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Water Cooler: what if PCBs are found in Vermont schools? / Miro on suing cops / Burlington man gets Super Bowl ad spot

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Publication Headline Published
NBC 5 What will happen if PCBs are found in Vermont schools? 2/9/2022 7:02 PM
Rutland Herald Two from Rutland face charges in NJ 2/10/2022 12:00 AM
VT Digger Superintendent, Oxbow High administrators are departing 2/7/2022 7:22 PM
VT Digger Bennington seeks public input on group that would have oversight of local police 2/7/2022 8:45 PM
VT Digger South Burlington removes 1,000 acres from development 2/8/2022 6:53 PM
VT Digger Vermont House gives tentative green light to $1,200 child tax credit 2/8/2022 7:01 PM
VT Digger Neighbors push back against Randolph, Norwich solar array proposals 2/9/2022 7:03 AM
VT Digger Burlington mayor wades into Vermont’s discussion of qualified immunity 2/9/2022 6:40 PM
VT Digger Senate again approves a statewide rental registry bill, but a veto remains likely 2/9/2022 8:00 PM
WCAX Barre City to spend $1M on housing to help ‘missing middle’ 2/7/2022 6:16 PM
WCAX MiVT: Republic of Vermont 2/7/2022 6:54 PM
WCAX Cochran-Siegle captures silver in Olympic Super G 2/8/2022 6:41 AM
WCAX Judge orders temporary halt on blaring horns in Ottawa 2/8/2022 7:35 AM
WCAX Burlington City Council signs off on new help for the homeless 2/8/2022 7:15 AM
WCAX Stefanik calls Jan. 6 Commission ‘political theater’ 2/8/2022 12:26 PM
WCAX Burlington man behind ‘Unnecessary Inventions’ gets Super Bowl spot 2/8/2022 3:04 PM
WCAX North Country students share underground railroad research for Black History Month 2/8/2022 5:51 PM

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