Scott backs ban on new gas-powered car sales by 2035

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott supports Vermont joining California’s ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine cars and light trucks by 2035.

A 2006 Vermont state law requires Vermont adopt any air emissions regulations first adopted by the State of California. When the law passed, it was seen as a way to reduce smog levels more quickly than less aggressive federal emissions standards. But earlier this year, Gov. Gavin Newsom decided California will ban sale of new ICE vehicles by 2035, with a ‘ramp down’ beginning in 2026. 

In response, the Scott administration has pushed similar regulations into the state regulatory approval pipeline. The move to non-gas powered vehicles is seen as a major step to achieving carbon emission goals. 

At his press conference today, Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Gov. Scott: “By law we are committed to follow California emissions standards. A rule to follow California’s decision to ban sale of new ICE cars by 2035 is now in the interagency and legislative administrative rules process. Do you support Vermont banning the sale of new ICE cars in Vermont by 2035?”

“I’m a big proponent of EVs,” Scott answered. “I do believe we have to wean ourselves off internal combustion vehicles as soon as possible.”

He also supports Vermonters buying more vehicles powered by hydrogen-powered fuel cells.  

Hydrogen-powered cars are available for purchase in the U.S. market. The Toyota Mira, the Hyundai Nexo, and the Honda Clarity all sell for about $60,000. Electric cars also cost significantly more than ICE cars. 

Other New England states are backing away from going along with the CA ICE ban. New Hampshire has never been part of the multi-state pact. Critics of the proposed ban say it would drive Vermont car buyers to New Hampshire. Scott added that carmakers such as Ford and GE may not be selling ICE cars by 2035.

Earlier in the press conference, a reporter asked Scott how he likes the new EV pickup truck the State of Vermont bought for transporting him. 

“It really is amazing in a lot of respects,” the retired professional race car driver said. “It has incredible torque, pickup, quiet. No complaints thus far.”

Scott was asked if he’s concerned that making Vermont reliant on electricity for transportation would worsen the impact of a widespread power blackout. He said the same problem would exist with ICE vehicles if gasoline becomes unavailable, and that hydrogen vehicles wouldn’t be susceptible to power blackouts.

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  1. Good Lord……He got $$ to squelch gun rights as much as possible in Vermont & now this too? Is ANYONE not buyable????

    Got Morals?

  2. That does it,Scott needs to go,Vermont does not need to follow California in anything,just look at California and the failure they promote.Mile after mile of homelessness!!

    • Apparently the fact that all this “green” technology is being produced using enslaved black children in Africa makes no difference to Phil Scott. In addition the process of creating batteries for electric vehicles creates a permanent ecological nightmare for these third world nations.

      Shame on Phil.

  3. Phil isn’t for sale Kathleen. If you knew him, you would know that. That said, Phil likes technology, especially mechanical technology. He apparently has been seduced by the technology which is pretty amazing from a technological and performance standpoint as he states, however, these technology shifts will do nothing to cure the environmental and climate crisis our planet is facing and will arguably only worsen it.

    • Dead-on correct. Also, assuming the state actually forces this on most Vermonters where will the electricity come from and how will it be transmitted and distributed? Massive upgrades to transmission and distribution lines will be required, and there is neither the time nor the money to do this in 13 years. Moving toward electrification of transportation makes sense as long as it follows the technological advances we still need to make it work – in other words at its own pace. This mandate is madness in rural, cold, low income, car-dependent Vermont.

    • There is no climate crisis. Man made CO2 emissions are negligible. The Sun, Earth’s weakening magnetic field, drive climate.
      Prove otherwise ou shut up. I am tired of liberal tyrants…including RINOs.
      Tell Scott he is out of a Job come Nov.
      Climate hoax

    • Horse doo. Phony Phil proved he’s a sell out with the scamdemic. I’m sure he has a tidy retirement package courtesy of Pfizer. Oh and if you want a laugh there is a great video of him phaking his phizer booster. Of course he’s also a traitor to the Republican party and a RINO. The list goes on.

