Man killed by gunshots to head at close range – Burlington’s 16th gunfire incident

A man in his 20’s was shot in the head at close range last night in Burlington’s Old North End.

The victim has not yet been identified. The homicide occurred near the intersection of Luck St. and Intervale Avenue, near the Boys and Girls Club.

The gunfire incident is the third in Burlington in the last month, and the second in a week. Saturday night Leon Delima, a Burlington resident with an extensive police record involving drugs and violence, was arrested and jailed for firing a weapon near a North Avenue bus stop.

Today, Mayor Miro Weinberger issued the following statement on Burlington’s first homicide this year, which occurred Thursday night near Luck Street.

“Last night’s shooting and murder is Burlington’s first homicide in more than two years. Yet it is one of many recent gunfire incidents, part of a very disturbing trend that has dramatically increased since 2020.

“The Burlington Police Department has begun the hard work of identifying, finding, and apprehending the shooter, and we offer condolences to the victim’s family and those mourning him.

“Murder is thankfully rare in Burlington, but for more than a decade, the investigators at BPD have closed each and every one. They have my full support as they search for a killer. While details are still emerging, early indications are that this homicide, like more than half of the past gunfire incidents, involves people who have been involved in other, previous gunfire incidents. As the police chief, the state’s attorney, and I stated last month, we are dedicated to rolling back this dangerous trend through partnerships, thorough investigations, arrests, and vigorous prosecutions.”

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  1. Burlington has become a ” Big City ” with all its transients and others causing hate and
    discontent to the citizens, this is what happens when you have liberals in charge with
    a defund the police mindset, Burlingtonians better wake up before it’s too late !!!

    The Burlington City Council needs to be held accountable, if not voted out, and some
    common sense individuals need to step up !!

    • Perhaps, it is already too late to save Burlington. We have gone too far down the road toward the Liberal Cities we read about in the newspapers and hear listed in television.

  2. Interesting that Mayor Weinberger cites the “dedication” of the State’s Attorney and the “vigorous prosecutions”…LOL. He didn’t mention about studying the “root causes” of violent crime this time.
    That this is the first homicide of the year after all those other shootings is fortunate and a testament to the poor shooting skills of those involved.

    • I heard he was in custody on a weapons charge just a few days before the homicide….can’t wait to see them try to sweep that under the rug once it gets out.

  3. How’s that City Council workin’ out for ya, prog people of BTV? Havin’ fun yet? Read to re-elect Miro, Zoraya and Co. for continued peace, justice and equity?

  4. Questions

    1. Did the shooter get the gun legally?
    2. Did he pass Vermont’s universal background & federal background check?
    3. What kind of firearm was it, a weapon of war?
    4. Did have a legal magazine of ten rounds or less?

  5. The only shocking thing about this is that it hasn’t happened sooner. It’s lawlessness in Burlington supported by Progressives. Everything from dismantling the Police department, not prosecuting felonies, supporting mob protests, favoring certain classes of people based on their holy trinity of race, gender, class and the list goes on. Why any business chooses to remain in Burlington is a mystery. My family definitely does not patronize Burlington anymore since we believe the “bottom” still hasn’t been reached. But progressives will get it there..

  6. Woke city counslers that defunded and demonized the police in 2020 have more fresh blood on their hands. Do they feel guilty or culpable…i doubt it.

  7. I haven’t hears a peep from becca blaint, molly gray, petey welch or phil baruth on gun control after these shootings?? Why not? Maybe because the shooters were of their protected class and not law-abiding citizens?

  8. We can’t fix this until we can actually talk about the common thread without being vilified.

  9. As the Democrat Progressive Socialists in Montpelier attempt to disarm law abiding citizens, the streets of Burlington will become the Dodge City on the west coast of New England.

  10. 60+ years ago I grew up in Mallets Bay ( half a mile from Burlington ) then moving to Burlington as a teen. After College I lived in Burlington for a number of years. Now, (although I live 30 minutes from the Queen City) I would never dream of living there again. My only visit to Burlington is out of business needs, that are very infrequent. It was the time that many in Burlington thought socialist, progressive, and extreme left government (from the Mayor on down ) was the direction to go, I saw the taxes go up, the crime go up, and the quality of life for Burlington citizens crash. Burlington unfortunately has everything the people voted for. A splintered police department, who have no support from the city. Who would want to be a peace officer in Burlington ? Even when they arrest people they get a slap on the wrist and are released by anemic Prosecutor’s and a Chittenden County Attorney General that allow people arrested with felonies to walk the streets. If Burlington wants change they better vote common sense instead of a party with toxic and empty promises.

  11. This was the most preventable homicide ever. This suspect has been a menace to society his entire life-
    HE WAS IN CUSTODY just days before the homicide occurred on WEAPONS CHARGES and RELEASED!
    Oh and remind me again how old he was when he pistol-whipped and robbed someone… you know, the crime that landed him in Woodside (where he kept escaping)…. 15!
    Miro keeps telling us these are “affinity groups”, or “groups of the same individuals”. It’s like he’s actively trying to avoid the words “GANG” or “REFUGEE” whenever addressing Burlington’s gun crime. That stuff doesn’t matter anyway right?
    Well guess what public? This guy is another fine example of the work our refugee resettlement program does for us in case you wanted to know!

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