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Watercooler: Sheriff accused of sex assault grills witnesses

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Publication Headline Published
NBC 5 Canadian tourism is making a comeback across our region 7/7/2022 6:33 PM
WCAX How a Vermont family is fighting to help developmentally disabled kids 7/7/2022 6:35 PM
WCAX Vermont program aims to address care of rapidly aging population 7/7/2022 6:26 PM
VT Digger Woman charged with murdering Vermont cyclist altered her appearance and used aliases while on the run 7/7/2022 7:08 PM
WCAX Analysis: Impact of Sanders’ endorsement in race for US Congress 7/7/2022 7:39 PM
WCAX Chittenden Solid Waste District asking voters for upgraded recycling facility 7/7/2022 7:37 PM
VT Digger Representing himself, sheriff facing sex assault charges gets to grill witnesses testifying against him, including family and deputy 7/7/2022 8:25 PM
VT Digger Tom McKone: Jackson Browne, in Burlington July 11, goes all in 7/8/2022 7:04 AM

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