Water withdrawal registry bill passes house

By Guy Page

S30, the gun rights restriction bill, wasn’t the only legislation to clear the Vermont House recently. H462 would: 

  • rename the Department of Health’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs to be the Division of Substance Use Programs; 
  • require pharmacies with ten or more outlets to host a drug disposal kiosk; 
  • enable the Department of Health to share deidentified data produced by the Child Fatality Review Team with similar review teams in other states; and 
  • require the Chief Medical Officer to provide autopsy reports to both federal prosecutors and prosecutors from other states upon written request.

H466, requiring registration for any person withdrawing 5,000 gallons or more of surface water – all rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, reservoirs, ponds, lakes, springs – within a 24-hour period. Snowmaking and dam operation both could be affected by H466. 

Over in the Senate, recent approved bills include:

S280 – miscellaneous changes to laws related to vehicles

S281 – hunting coyotes with dogs

S282 – the regulation of food depackaging facilities

S283 – miscellaneous changes to education laws

S284- weatherization

S273-  amending a birth certificate to reflect gender identity

S274 – joint meetings of town and village legislative bodies

S275 – providing adoptees with access to adoption agency records

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  1. Water today. Dirt and Rocks tomorrow. Air next week.

    This is regulation and licensure, and the publicly funded jobs they create, regardless of supply and demand. It has nothing to do with specific harm or damage that may occur, with or without the regulation and licensure – harm or damage created by the landowner or by the regulators (licensed or otherwise). This legislation is all about creating make-work for the liberal arts graduates who have no idea how to do anything else.

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