VT Secretary of State installing new Dominion ballot counting machines

Federal advisory warns of Dominion optical scanning security vulnerabilities

By Guy Page

The Vermont Secretary of State’s Office is now installing new Dominion ballot tabulating machines in every Vermont town and municipality using ballot tabulators, Director of Elections Will Senning confirmed Friday afternoon. 

The machines replace the AccuVote models used for all recent elections, including the 2020 general election. 

Earlier on Friday, a reader emailed photographs of new Dominion machines being installed at polls in South Burlington. An inquiry to City Clerk Donna Kinville confirmed that fact and led to a call to Senning.

A 2013 state law says that “All municipalities that have voted to use a voting machine shall use a uniform voting machine approved by the secretary of state.”

The new machines have an important added feature over the old models, both Senning and Kinville said: they capture an optical image of every ballot. The old machines scanned every ballot, recorded the results, and printed them out on a piece of paper. The new machines do that too, but also record an image of every ballot scanned. 

The new machines have no modem, no USB port, and no way to connect to the Internet, Senning said. 

All 140 towns and cities using tabulators are having their machines replaced. The other 110 or so municipalities – all small towns – will continue to hand count their ballots.

Senning was asked if he has any doubts about using Dominion machines, which have faced criticism for playing a role in alleged ballot fraud during the 2020 presidential election. 

No, he said. “The claims that arose about them from the 2020 election are false.” 

The machines are provided by election service contractors LHS, longtime clients of the Vermont Secretary of State’s office. According to its website, “for more than 20 years, LHS marketed the highly regarded AccuVote tabulating systems. We have more than 4000 AccuVote systems installed and will continue to support the AccuVote well into the future. Our latest voting solution is the Image-Cast line of products by Dominion Voting Systems. These products are among the most advanced technologies on the market today.”

Senning said continuity and job satisfaction were major factors in the Secretary of State’s Office decision to continue with LHS.

A June 3 U.S. Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency review found nine vulnerabilities in the Dominion optical scanning machines. “While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be mitigated as soon as possible, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections,” the report said.

“Exploitation of these vulnerabilities would require physical access to individual ImageCast X devices, access to the Election Management System (EMS), or the ability to modify files before they are uploaded to ImageCast X devices. Jurisdictions can prevent and/or detect the exploitation of these vulnerabilities by diligently applying the mitigations recommended in this advisory, including technical, physical, and operational controls that limit unauthorized access or manipulation of voting systems,” the CISA report said.

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  1. Hand Count all Ballots! Machines are rotten to the core, they are used for FRAUD, CHEATING, We All Know This to be True.

    If you want Legal Elections, If you want your Vote to Count, then you must get rid of the Machines, Ballot Drop Boxes, no Electronic Voter Rolls or Poll Books. Video Surveillance at the Polling Stations with many poll watchers from every town. You must have One Day Voting, Absentee Ballots by Verified ID’d persons who request them, and Authentic ID’s Required to Vote, Not Driver’s Licenses as they are being used by Illegal Aliens to Cheat, Addresses to be checked and verified by each person voting with signatures onto sheet of paper before voting.

  2. another way to cheat! lpaper ballots only , Deadlines final, no ballot counting after or the next day, signature verification. stop the fraud!

  3. What could possibly go wrong? The Leftists in D.C. and the MSM have been telling us that the 2020 election was the most secure election ever in history, although they still think the results from the 2016 election were questionable. I believe everything they tell me…inflation is good, all non-POC’s are racists, the MSM always tells me the truth, President Biden is ‘fixing’ all the bad things President Trump did, it’s good to be at the mercy of Iran and Venezuela…. Got it! I WILL comply.

  4. Let’s just say you were installing computers in at a bank. Do you think it would be okay to install ones that have vulnerabilities in them but we don’t think they’ve ever been exploited?

    The whole concept that individuals need to have access to the machines in order to use the vulnerability doesn’t mitigate the vulnerability at all. All that means is that the people who are handling the machines can very easily rig the election. I hope everyone’s aware that the majority of hacks done in companies originate from the inside this would be no different.

    The absolute ignorance of these people running our elections is astounding.

  5. As an old security expert, I can say that optical image scanning, of every ballot, is easily manipulated. No if and butts about it. Ask any security expert, worth his salt, and they will tell you the same thing…So the Sec of State is stepping down, and a parting present to the People of Vermont, is to install new voting machines, that can be easily manipulated. Reminds me of that old Earnest Tubb tune…”Thanks A Lot “.

  6. No, he said. “The claims that arose about them from the 2020 election are false.”

    Excuse me sir, but you are mistaken and your STATEMENT is false.

  7. All above comments are very true! If a country like France, which is much larger than tiny Vermont, can vote on one day, in person, and get all the ballots counted, there is absolutely NO reason we can’t! Mail-ins are easy to manipulate. I wonder how much of ‘bonus’ funds these corrupt people in the Secretary of State’s office get from using Dominion machines. Nothing to see here.
    I hope someone who likes to investigate, will follow the money on the purchase of these machines!!!

  8. Where are the old machines going? Wiped clean and sent to a 3rd world nation? The new ones must have upgraded the feature of cutting up votes like cocaine to make sure the right 1/8th or 1/4 vote is distributing to the pre-selected winner – all the way down to dog catcher! It’s official….we don’t have elections in Pervmont….we have selections! Crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  9. Signature verification…..still a no. These machines likely come equipped with the latest tech in undetectable ballot manipulation….funded by the American rescue plan. As far as dems are concerned, $ well spent.

  10. They are approved by the same secretary of state that illegally changed our voting laws (without proper legislation) under the blanket of covid. Shame on Dan French

  11. There is only one Republican candidate running for the Sec. of State position… H. Brooke Paige. If he’s serious about winning the election, he (or anyone else running on the conservative side of the aisle) should state now, unequivocally, that they will institute paper ballots, traditional absentee ballots, and voter ID for Vermont’s elections.

    And I apologize in advance if my recommendation offends the ‘hard working’ election officials around the State. I don’t trust anyone anymore. That’s what our world has come to and the only thing protecting us is our Constitution… and our willingness to abide by it. Otherwise, we might as well kiss-off the concept of liberty and freedom.

    • Of course, according to the Constitution, it is the State legislatures that determine voting rules and regulations. So, as long as Vermont’s foxes are guarding the chicken coop, we get what we get. Bon appetite.

  12. Def of Dominion: law : supreme authority : SOVEREIGNTY

    The rulers of the world LOVE to rub their absolute control in our face.

    This state is a joke.

  13. “We don’t always need to cheat in Vermont elections, but when we do, we prefer Dominion. Stay powerless, my friends.”

  14. “We don’t always need to cheat on elections in Vermont, but when we do, we prefer Dominion. Stay powerless, my friends”.

  15. 2000 mules, I mean sheep, I mean cows in Vermont… no problem!
    Gotta keep up with Californica!

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