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Vermont to launch 3-digit suicide hotline #

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Publication Headline Published
WCAX Montpelier Police take questions on May school threat 6/10/2022 8:51 AM
VT Digger Vermont may soon get Covid vaccines for young children. Are we ready for it? 6/10/2022 9:17 AM
WCAX Sneak peek inside new LL Bean store in Williston 6/10/2022 9:46 AM
NBC 5 Burlington graffiti task force returns to combat the city’s growing problem 6/11/2022 8:33 AM
WCAX “March for our Lives” event held at State House 6/11/2022 7:32 PM
WCAX How often is Vermont’s Open Meeting Law violated? Why we may never know 6/12/2022 6:15 AM
VT Digger Vermont has rules about suspending students. Parents and advocates say some schools are breaking them. 6/12/2022 7:39 AM
VT Digger Vermont police agencies are struggling to deal with severe staffing shortages 6/12/2022 1:21 PM
VT Digger Vermont to launch 3-digit number for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in July 6/12/2022 3:24 PM
VT Digger ‘It’s not the easiest on us’ : Winooski students speak about housing in their city 6/12/2022 9:24 PM
WCAX Newfane man in serious condition following car crash 6/13/2022 2:55 AM
The Valley Reporter Isaac Evans-Frantz runs for U.S. Senate 6/13/2022 4:00 AM
WCAX Active search underway for missing Essex man 6/13/2022 6:49 AM
NBC 5 5 Planned Parenthood locations in Northern New England permanently close 6/13/2022 7:02 AM

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  1. I have a better idea? How about Vermont STOP from encouraging drug use through forced “diversity”, being ineffectual on crime, focus on enabling mental health help and NOT “safe” shoot-up centers & nix driving long-term VT culture out because it’s seen as “wrong”?

    Less, drugs, less crime, less stress, less homelessness: LESS suicide.

    Ya know……the way it was not too long ago.

  2. Seeing the State rankings and metrics over the last 10 years I think that State , itself, should call that suicide hotline.

    God help us!!

  3. If this “hotline” runs like the rest of the State, I’m sure callers will be prompted to leave a message and someone will get back to them within three business days. Nice to see their policies working so well they decided to spend $225 million on “climate change” rather than addressing the real problems we face. Dispicible.