Less than 7% of VT inpatient beds in use for Covid

by Guy Page

As Vermont braces for the Omicron wave, many policymakers and health officials fear it will overwhelm hospital bed capacity, including intensive care units. While no-one can predict the future, no Omicron tsunami has swamped Vermont hospitals yet, federal data suggest.

6.76% of Vermont’s total number of 1227 inpatient hospital beds at 17 hospitals are occupied by Covid-19 patients, today’s U.S. Health and Human Services dashboard shows. In raw numbers, that’s 81 Covid-related inpatients. 430 beds – over a third – are empty.

A third of Vermont’s 102 ICU beds are empty. 14.29 are in use for Covid-19. In raw numbers, that means that 14 ICU beds are “in use for Covid-19,” HHS reports. A third of the ICU beds are currently empty.

Typically this information is shared at Gov. Phil Scott’s weekly press conference. However, the press conference was cancelled as the governor prepares for his State of the State speech at 2 pm today. Another is scheduled for next Tuesday, January 11. The Vermont Daily Chronicle is grateful to eagle-eyed reader John for discovering this valuable reporting tool.

Nationwide, both inpatient and ICU hospitalizations for Covid-19 are about double Vermont’s rate. It remains to be seen whether Vermont’s numbers will soon be more comparable with the national average.

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  1. Shhhh. Don’t tell VT Digger this. You’ll ruin their fear porn headlines about how VT hospitals are swamped due to Covid.

  2. While visiting a local grocery store this morning (most were wearing meaningless masks; not me) the local newspaper, above the fold, screamed a headline about record COVID cases. Meanwhile, this publication reports facts from which one can question the seriousness of the “outbreak.” Kudos to Vermont Daily Chronicle, the only source for Vermont news. I did not purchase the newspaper, by the way.

    • Kudos to you for not giving in to pressure by the meaningless maskers. It’s so obvious they are luring people like drug pushers. Thanks for being a free breather!

  3. Also important to note that an icu bed at smaller hospitals is not an icu bed at uvmmc. Levels of care and acuity very different

  4. FYI – According to the VT DOH, since the beginning of the pandemic, data from March 1st, 2020 to January 1, 2022, only one person under the age of 30 has died of Covid.

    • Which drives home the point of Risk/Benefit for those under 30 to even consider the jab.
      For parents that force jabs into those under 18, the risk is yours. No politician, bureaucrat nor pharmaceutical manufacturer will loose any sleep over what potential effects the jab has on your child. The much bally-hooed “data” clearly shows zero risk of death from SARS-CoV-2 to those under 19.
      Risk of “vax”? You tell us, nobody demanding your child get injected with it can.

      • Yeah and then you still need to read that only 5% of those deaths were from covid. Every other death had 4 or more comorbidities (in other words covid was probably not what killed them, and since the hospitals are incentivized these numbers are even less than that).

  5. Might all these others be vaccine injuries?

    Try asking the hospital about vaccine injuries they won’t respond back…

      • The VT DOH data I’ve been able to locate and referenced herein (an EXCEL Spreadsheet) doesn’t include the vaccination status of each individual listed in the report. It includes daily occurrences for Covid cases and deaths (not hospitalizations) by age group, race, ethnicity, and sex.

        This is the EXCEL file name. I saved a copy of it. [VT_COVID-19_Daily_Counts_Table.csv]

        But I wasn’t able to readily find the link to it in the VT DOH ‘dashboard’ this morning, which isn’t surprising given the persistently disjointed presentation of VT DOH data. I’ll keep looking.

  6. COVID is just one of the prepackaged, made-in-China-preliminaries to the Main Event of Populace Control. The expanding socialist-American government is seeking to make everybody dependent on federal-social hand-outs with their loud-mouthpieces, the left-wing social / news media, liberal-brainwashing colleges/universities and the normalization of conservative blacklisting/cancellation. More food supply shortages and thousands of future Dem voters being aided and abetted by Comrade Soros across our southern borders. Republicanism and our Constitution targeted for extinction by the crass intellectual Marxists who believe themselves superior to us in everyway. Re-education camps for those who need to be programmed into their New One World-Global Society.

  7. Will the governor talk about his search for a donor for his much needed spine transplant? The previous donor…some hopeless jellyfish was a flop to say the least. State of the state, what a waste of airtime that is sure to be.

  8. It is a great tool to know about – not only for reporters, but for people travelling and needing a hospital while on the road. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Less than seven percent of beds in use for ALLEGED covid, since the tests are a scam and symptoms for the flu are the same as for covid, according to the CDC website.

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