  4. Vermont should leave the California Section 177 group of States, not make it stronger! We should not be limited in gas vehicles if that is our choice. It is not for Scott, nor any politician, to look into our homes and lives and determine what we need or want. Scott is an extreme disappointment.

  5. This policy is regressive, anti-small business, anti-free market and just plain stupid. A recent poll shows that 65% of Vermonters oppose this policy and only 15% approve. Those 65% better get on the phone and call the Governor early and often before this becomes law. 802-828-3333.

    • Scott can pander and virtue signal to whomever he chooses as he will assuredly not be Governor in 2035. Perhaps he is following the Vermont legislatures’ lead in kicking the can down the road for a future governor to fix. This method has worked for the legislature for several decades now.
      Unfortunately, both Scott and the Legislature have ceded their constitutional powers to the bureaucracy of Vermont’s Agencies and Departments. Health care, education and environment issues were given lofty goals by the legislature, whom then dictated that boards, councils and agencies would rule-make their way to some sort of success. We all can see how that’s worked out- as other stories today tell of 1.9 million dollar budgets for “climate” boards, whom have yet to eliminate but one molecule of CO2, but have spent 3+ million to date for what exactly we aren’t allowed to know.
      In the battle between platitudes and physics, physics remains undefeated.

  6. Scott’s right. I remember the last time gas was knocked out to my entire region for a couple of days after a storm. It was terrible. All the stations were shut down. Idiot.

    Did anyone ask him where all the power generating plants are going to go? California has approximately 500K registered EVs out of 36MM total registered vehicles (~1.5%) and they can’t provide sufficient electricity during a heat-wave. How will California, or Vermont, handle 50% or 80% EVs?

    It’s not just your car–it’s your freedom. That used to be a Goodwrench tag-line. In several years, it will be true that it wasn’t just your car, it was your freedom.

  7. Once again he lies. He had said he did not back the ban of gas powered vehicles. What changed? How much money did he get? I believe that anyone in government will get rid of something for the right price. No one has any ethics or morals any longer.

  8. Black lives don’t matter to Phil Scott – The batteries for these cars are mined in the Congo with very little oversight and children are dying making those damned cars. Are the batteries recyclable? No. I will be purchasing all of my future vehicles from FREE RED STATES! Why do people vote for these horrible leaders in our legislature? Why do we follow PROVEN FAILED POLICIES in California? Did any of us move there? NO! There is a reason we didn’t move there Phil. Let freedom ring! Again – no more buying cars in Vermont for me. I KNEW Stupid VT was going to go down this damned road.


    As you no doubt know, batteries do not make electricity – they store electricity produced elsewhere, primarily by coal, uranium, natural gas-powered plants, or diesel-fueled generators. So, to say an electric vehicle (EV) is a zero-emission vehicle is not at all valid.

    Also, since forty percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. is from coal-fired plants, by conjecture it follows that forty percent of the EVs on the road are coal-powered.

    Einstein’s formula, E=MC2, tells us it takes the same amount of energy to move a five-thousand-pound gasoline-driven automobile a mile as it does an electric one. The only question again is what produces the power? To reiterate, it does not come from the battery; the battery is only the storage device, like a gas tank in a car.

    There are two orders of batteries, rechargeable, and single-use. The most common single-use batteries are A, AA, AAA, C, D. 9V, and lantern types. Those dry-cell species use zinc, manganese, lithium, silver oxide, or zinc and carbon to store electricity chemically. Please note they all contain toxic, heavy metals.

    Rechargeable batteries only differ in their internal materials, usually lithium-ion, nickel-metal oxide, and nickel-cadmium. The United States uses three billion of these two battery types a year, and most are not recycled; they end up in landfills. California is the only state which requires all batteries be recycled. If you throw your small, used batteries in the trash, here is what happens to them.

