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Waiving pitchforks on Front Porch Forum

Conservative activist Ellie Martin (center, with great-grand-daughter) was called a ‘traitor’ on Front Porch Forum by an Underhill resident who also wants to limit citizen access to the Underhill Town Hall. Page photo

by Guy Page

A Front Porch Forum announcement for a Critical Race Theory informational meeting 6-8:30 pm Friday night at the Underhill Town Hall has drawn an angry – some might say vicious – response.

The initial posting announced, “You’re invited to an evening with UVM Professor Aaron Kindsvatter in conversation with Ellie Martin, with a question-and-answer period to follow. Meet up for hand shakes and a bite to eat. Open to all.”

UVM Prof. Aaron Kindsvatter

Kindsvatter is a tenured UVM professor of social work and counseling who says the pernicious racial teachings of Critical Race Theory inflict mental and emotional harm on individuals unprepared to filter its message that race defines who people are. Martin, a retired real estate agent and Underhill resident, organized the bus ride to the Jan. 6 Trump rally in Washington DC, has co-organized several CRT-related informational meetings, and is a lead organizer for the Sept. 10-11 visit of China expert Gordon Chang and radio host/author Eric Metaxas to discuss the growing threat of the People’s Republic of China to the United States.

According to Jim Dandeneau of Underhill, Kindsvatter is a “white supremacist” and Martin is a “traitor.” See Dandeneau’s comments below:

Re: a Bipartisan Discussion in Underhill Town Hall – Jim Dandeneau • Kelley Rd, Underhill

Aaron Kindsvatter is an open white supremacist whose only claim to fame is a YouTube video where he whines about how difficult he has it because he’s white.

Ellie Martin is the traitor who organized the bus down to the Trump coup in Washington.

Please don’t believe anyone lying to you about what this discussion will entail. These people have been traipsing about the state trying to stir up a racist panic about some made up stuff they pretend is happening in schools, and this fascist whine fest will be more of the same.

If Underhill town rules don’t preclude public spaces from being used by open insurrectionists, maybe it’s time to change those rules.

The person (not Martin) who posted the initial announcement said her response to Dandeneau should appear in today’s FPF “if they print it.”

“Best we go into Friday prepared for some storms,” she said.

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  1. FPF has been ruled by the left for quite some time. Incredibly inflammatory posts about Trump, Trump supporters, Israel, white people etc are the norm on some of the towns FPF. Those that run FPF insist they won’t restrict these sorts of posts. They have definitely not printed posts by Conservative citizens however. Evidently as a private for profit company they can do as they wish.

  2. So much for community building and unity. I unsubscribed to Front Porch Forum as it’s nothing but a front for whining, fragile, emotional trolls – they can have their safe space as they obviously cannot play well with others.

  3. Information found on Vermont Secretary of State:

    Vermont Voter Registration Data: 2008 – Present – Total Registrations for November 2020 was 497,835

    Voter Turnout for 11/3/2020 – Total Registrations from All Counties was 506,312

    Difference between Total Registrations from both Reports is 8,477

    How come these numbers are different?

    • One is for numbers on 11/3. The other references “November 2020”.

      Have you asked the SOS what date “November 2020” actually refers to?

  4. Their mission at the beginning – were we fooled again (?) I mean the founders supposedly monitor for the benefit of the “community” so how would accusations of such thought make it onto their platform? Lack of what or fostering exactly such accusations and contempt as was allowed in this case. Very sad – very angry or just maybe possessed by God knows what! Their coverage is just fascinating:

  5. I got my account shut down immediately and with no warning, for suggesting they show actual speeches of Dr King and Malcolm X, instead of teaching CRT in Burlington schools.

