Have you seen this masked man?

The Berlin Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the male seen in the above screenshots.

On December 9, the unknown male made multiple fraudulent withdraws using stolen identities at multiple North Country Federal Credit Union branches including the one located in Berlin, Vermont.

Anyone with any information can contact Det. Cpl. Dan Withrow at 802-223-4401 or at

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  1. It does seem to me that countless thieves and criminals intent on violence are now using face masks as a way to hide their identities while being mistaken for just being another woke germaphobe. Perhaps it’s past time for the masking obsession to end as we are all endangered by the use of these by criminals.

  2. And exactly HOW does the state of VT know this individual is a male?? Perhaps it identifies as a female or is one of the many other 127 or so recently identified genders. I’m deeply offended.

  3. I knew there would come a day when masks would be used for a real useful purpose…LOL

  4. A well dressed thief. Perhaps the tipping point in Vermont has been reached where now crime does pay…

  5. Now that our “president” has announced the end of the pandemic, maybe it’s time to allow banks to put back up the pre-COVID doorway signs and prohibit the wearing of face coverings and brimmed hats inside? If you are a woke germophobe, just keep an appropriate distance from the teller behind the plexiglass or else use the drive-up window.