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Water Cooler: Legionnaires found in St. Albans, VT Guard seeks to reform ‘toxic’ culture

NBC 5Champlain Water District asks voters to approve $8.7 million bond
VT DiggerVermont Marble Museum finds new owner for its building
VT DiggerDowntown mixed-income housing development in Windsor gathers steam
VT Digger‘Please help us’: As the Vermont Guard seeks to reform its ‘toxic’ culture, a star soldier faces allegations of sexual misconduct
WCAXNew Hampshire primary election voting beings
WCAXLegionnaires’ disease cluster found in Northwestern Vermont
WCAXBurlington City Council approves new surveillance cameras
WCAXReport finds Vermont will fail to reach climate requirements by 2030 target

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  1. Hepatitis, polio, monkeypox now legionnaires…..wonder whats wrong with everybody’s immune systems? Cant be the mrna…. right?

  2. Headlines that say “Legionnaires Found in St. Albans…” seem pretty stupid when you mean “Legionnaires DISEASE found in St. Albans…” You can find Legionnaires all over Vermont, especially those towns with American Legion organizations located there.

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