    All, repeat, ALL batteries are self-discharging. That means even when not in use, they leak tiny amounts of energy. You have likely ruined a flashlight or two from an old, ruptured battery. When a battery runs down and can no longer power a toy or light, you think of it as dead; well, it is not. It continues to leak small amounts of electricity.

    As the chemicals inside it run out, pressure builds inside the battery’s metal casing, and eventually, it cracks. The metals left inside then ooze out. The ooze in your ruined flashlight is toxic, and so is the ooze that will inevitably leak from every battery in a landfill. All batteries eventually rupture; it just takes rechargeable batteries longer to end up in the landfill.

    In addition to dry cell batteries, there are also wet cell ones used in automobiles, motorcycles, and boats. The good thing about those is, ninety percent of them are recycled. Unfortunately, we do not yet know how to recycle single-use ones properly.
    But that is not half of it. For those of you excited about electric cars and a green revolution, take a closer look at batteries and also windmills and solar panels. These three technologies share what we call environmentally destructive production costs.

    A typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds, about the size of a travel trunk. It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells. And, if ruptured, can combust SPONTANEOUSLY!

    This just happened in my neighborhood over the weekend, literally burning a poor soul to a crisp. And fighting these fires is difficult as well.

    It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. To manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up a half-million (500,000 lbs.) of the earth’s crust for just – one – battery.”

    Sixty-eight percent of the world’s cobalt, a significant part of a battery, comes from the Congo. Their mines have no pollution controls, and they employ children who DIE from handling this toxic material. Should we factor in these diseased kids as part of the cost of driving an electric car?”

    I’d like to leave you with these thoughts. California is building the largest battery in the world near San Francisco, and they intend to power it from solar panels and windmills. They claim this is the ultimate in being ‘green,’ but it is not. This construction project is creating an environmental disaster. Let me tell you why.

    The main problem with solar arrays is the chemicals needed to process silicate into the silicon used in the panels. To make pure enough silicon requires processing it with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride, trichloroethane, and acetone. In addition, they also need gallium, arsenide, copper-indium-gallium- diselenide, and cadmium-telluride, which also are highly toxic. Silicon dust is a hazard to the workers, and the panels cannot be recycled.

    Windmills are the ultimate in embedded costs and environmental destruction. Each weighs 1688 tons (the equivalent of 23 houses) and contains 1300 tons of concrete, 295 tons of steel, 48 tons of iron, 24 tons of fiberglass, and the hard to extract rare earths neodymium, praseodymium, and dysprosium. Each blade weighs 81,000 pounds and will last 15 to 20 years, at which time it must be replaced.

    Note: We CANNOT recycle used blades!!!!

    There may be a place for these technologies, but you must look beyond the myth of zero emissions.
    “Going Green” may sound like the Utopian ideal but when you look at the hidden and embedded costs realistically with an open mind, you can see that Going Green is more destructive to the Earth’s environment than meets the eye, for sure.

    • “In other news, Phil Scott announces he will be voting for Brenda Siegel for Governor, Zuckerman for Lt Governor, Welch for Senator, and Balint for Representative.”

    • “Why do people vote for for these horrible leaders in our legislature”?
      They don’t. It’s called election fraud and it is a gift that arrived with that New York communist Bernie Sanders. Every Vermont Secretary of State enables it, and the Vermont legislature abdicated its duty to oversee the elections.

  9. California just voted to keep their nuke any online because they suddenly recognized they were writing power check they could not fund

  10. more government interference in what should be a free market. most likely this is a payback to lobbyists. even in Vermont freedom is lessened every day and sadly people seem to embrace it

  11. Now on top of acres of solar “farms,” we’re going to have acres of charging stations. Just beautiful.

  12. Monkey see, monkey do ! I don’t get it Phil. People are leaving California like rats leaving a sinking ship, and you want us to follow their lead ??? What kind of Governor have you become ?

    • Mindy, thank you, I needed a laugh after reading more nonsense from our progressive governor!

