Bennington elementary school shelters in place after racial slur

by Guy Page

The Molly Stark Elementary School, a Bennington school in the Southwestern Vermont Supervisory Union, ordered a Shelter In Place after a student used a racial slur Wednesday, October 27.

According to a notification circulated on social media, Principal Donna Bazyk wrote October 27 that “today an incident occurred at Molly Stark Elementary in which it was necessary to execute a Shelter in Place….The administration responded and was made aware that a learner used racial slurs and profanity which was heard by nearby learners and staff.”

The Chronicle emailed and telephoned Principal Bazyk but was unable to connect with her. A secretary at the SVSU district office said she was unaware of the incident, and directed the Chronicle to district Public Information Officer Katie West. A message was left on Ms. West’s answering machine. School officials’ responses will be published promptly.

The district’s bullying and harrassment policy requires school officials to take “prompt and appropriate remedial action” against racial slurs, but says nothing specifically about sheltering in place, which is traditionally reserved when there is concern for the physical safety of students and staff.

Social media comments questioned the wisdom of the Shelter in Place response.

  • “Did I read that correctly?? Shelter in place? Because of a few words? I realize that words matter, and am not attempting to trivialize what I do not have first hand knowledge of. Could they not take the children involved to the counselor or the principal? Instead of alarming so many others?”
  • “And exactly what words were used? Is this going to end up a huge nothing burger like at the high school? Where NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND FOUND! Who chooses what words are appropriate and the that are not? Sounds like a lot of over reacting. Maybe the so called adults need to be put in check! And to traumatize children at any age is not good. Teaches them to overreact to things that are trivial.”
  • “Crazy stuff. To close down a school over words . What are these kids going to do when they get out into the REAL world? If anyone thinks that it’s going to be a sunshine and lollipop world because we sheltered these kids is in for one huge awakening.”

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  1. Really ? Shelter in place, and lock downs should only be used in extraordinary cases where there is a real and/or credible probability of violence. Putting students, parents, teachers, and facility through this because some twit uttered an unacceptably derogatory statement is absurd , and sets a bad precedence going forward for an issue which should have been handled quietly, and privately between the student, the student’s parents, and the schools principal, or vice principal .

  2. This obvious, attention-getting OVER-REACTION is a result of the left embracing the concept of the “microaggression”. The basic concept is that anyone who hears, sees or perceives anything that makes them uncomfortable has now been subjected to a measurably harmful stressor that can result in physiologic harm. It lays the justification for a physical response. Essentially it says that if you make me upset, I can beat you with a 2 by 4. This is the kind of culture we are fermenting in the petri dish that is 21st century Vermont “progressivism”.

  3. Of course it’s Bennington. Always out to show that it’s more progressive than the other Progressive enclaves in Vermont. Why anyone would send their kids to Bennington Government run institutions is a mystery. These children will be ill equipped to one day manage through the trials and tribulations of society given their sheltering and the teaching that one must have high ideals but no principles (which is what guides Progressives). Tragic.

  4. Are you serious? This was considered a shelter in place event? Very many years ago, when I was a kid in school during the era of ‘Duck and Cover,’ there was the oft repeated rhyme, by friends, parents, teachers, and clergy, “…sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me…” Still true today.
    Unless you happen to attend elementary school in Bennington.
    The snowflake and cupcake adults (sic) at Molly Stark Elementary School, are not preparing the students for the real world. Those poor kids are going to be in for a rude awakening unless their parents start getting seriously involved with curtailing the nonsensical, progressive agenda directing the education of their children, or lack thereof.
    Some one needs to stand in the corner on this one, and it’s not the students…

  5. Man…we’re breeding a whole new generation of complete wimps. If these school administrators saw and heard what I did in school they’d have to go to their safe spaces and get therapy..
    Not sure what the student said but shelter in place?? Really?! Lets save that for REAL threats that could cause genuine harm to the students! IDIOTS!

  6. Indeed. Kiah Morris RUINED Bennington & Bennington then paid her for that destruction before she left to join up with her Marxist extremist friends up in Burlington. People have your number, “Rights & Democracy VT”…………..

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