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Flag wave for truckers today, new show debuts tomorrow

By Guy Page

A group of Vermont citizens will gather with flags and notes of appreciation on Thursday, February 10 from 3 pm to 5 pm at the intersection of VT 100 and VT 108 in Stowe to show appreciation for American and Canadian truckers.

“Our Canadian and American truckers keep our country moving,” said organizer Michael Valdez of Stowe. “They transport materials needed for our everyday life. They bring materials that we use to build shelter, and they transport essentials to survive: food and clothing.”

“We literally could not live without Truckers doing their jobs,” said Valdez, a member of the Vermont GOP state committee and himself a professional taxi driver. “Yet, they are often taken for granted and are often under-appreciated.”

And speaking of waving flags…..

Brian Judd, a Barre City Council candidate who organized two high-profile flag raisings in his hometown this year, will debut an online news program tomorrow. 

The Brian Judd Show will air at 7 AM tomorrow on Facebook. The address is 

Judd, a U.S. Navy veteran, Barre native, and son of a prominent local businessman, organized the raising of a large American flag on 9/11 and Veterans’ Day – both times after initial pushback from the Progressive-led City Council. 

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    • Dame? He’s still trying to figure out if he’s RINO or MAGA. He’ll end up RINO…they always do.

      • I hope you’re not suggesting I’m a RINO. I’m MAGA through and through. Watch The Brian Judd Show to see for yourself. WATCH THE SHOW OR STAY UNINFORMED.

    • VT GOP is worthless. New head yet they remain more concerned with compromising with progs than representing Republican values.

    • There was a huge flag waving at the Let’s Go Brandon Event held in Brandon this fall organized by Dame. It was great fun! I was there (in the rain)…Did you miss it?
      There have been several others in the summer and fall organized by the Essex GOP and others.
      Contact your local GOP and get one going…you don’t have to wait for anyone else.
      Last weekend one man, bless him as cold as it was, was on the bridge over I-89 at Exit 14 waving the Candian flag. He got honks, waves, thumbs up. It was awesome.

  1. Please show support by flying Canadian flags with our Old Glory. I see many USA flags flying in Canada. We need to stand now and move the momentum forward to take back our country, our State and our towns/cities. We cannot let the opportunity pass.