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Water Cooler: field hospital for unvaxxed suggested

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Dog leads police to serious crash that injured owner 1/5/2022 9:09 AM
Mountain Times Stop the fluoridation of the Rutland City water supply 1/5/2022 9:00 AM
Mountain Times A way to give the unvaccinated the treatment they want 1/5/2022 9:00 AM
WCAX Gov. Scott to deliver State of the State Wednesday 1/5/2022 9:15 AM
WCAX Police: South Burlington man arrested for drug activity 1/5/2022 9:35 AM
WCAX Burlington venue to require booster shot for all events 1/5/2022 9:16 AM

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  1. Great article in the Mountain Times: A way to give the unvaccinated the treatment they want

    TPTB would never go along with this idea of creating “field hospitals” for those wanting alternative COVID treatment. Why? It wouldn’t take long for people to realize that regular hospitals are killing their COVID patients by following the CDC treatment guidelines.

  2. In a liberal state that claims that “health care is a human right”, it is absurd to suggest any kind of second-class medical treatment for those who choose to avoid the unapproved vaccine. True, in other medical ethics issues in Vermont there is precedent and hypocrisy in how we treat those who allow themselves to become addicted to nicotine versus opioids. Cigarette users ARE treated as second class citizens and told to indulge their habit out back, in the rain, behind the dumpsters. They are sometimes required to pay higher insurance premiums or denied coverage altogether. Meanwhile there are proposals for “safe” opioid injection sites, decriminalization of hard drugs and the taxpayers of Vermont spend $millions annually on narcan to nudge our precious junkies back from the abyss when they irresponsibly overindulge.