Climate Council spending proposal to ban ‘eugenics’ language to describe trees

By Guy Page 

A committee of the Vermont Climate Council wants state funding to establish a one-year commission to study “if language used in State of Vermont agencies regarding natural resources is inappropriate and/or references eugenics (e.g. low-grade trees, defective trees, working lands).”

The request is part of a $52 million package of funding requests for ‘climate action.’ The council will meet Monday, October 17 to decide which of the requests will go to the Scott administration and the Legislature. Subcommittees were told the money would come from “some of the State’s surplus funds.”

The subcommittees have whittled down their wish lists to the following:

$5.2 million for the Agriculture and Ecosystems Committee for soil quality nutrition and retention, support for Just Transitions committee work, traditional ecological knowledge climate curriculum, town planning to stop forest fragmentation, and funding for a one-year commission and subsequent report that examines if language used in State of Vermont agencies regarding natural resources is inappropriate and/or references eugenics (e.g. low-grade trees, defective trees, working lands), with recommendations for how to make changes to address and resolve harm.

$1.25 million for the Just Transitions Committee for communications, planning, and community engagement, including a $200/day stipend for climate councilors. The Committee’s job is to ensure that Vermont reaches its climate goals with ‘equity.’

$44.5 million for Rural Resilience & Adaptation, including $4 million for regional planning commissions and local municipalities to support climate resilience and energy planning and

Implementation, $20 million for flood resilience, and $20 million for all-hazards resilience. These last two big-ticket items “will not address all needs,” the committee recommendation cautioned. 

$550,000 for Science & Data for ongoing work studying the life-cycle of greenhouse gas emissions, paying particular attention to the unseen GHG emissions of low-emissions power generation: “For example, development of emission factors for biofuels in the thermal sector, and electricity generation from nuclear and hydro power, is likely to be a new area of analysis that may require additional resources beyond the existing contract.” Agricultural emissions also need further study. 

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  1. For the expenditure or $52,000,000.00 exactly how many molecules of CO2 will not be created? I am quite sure that this 52 million will in fact add CO2 to Vermont’s atmosphere, as all these boards, committees and bodies generate carbon dioxide with the power, paper, fuel, heat they consume- and methane they produce.
    Renaming labeling conventions for trees and timber to avoid offense to a hypothetical someone? Good work folks, your contribution to solving a problem that doesn’t exist is much appreciated. Your hard work is insuring that tax dollars spent, are being applied to nothing of any benefit to society- but only to your own self-gratification and self-serving committee. Your self-righteous indignation over a necessary molecule for all life on this planet seems worthy of some self-introspection. You are aware that CO2 is required as a nutrient for plant life? Or, that CO2 levels follow earth’s temperature increases, not lead them?
    In the battle between physics and platitudes, physics is undefeated.

  2. Eugenics in the naming of plant life? Huh? How about the eugenic impact of abortion on human beings in the African American population in the US and Vermont? A pro-life doctor with the Lozier Institute was quoted by Newsweek as he responded to Kanye West statements to Tucker Carlson about the number of black babies being aborted in the US: “Hopefully, Kanye’s comments spark an honest discussion about the significant and long-term racial disparities in abortion in the United States,” he told Newsweek. “Over the past 50 years, the Black abortion rate has consistently been 3 to 4 times higher than the white abortion rate, yet Black women also have a maternal mortality rate that is more than 3 times higher than that of white women.

    “Clearly, higher rates of abortion are not protecting Black women from maternal mortality, yet this is an issue that many in Washington and the media choose to ignore. Instead, they are vitally important matters of public health which should lead to serious study and discussion.”

  3. We frequently have the feeling that we are intruded upon by the government. We talk of “over reach”. We seem to live in a restrictive envelope. We wonder why our legislative representatives pass laws but never seem to return to look at their impact…never repeal them. They confiscate painful amounts of our resources and then dither it away. They undertake initiatives that don’t have any consensus among the constituency. They enter arenas that, if there actually was a need, would better be left to the citizens’ enterprise. Next time your musings enter this forbidden zone, think of this legislative effort to free our trees from their burden of offensive adjectives. That’s the folks we’ve elected.

  4. I would like to revisit a study of climate change that showed that in past eras of global warming, the warming PREDATED the increase in CO2!! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Actually this is the job of the federal government in order to ensure that tax dollars on climate initiatives focused on CO2 are spent in line with fiduciary responsibility. The article is “The Fraud of Global Warming; True CO2 Record Buried Under Gore”, by Laurence Hecht, Editor, 21st Century Science & Technology. Published in EIRScience, 3/2/2007.

  5. What a bunch of hogwash!! Yet, they will get a $200/day stipend. We have a housing crisis in this state and people are hung up on calling trees names due to our history of eugenics!! What next???????

  6. It all boils down to this. As Vermonters, we are unable to out run the stupid that has overtaken this state. This is a culmination of 30+ years of liberal government, one party control. This fact has drawn more stupid to this state, which has filled our institutions with more stupid. Since we can’t out run the complete stupidity AND MIND CONTROL of these progressive overlords, our only solution at this point is TO VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE AND POWER. Ignore this warning and continue to be controlled by an agenda void of common sense and an ideological journey into a legislative dictatorship with a powerless conforming governor.

  7. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Montpelier, Vermont – October 15, 2022. The Vermont Climate Council has declared “Betula papyrifera”, commonly known as “American White Birch” to be “irredeemably racist” in a resolution signed unanimously today at an emergency meeting convened by Chairperson Susanne Young.

    The council seeks $20M in funding to establish a subcommittee to research and propose a more culturally sensitive and arboreally-equitable name for the species.

  8. The existential threat to mankind is the policies that the Biden Admin have put into place. The following systems are being used by the Biden regime to kill the planet. Sequestering of CO2 from the atmosphere. Seeding the sky with particulate to dim the sun. And depleting water resources. All three of these measures kill plant life and farm crops to feed the world. Putin has nothing to do with it. The climate agenda becomes a success when human beings are culled down to a manageable level. You, the masses live on less, while the politicians who administer the policies are exempt from the climate chance mandates. When you get hurt, remember who is responsible. Then vote them out of office. Remember, remember the 8th of November.