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Watercooler: New housing for Williston

VT DiggerAndy Phelan: Deliberately killing a mother bear with cubs? We should do better
VT DiggerWilliston Planning Commission advances 93-unit housing project
WCAXBurlington to put ranked choice voting on March ballot
WCAXWoman hit by tow truck in Colchester parking lot
WCAXAriel Quiros asks for reduced sentence
WCAXFirefighters warn heating is a top cause of fires
NBC 5Colchester Police asking public to identify person of interest in armed robbery

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  1. Regarding the article┬áby Andy Phelan in Vt, Digger entitled “Deliberately killing a mother bear with cubs? We should do better’.Mr. Phelan obviously knows little if anything about hunting, be it bears, or probably anything else. If you have ever observed a sow bear being a mother bear you would know that the first thing a sow will try to do is secret her cubs, usually up a tree. Consequently you more often than not will not even realize that she is with cubs. That this particular hunter reportedly saw cubs, and shot the mother is not something that he, in my opinion, should be proud of to say the least. Driving across some one’s lawn to load it? Unless you have obtained permission, that is also a no,no. So now let me express my problem with regulating ethics as Mr. Phelan┬á suggests. Let’s say a hunter brings a sow bear to a reporting station as he is required to do. The reporting agent recognizes it as a sow. What happens at this point? Should a F&W Warden have to investigate each and every sow shot to prove that the hunter did some sort of due diligence┬áto ascertain that when she was taken, she had no cubs with her ?┬áThat is going to be very tough, and in most cases I suspect impossible to prove. I suspect that there is a little more to this than a non hunter’s ethics questioning a hunter’s ethics in just this particular instance. As I have seen over and over again for the last few decades, people come here from elsewhere and immediately start questioning, and, or discrediting natives’ ways of life. In this case the person questioning the ethics of the natives has not even moved here yet. It makes me wonder if he is not being used by the P.O.W. (Protect Our Wildlife) people. At any rate, if our way of life here in Vermont is not to your liking, do yourself, and us a favor, don’t move here !

  2. People move here to “get away from it all”
    It tunes out that they bring “IT” with them.
    Because they are “IT”. just stay away and change “it” where you came from..

  3. Spoilt children of modernity are finding it difficult to navigate their way to the comfy couch in the cities, so they come to VT and continue their antics.