  6. I encourage all conservatives to use FPF to post your events and voice your conservative viewpoints.
    This social media outlet of the left is free to join, and you have a right to post your viewpoints.
    I always listen to the fake news and conservative outlets every day. It’s good to follow what the left is saying (some good and some bad), run it through your personal information filter and formulate your own opinion on issues.
    Thank God for Guy Page and the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

    • @ Sheppy14

      That’s just it; FPF doesn’t allow many posts from the Right. They say they can choose to post what they want as they are not public nor a non-profit. I no longer donate to them.

  7. A friend of mine attempted to organize a Trump meet-up last fall on FPF, prior to the election, it was taken down and his membership deleted. The powers that control this “community forum” do not tolerate any debate or any postings going against their narrative. I unsubscribed due to the obvious way they posted BLM hyperbole, but the other side is muted. The left has their bullhorn on all social media platforms and the main stream media – our local media is the worst! Welcome to the new world order – they will do anything and everything to remove and destroy our 1st Amendment rights and all other God given rights. I’ve heard enough of the left and their drivel. They are not interested in what we the people have to say. I have no interest in what they have to say. Mexican stand-off indeed.

    • Underhill use to be a nice Town. THEN out of-staters moved in and took over. I have friends who grew up in Underhill and have now moved away. That happens all over when the liberals move in and tell you what to do.. To be honest I just tell them go back where you came from and Kiss my—

      • What have the out of staters and liberals taken over in Underhill? What are these two groups telling you what to do in Underhill?

    • Interesting! That was quite an unprofessional comment, if it is the same Jim Dandeneau, his law firm employer may be interested to know what he’s up to in his spare time.

      • Why are you all looking up this person’s employer and suggesting people reach out to the them? I thought cancel culture was a bad thing?

      • Hi Chris! Thanks for pointing this out!
        My response was reactionary and not well thought out, but I also absolutely did not intend for it to sound like a suggestion he should lose his job or anything like that. More what I meant was, people should think of how they sound before posting things like this! In Dandeneau’s post he used the words “white supremacist” and “fascist”. That’s pretty extreme language. My best guess for what he means by this is “people with different viewpoints from me”. If I worked for a law firm, I’d be pretty careful with how I presented myself in public dialogue, knowing my employers would want their team to show their ability to be professional and articulate.
        I work for a non-profit organization that provides social services. I’m required to present myself in my professional role as someone who conforms to and promotes the mainstream “public health” narrative- I have to offer assistance getting vaccinated THREE times to every client, for example. I also attempted to post on FPF (before they deleted my account) that I consider masking the kids while they play tag at recess in 85 degree heat and full sun to be child abuse. I stand behind that and I understood that my boss reads FPF (i’d seen her posting on there) and I had to think for myself the same thing I suggested Dandeneau consider- am I ok with my boss reading this? “Child abuse” is a loaded term, too. But it is my authentic opinion and I still stand by that.
        I would never call a fellow citizen who SUGGESTED masking kids a child abuser. I would respectfully and forcefully disagree with them. However, my child was forced to wear a mask while doing strenuous physical activity and became sick from it. I suppose that’s where I draw the line. Dandeneau is calling people fascists and white supremacists when they’re simply engaging in dialogue. I hope I’m explaining my thought process well. Thanks for the opportunity to think that through more.

  8. The purpose of the comment was not to reach out to the person’s employer but to have a better understanding of the commenter himself as his work and affiliations were described in the website provided . This is not cancel culture but rather information culture . As per the website :: Jim has spent 15 years as a political professional in New York City and Vermont, working on campaigns for Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, New York City Council and County Legislature in New York before moving to Vermont, where he joined Sue Minter’s team as Field Director in 2016. There, Jim helped lead a team that made over 100,000 direct voter contact attempts in the Democratic primary. Following the 2016 election, he joined the Vermont Democratic Party as the House Campaign Director, where he recruited and trained 115 candidates to run for the House in every corner of the state, and provided strategic advice and resources to help the House Democratic Caucus pick up 12 seats on election night in 2018. “.Again this is only valuable if this person is indeed the commenter .

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