  13. Governor: why not let the market decide, unless this is only another feelgood measure like the one that declared Vermont would be 90% renewable in heating and transportation by 2020. That was based on nothing but unicorns, rainbows and wishful thinking. Henry Ford found a market for and built his affordable cars only AFTER the infrastructure was in place to fuel them. California is promoting battery cars and also suggesting you not charge them during certain weather conditions…that does not do a lot to market the cars when the government can order the switch shut off at any time. Charging stations are still few and far between in Vermont and if everyone did what the legislature wants…drive electric and heat with electric air-exchange heat pumps, our electric infrastructure would crumble like California’s. It needs to be built out BEFORE mandates create havoc for people of limited means. Remember Governor, AFFORDABILITY was your campaign pledge.

  14. Foolish position…very short sighted, unless he has a crystal ball, that sees into the future.

  15. This helps me understand why the covid response in Vermont was formulated by idiots and followed by a governor who’s gone off the republican rails and onto the progressive yellow brick road to nowhere. Another reason to not vote for this governor. I’m voting for sanity in Kevin Hoyt, independent. How much more BS will we have to endure just to live here? We are not being led by the best and brightest. These people have no idea what life is like under their dictates because they are the Choen few with useful idiots, virtue signaling voters giving them more power to destroy what’s left of freedom in Vermont. It’s really difficult to understand how these people can pack so much stupid into themselves.

  16. You mean like the electric busses in Rutland that need diesel to heat the batteries in the winter so they will start?????? Sure……

  17. Just another liberal moron hypocrite period!! This has nothing to do with the Environment! Its all about Controlling you the people period with a flick of a Switch period!!

    • That’s an important point, at the flick of the electric grid switch to off no one goes very far. No charging the batteries as another way to shut down society. Like a dystopia movie with dead EVs scattered across the landscape where they ran out of juice. The Gov says what happens when we run out of petroleum, apparently not realizing we have about 200 to 400 years of oil in the ground and more not yet discovered. This from a guy who spent his life’s hobby burning gas to run in a 1/4-mile circle with other cars at Thunder Road. Too many left turns may have affected his ability to shift through to find some common sense. The resistance to such a move will be something to behold. The world cannot run on electricity alone. Mad Max will be a rerun in real time.

  18. Shouldn’t the governor put a ban on auto racing??? Cars racing around a track, wasting fuel, and spewing all kinds of pollution.

  19. Frankly, I wrote off Governor Phil Scott when on Thanksgiving, two years ago, he announced his plan to recruit all Vermont school children to “snitch” on their families, to see if Grandma had violated Scott’s orders and shown up for Thanksgiving dinner.

    At that moment, I realized what Governor Scott’s character was made of, and that he could not be trusted again with any decision of authority. Anyone who would go to the length of using children in that manner, would do literally anything in the pursuit of personal power. The next maniacal move by Scott was a matter not of if, but when.

    Now we have Scott’s “California Mandate” of electric cars. It turns out, in Scott’s World, Vermonters don’t make their own laws, the California Governor does. If Governor Newsome decides for instance that your family will eat beets every night, then that is how it is. Sovereignty be damned.

    Vermont is not California. We have horrific ice storms here in the Green Mountains, with the power sometimes out for weeks. We have mudslides and floods in Fall and Spring, that cut off entire villages. We have battery draining sudden freezes in February that leave cars dead. In the Northeast Kingdom, families in Winter often get to town for food with snowmobiles.

    How then, Mr. Scott, will Vermonters survive your pretty electric autos when push comes to shove? Will you also be banning woodstoves? Perhaps its time for Scott to load up his wagon and head to California with the rest of the fruits and nuts.

