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Watercooler: Labor shortage delays Burlington homeless pod opening

VT DiggerOver 70 previously nameless plows awarded creative nicknames by Vermont students
WCAXNew charges in connection with Burlington murder
WCAXPolice shoot off-duty Vt. sheriff’s deputy after gunfight in Northern NY
WCAXHousing pods on Elmwood Ave delayed, charter changes head to Weinberger’s desk
Seven Days

Voting-Related Charter Changes Will Be on the Ballot in Burlington

WCAXJohnson Health Center opens new facility
VT DiggerAs demand for home share program grows, more strangers move in together
VT DiggerLisa Jablow: In Fish & Wildlife survey, nearly two-thirds of Vermonters oppose trapping 
VT DiggerNorwich 13-year-old becomes youngest champ ever in Vermont chess tournament
WCAXLincoln becomes own supervisory district after 18 months

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  1. Can anyone else see the irony of this situation?…that big gov’t giving away too much free money is responsible for large numbers of deadbeats claiming to be homeless and demanding that more taxpayer funds be spent on free housing and that there are not enough people in the workforce to provide the materials and labor to provide that housing???