Correction: Prop 5 goes to House vote Tuesday

Editor’s note: The date was incorrect in a previous edition.

by Guy Page

The Vermont House of Representatives will debate and vote Tuesday, February 9 on Proposition 5, the proposed constitutional amendment to enshrine unrestricted abortion in the Vermont Constitution. 

House Speaker Jill Krowinski has announced the Prop 5 Tuesday vote, lawmakers say.

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If approved, the vote will complete the legislative approval process for Prop 5. Constitutional amendments are not subject to a gubernatorial veto. But it will face a possible ‘veto’ by voters at a statewide referendum at the November 8 general election. Here’s what happens after House approval, according to an April, 2019 document prepared by Legislative Counsel:

 If passed by both chambers in both bienniums, the Governor must provide public notice of the proposed amendment by proclamation. Vt. Const. Ch. II, § 72.

17 V.S.A. § 1844 requires the Secretary of State to publish the proposal and a summary thereof in at least two newspapers having general circulation in the State. These publications must occur once each week for three successive weeks.

This statute also requires the proposal to be published on the websites of the General Assembly and of the Office of the Secretary of State for the same duration as the newspaper publications.

The proposal is then submitted to the voters of the State for ratification; voters must ratify by majority vote. Vt. Const. Ch. II, § 72. 17 V.S.A. § 1842 requires this vote to occur at the general election.

Prop 5 would amend the Vermont Constitution’s Section 1 – the section dealing exclusively with individual rights – for the first time since 1786. It would add Article 22: “That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by the least restrictive means.”

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  1. Ironic doesn’t come close to defining the hypocrisy of those trying to change our Constitution.
    The lie of making it possible for a Five year old to decide to ” change ” his or her gender because it is an individuals right can’t logically be explained.
    To make it far worse, any Parent that would fight for their child would be held criminally responsible for trying to prevent the chemical or physical mutilation of their child.
    But once you understand those pushing and supporting this garbage are evil and want the destruction of a child then it becomes clear.
    Because these are the same people that stand with a murderer as he or she hacks a Baby to pieces in the womb up to the moment of Birth.
    Their self proclaimed care for children is proven a lie by every word of this Bill.
    This is far more horrific than any abortion Bill, and it is specifically written to be ambiguous enough to allow any liberal Judge to allow even more atrocities.

  2. Also ironic that they’re trying to pass this under the dome that has had the goddess Ceres, that represents agriculture, fertility, grain crops and MOTHERHOOD on it.

  3. It’s my hope that the sane people of Vermont are paying attention to all these absurd progressive proposed legislative bills. Problem in America is people are to busy to pay attention. The the progressives are taking advantage of it.

    • SO true, Peter. Which is why it is IMPERATIVE that we ALL pass the word of the atrocities along to neighbors, friends, & family. We must write “letters to the editor” to inform the electorate. We must hold & attend rallies, etc.

      Between the long-standing apathy and ignorance of the constituency and our past reluctance to not wish to “rock the boat” by vocalizing our opposition, here is where we all are and the worst is sure to come if we do not stand up right now collectively AND individually!

  4. As they celebrate like the fiendish goons they all are next Tuesday when they inevitably pass this demonic bill, remember the people will finally decide on election DAY, and beyond that it is God who shall ultimately decide each of their fates for enabling an infant genocide in VT.

    Many may not believe in God, but that does not mean He does not exist — as the overwhelming weight of scientific testament in archeology, physics, astronomy, etc., the plethora of historical records & texts, modern & ancient evidences as documented by experts in medicine, theology, etc. etc. ALL corroborate proof of God. Simply believing in essentially “nothing”, proves nothing.

  5. Can’t wait for the first guy to successfully argue that some woman who said she was on the pill & the state can’t force him into fatherhood & child support. Goes both ways, ladies!

  6. Continues to amaze me that, even with the publicity, there are still many, if not most, who remain oblivious to what the implications are concerning abortion that probably will probably be approved by the legislature in the next few days.