  20. Phil Scott, the consummate, democrat-wannabe. California is a total failure and that is what Phil Scott wants Vermont to be. Where are the lawmakers to nullify this idiot law to be slaves to California retards? Electric cars are proven junk. Hydrogen fuel is far more dangerous than gasoline. How many people does Phil Scott and his democrat masters want to kill? Wind turbines are junk, solar arrays are junk and both are serious environmental hazards. How many little kids, forced to mine toxic metals in poor countries for wind turbines, solar panels and stupid electric car batteries is Phil Scott’s ignorance going to maim and kill? It is way past time to get rid of this fool and all his democrat and rino comrades.
    Oh, and by the way, why go after the needed transport of everyday people? Try your hand at banning atvs, dirt bikes and snowmobiles. Last I heard they run on gasoline and have some of the most vocal lobbyists in Montpelier.

  21. OK people – time to start running for office or at least donate and support candidates. Spend some of your computer time to wave signs, talk to voters, and make a difference so you don’t have as much to complain and joke about on line! (as much as I enjoyed the above commentary… get off your butts)

  22. Done! This clown is horrible.
    People, it is time to RISE UP and take control of our State. The RINO’s are worse then the Dem/Profs! When are you done?

    How many more chance does the VT GOP want us Republicans to give him. Gun control, Abortion, Out of control spending. Increases in the budgets. Supporting CRT in our public schools. Supporting Prop 5/Article 22. The Pension

    • A major disappointment and a control dictator on all issues and that’s why the dem/progs love him so much. Not one true republican should vote for him. Vote Kevin Hoyt, Independent for sanity and to get your life back. Greg Thayer Lt. Governor write in.

  23. So, gas vehicles aren’t good enough for Vermont? So when I buy one out of state don’t charge me VT Sales Tax then either. State shouldn’t benefit from something they disagree with.

    I love how nuclear energy isn’t good, but all the chemicals that GM will have at all the new battery plants is so much safer. All the toxins there will be probably worse for the environment. Scott is not a Republican. He is 100% RINO.

    He can be bought. He proved that with the COVID BS! He is part of the swamp.
    I was 100% correct when I said paying people to stay home was going to hurt businesses. No one wants to work now. Some businesses cost more to run then they can make.
    Have a look at all the wonderful money passed around.

    Employee and compensation levels are maintained in the same manner as required for the First Draw PPP loan, The loan proceeds are spent on payroll costs and other eligible expenses, and. At least 60% of the proceeds are spent on payroll costs.

    Look at the staggering numbers and then see what 60% of those numbers are. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption!

    Don’t even get me started on Bernie and Leahy. I wouldn’t put it past them to be in on the Newport EB-5 scam. They both were so happy for all the photo ops when then building plans were there. Then completely disappeared when it fell apart. Why didn’t they take credit for it then? Bernie wants free college. So why didn’t Mr. Sanders give out scholarships with leftover money from presidential runs instead of buying his 3rd or 4th house? Oh, I’m sorry. That was an inheritance. My bad. Hahaha.

    Keep buying all the stories folks.

  24. Glad I am probably too old to see this happen!! Vermont is in our lives too much already!! Now they want to dictate what car we drive.. did you know that most of these battery vehicles discharge just by using the heater, radio , or anything that requires power inside the vehicle!! So the figure the ads give is only accurate if you don’t need heat, AC, power for windows, radio etc! Not very good in this Rural state!

  25. The level of stubborn ignorance about EVs is astounding. With Vermont and utility incentives, many EVs are no more expensive than an ICE car–especially when you consider the rising cost of gasoline and the near lack of maintenance costs.
    There are no EV tune ups, no anti-freeze, oil or filter changes.
    The 2023 federal tax breaks for EVs will make them even more economical, as will
    increased production. And buying a used EV still gets you an incentive in VT.

    Back in 2004, I bought a Prius that got 50 mpg.
    The complaint then was “You’ll never make up the extra money you paid for a hybrid.” That’s when gas cost $2.00 a gallon. I more than made up for it by driving hybrids for nearly two decades while people with gas hogs complained about gas pains.
    Times and technology change. We used to heat with coal and use landlines.
    Trains ran on wood and steam.
    Get with it… or get out of the way.