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Water Cooler: Gas prices drive us to EVs? / Lost urn discovered / Loons rescued

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Vermont Fish and Wildlife holds hearings on moose, deer 3/8/2022 4:15 PM
WCAX How the electric motor’s start in Vermont is still driving students today 3/8/2022 5:00 PM
WCAX Will rising gas prices drive more people to electric vehicles? 3/8/2022 4:46 PM
WCAX Vermont law protects consumers from gas price gouging 3/8/2022 4:54 PM
VT Digger Ex-sheriff’s deputy, accused of trading money for sex and nude photos, reaches plea deal 3/8/2022 5:49 PM
WCAX Vt. homeless hotel undergoes health inspection 3/8/2022 6:21 PM
WCAX Fair Haven man’s urn hidden away for decades 3/8/2022 6:57 PM
NBC 5 ‘We have a voice’: Vermont women shine in traditionally male-dominated fields 3/8/2022 8:22 PM
VT Digger David Van Deusen: Town Meeting is the last bastion of direct participatory democracy 3/9/2022 2:01 AM
WCAX Barre City man arrested in connection to Chittenden County robberies 3/9/2022 5:55 AM
WCAX Five loons rescued from Lake Champlain 3/9/2022 6:35 AM

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