VT vaxxed hospitalizations up, non-vaxxed down, but Fauci says we’re on right track

By Guy Page

White House Covid-19 advisor Anthony Fauci is a big admirer of Vermont’s vaccination program and predicts that staying with the aggressive vaccination program will turn around Vermont’s rising number of cases and hospitalizations, Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine said. 

Levine said he recently spoke with Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Levine praised Fauci as “someone whose pragmatic, science based approach to CoVid we should all admire.”

Levine said Fauci spoke glowingly of the state’s strategy of boosters for seniors, easy access for all eligible Vermonters, and “hopefully” vaccination for children ages 5-11. 

“All of these things should help turn things around for our state,” Levine summarized Fauci as saying. 

Fauci has come under fire recently by GOP members of Congress following news that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) had funded gain-of-function research on the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, a charge denied by Fauci. He also is being criticized for allowing experiments in which beagles were strapped to tables and their heads continuously exposed to swarms of biting sand flies. 

90.4% of eligible Vermonters (ages 12 and over) have received their first shot, and 80% are fully vaccinated. Yet the hospitalization rate of fully-vaccinated Vermonters increased three percent last week, while the rate for unvaccinated hospitalizations decreased 19%, according to Vermont Health Department (VHD) statistics released today. However, non-vaccinated Vermonters still fill 2.6 times more hospital beds than the fully vaccinated, the VHD said. 

Nationally, hospitalizations have decreased 9.3%, according to the VHD stats shared today at Gov. Phil Scott’s press conference. Covid cases, .4% nationally, are up 19% in Vermont despite the state’s high vaccination rate. As has been the practice in recent weeks, the VHD did not publish any week-by-week death statistics.

To date, 369 Vermonters (0.9% of total cases) have died of Covid-19, all but 38 of them 60 years or older, and none under the age of 20. Perhaps with parental protectiveness, skepticism, and the zero fatality rate among Vermont children in mind, Levine and pediatrician Rebecca Bell made a strong pitch for parents to vaccinate children ages 5-11 beginning this month. 

Levine praised K-12 vaccination because it will give “more freedom for Vermont kids to be kids,” seeing family, going to school, Levine said. He, Gov. Scott and other administration officials repeated that a major benefit of K-12 vaccination will be keeping schools open and reducing quarantines. Parents and teachers report that Vermont schools are stressed by frequent quarantines of students in response to state policies. 

In addition to reducing lost school days under current school policies, Levine and pediatrician Rebecca Bell made the following claims about the benefits of vaccination of children 5-11:

  • The vaccine is safe. Trials show the dosage (a third of the adult dose) is safe, with no serious adverse effects among the 4,600 participants, Bell said. 
  • Vaccination should reduce the likelihood of “long Covid,” persistent symptoms following Covid-19 infection among 4-5% of positive cases among youth. 
  • Vaccination doesn’t change how the body works, but does prepare children for possible infection, Bell said: “This is why pediatrians love vaccination. It doesn’t change anything about how the body works. It’s like parenting: we can’t shield them from everything, but we can prepare them.”
  • Contrary to some public opinion, vaccinating young children isn’t just about protecting older people. Research studies show that although risk of illness among youth is less than adults, it’s still present. “The benefits for this age group are clear, even without public health benefits,” Bell said. Bell said her own pre-teen will be vaccinated soon. 

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  1. Herr Doktor Fauci should be in an orange jump-suit soon & Levine’s an fool for following him..How about THESE recent quotes/findings? “Scientists have found evidence the vaccines may produce worrisome longer term changes in the immune system” and (Brit’s) “are warning people the vaccinated appear to have a less complete immune response to the virus after infection”, NO problem here! And maybe from “the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS CoV2 re-programs both adaptive and innate immune responses”..And WHY did the “regulators” allow Pfizer/Moderna/ BioN Tech to “unblind” & thus destroy pivotal trials within weeks after they presented early data? FDA approved? Remember in 1999 FDA didn’t link Viox to heart attacks even when Merck presented clear data showing it CAUSED heart attacks? And WHY hash”t the vaunted CDC reported kid suicide rates for the last TWO years? These people are truly insane. If we had an equal application of law(s) in this country Fauci would be in a photo-finish in front of a grand jury for his lying, period.

  2. I am very sure the words from lord fauci will be comforting to the fearful.
    The rest of us will be forced to slog on, with policies enacted to comfort the fearful, not mitigate a
    man-made virus.

  3. Any one believing in what he says has blinders on. He needs to be jailed and go through tribunals tribunals.

  4. Woe the day when the light of day reveals the truth. the sobbing of the guilty will be echoing through out the green mountains.

  5. Im pretty sure tricking your body into mass producing and distributing abrasive spike proteins constitutes “changing the way your body works “…..

  6. Children’s Health Defense did a fine job of demolishing the “science” that led to the EUA for vaccinating kids:

    The Covid survival rate for young people is 99.998%. Will the vaccine push it to 99.999%? We can only hope.

    About that “gain-of-function” thing: Readers might be interested that the NIH recently removed that terminology from their website so they can no longer be accused of doing GOF. That’s a neat trick; just call it something else and the issue goes away.

    Original version of NIH web page:
    Revised version of NIH web page:

  7. When they claim that those who have recovered from the virus are less protected than the jabbed, you should know its a bald face lie. Would they also claim that the measles jab offers more protection than recovering from that mostly benign disease?

  8. “Gain of Function’ is a euphemism for a bio-weapon. We know Fauci was stopped from researching it in USA labs. So he paid China to do it. Funny how it was released when they wanted to crash the economy and get rid of trump. And its funny how they push for masks that do not work and can’t work, and for vaccines that clearly are not not keeping the virus out of people. — the man and his followers are no better then the Nazis.

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