VT Medical Society backs healthcare vax mandate

The Vermont Medical Society (VMS), which represents 2,400 physicians and physician assistants across Vermont, has signed a joint statement urging that employers mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all workers in health care and long-term care settings.

The joint statement was issued early last week in response to the recent resurgence of COVID-19, driven by the delta variant, and has received support from over 100 health care organizations and societies.

After unanimous approval from the VMS Council, the VMS joins health care organizations from across the nation in becoming a signatory, including the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association, and the American Nurses Association.

With hospitalizations and deaths once again rising throughout the United States due to COVID-19, VMS officials say vaccination is a proven, effective path to put the pandemic behind us and to avoid a return to stringent public health measures.

However, many health care and long-term care workers remain unvaccinated. By requiring all health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, VMS added, they will better protect themselves and their colleagues from the virus, along with those who are vulnerable, like children and the immunocompromised, their families, and the patients they care for.

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  1. The reason for this push is because “many healthcare and long-term care workers remain unvaccinated”. The question to ask is “Why”? Why do they remain “unvaccinated”? Could it be that they are wise and know that these are experimental death shots? Who is the Vermont Medical Society and how are they funded? The CDC as of May 1st stopped reporting that the Delta Variant was coming from the vaccinated people. They did that so it would look like the Delta variant was coming from the “unvaccinated”. Their orchestrated Covid hoax is sinking and they know it. This is the beginning of a last-ditch effort to FORCE people to take the experimental death shot before their ship sinks.

    • On point saltlightfaith – who are these people – lets get their names on the list of those committing crimes against humanity along with top admin in VT. It’s coming!!

  2. Well of course they signed onto it…These are the same physicians that signed onto sexless birth certificates…The AMA and CDC are national jokes…Albeit, bad ones.

  3. As an employer, I’d be hard pressed to assume the liability to mandate an experimental gene therapy (politely called a vaccine) for my workers. I would immediately expect resignations and a lawsuit. Vaccine manufacturers were exempted from liability, everyone else will need to figure this out- and the courts will decide. Maybe the VMS and AMA know something we don’t, like legislation in the works (perhaps in the current “infrastructure”bill) that will exempt these organizations from the personal injury and class action lawyers. For the rest of us, we are exposed to the whims of courts, juries and lawyers. No Thanks. As American society gets pushed again into panic mode by the Grand Wizard of Doublespeak and Panic, Anthony Fauci- I’d not be surprised if Phil Scott gets scared again and puts Vermont behind another “lockdown”. Certainly our children are doomed to spend another year behind masks- or forced to receive a gene therapy that has as yet- unknown effect on the human body.

  4. Fact…The spike protein has been stated by the world renown Salk institute as a very dangerous Nano particle capable of causing disease just like asbestos causes mesothelioma. Fact….The mRNA vaccine manufactures spike protein within the human body in an effort to produce antibodies.. Fact….the spike protein is well known to “leak” out of the injection site to bind with ACE2 receptors in the human body causing continual long term damage to all vital organs of the body. Fact….antibodies do not render the spike protein harmless!!!! The virus is not what kills the host. What kills the host IS THE SPIKE PROTEIN. STOP taking booster shots if you want to live. Guy please ask the question if the leading virologist institute says that the spike protein is a pathogen and the vaccine manufactures the protein, how can we keep the spike protein out of our Red Cross blood supply? When the fractional banking system collapses and thus being accelerated under the Biden mint monetary printing machine, which it will, government needs a distraction of a plandemic to blame it on. Don’t be fooled again! The perpetrators need to be held accountable.

  5. Who makes it possible for doctors to make a living? Just about all physicians are part of a group who gets its revenue from accepting select insurances. If the insurance companies dictate what is covered for payment, they control what physicians will prescribe. Physicians will be kicked out of the practice if they don’t push the profit margins. Too many doctors want a life style instead of do no harm. Israel and India are two countries that are known for their medical prowess. .Over ninety percent of the population of Israel is vaccinated and the people are now incubators for producing the spike protein via mRNA introduced by vaccination. They are being hospitalized at an alarming rate. We are being told its because of the Delta variant which is unverifiable. There is NO TEST available that isolates that variant. Prove me wrong! Ask the technicians at the Vermont state labs. There is no certified reference material for covid19 or any of the variants. Question your doctor for answers to these questions. How many more people have to die to this medical tyranny? The new infrastructure bill has provisions to make it a felony to voice questions and statements like this in the near future. Pray for discernment and resolve.

    • Good info Don – know the LAWS, do the research, think logically – these accomplices to a crime supporting a mafia style industry – themselves indoctrinated (not letting them off any hook on that one) will have many come to Jesus moments soon enough – do the research!

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