children by guiding them into a false solution, these people will be long gone as these children grow into adults and regret what has been done to them. We send our children to school to be taught and molded into functioning adults. We don’t send them there to be manipulated and molded into a transgender life altering decision that can’t be reversed as an adult. All public money should be pulled from these schools. School administrators and teachers mission is to teach, not to experiment with children that aren’t theirs. There needs to be a public school reckoning by parents and voters. We also need to boycott the Vermont woke media, it has become a disgrace. This can’t continue!

  17. WCAX is now preparing a statement of apology for airing the Randolph volleyball travesty and for subjecting the transgender ‘victim’ Sheman to self-esteem damage because of the publicity…It’s all over the national news, but Vermont kowtows to the Woker Jokester mob, of which they are a part…We have the Dummo…Dimmo…Damno…crats to thank for the snowflake plague which is sickening the minds of our country…

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