Warner: ‘Died Suddenly’ examines early deaths in the age of Covid

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by Aaron Warner

Stew Peters is a feisty journalist who has emerged among the vast field of alternative media voices as a fearless opponent of today’s anti-American movement.  Much of his focus turned to covering the COVID response as Peters, a natural skeptic of his government, could tell something wasn’t right from the outset. 

After two years of following the pandemic leadership response and exposing the lies, hypocrisy, double-speak and abuses, he began to cover the sudden uptick in deaths occurring hours, days and sometimes a few weeks among the recently vaccinated. The causal link wasn’t certain but the evidence of adverse reactions to the vaccines was mounting quickly.  

For example, insurance companies who considered the mother of all catastrophes a 10% increase in all cause mortalities were now seeing an unimaginable 40% increase, not just in the United States but around the world.  Instances of myocarditis and pericarditis in young men were occurring among the vaccinated at staggering levels.  An internet search of the term “died suddenly” brought up so many thousands of hits it was hard to fathom.  Even more so, those dying were often remarkably young and healthy, such as professional soccer players in Europe. 

Embalmers began to discover a new type of clot never before seen in humans.  Long, fibrous and with the consistency of a rubber band or calamari as one put it.  Normal clots disintegrate under embalming – not these. Many reported the blood they were drawing out looked filled with sand or coffee grounds.  They began to talk in their professional networks.  Something was clearly not right, not since the virus began, but since the vaccines were released. 

Died Suddenly chronicles these events, interviews medical experts who offer the grim reality they’ve witnessed, and paints a picture of what many in the film refer to as likely the greatest moral evil ever perpetrated among mankind.  This movie is not for the faint of heart.  Graphic images of blood clots and autopsies alongside actual footage of people going into cardiac arrest and stroke from all over the world (WARNING: some even falling under moving trains) run throughout the film to bring the point home.  The unvaccinated are not dying suddenly, but the vaccinated are – why?

Click here toSee Epoch Times article with cardiologists explaining the “died suddenly” connection to vaccines. 

If you have been vaccinated and want to know how others who took the same batch have fared go to How Bad Is My Batch? 

To learn about counteracting the negative affects of the spike protein, which the medical experts say is the cause of these mutations and problems, see article by the Epoch Times touting resveratol as a leading natural treatment option.

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  1. Dr. Chris Martenson ( PhD pathological toxicology) does a very good analysis of the fibrous clots that the embalmers found. His conclusion is that they are not postmortem clots and gives the biochemical and biological explanation of why they are indeed very strange clots. I did not appreciate the hype and sensational presentation in the Died Suddenly film as it went beyond facts and included some spurious clips of people falling dead etc.

    • Seconded. Chris Martensen has consistently been six months ahead of the curve with regards to COVID related issues going back to very early 2020.

  2. I saw the makers of this documentary on Wayne Allyn Root’s TV show & he gave permission to run it, but I needed it in writing to run on NEKTV-Newport..I got it by e-mail and on a weekend too! Thanks for providing the link HERE! Forward to as many friends as possible, maybe even Ben Truman at Vt.-DOH & Dr. Levine & Phil Scott? Will anyone ever question this travesty? Denmark & Germany have halted it for those under 50 or without co-morbidities, I’ll bet more will follow soon.

  3. The alt. media has been all over this from the start…. the MSM continues to cover it as conspiracy or nothing at all. What is most sickening is your primary care doctors and hospitals are still pushing the gene therapy jab and bioweapon on the public. When it’s all said and done these very people will be paying a huge price for accommodating Bill Gates and his cohorts.

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