VT media still mum about Hunter Biden laptop

By Guy Page

October 28, 2020 – Where the Hunter Biden laptop scandal story is concerned, it’s still crickets from the Vermont media.

On October 15, Vermont Daily published “VT media buzz about Biden computer = crickets,” describing the in-state media’s disinterest. Clearly Vermont readers are intrigued:  True North Report’s publication of the story drew almost 100 comments.

One True North commenter described the problem in a nutshell: “This is a very important situation and the lack of media coverage means that we have to cover this ourselves, to get the story out as it unfolds. Or at least attempt to.” 

Another person wrote: “The traditional US, Europe and Vermont media have decided not to mention the grafting and grifting of the Biden clan in Ukraine, Russia and Moscow….Is that the way the US people are allowed to elect their PRESIDENT?”

Despite reader interest, since October 15 Vermont Daily has found exactly two published reports (besides our own) on Vermont media, both op-eds. True North also carried a column by conservative gadfly Bob Orleck suggesting the Democrats may use the scandal to push Biden out of office in favor of VP Kamala Harris. Bennington Banner columnist Alden Graves dismissed the story as “manufactured furor” and “completely unsubstantiated allegations” that are “peppered with the same kind of Russian disinformation.” 

The Banner column may be a “nothing to see here, go read something else” kind of story, but at least it was something – as opposed to the “nothing” of local news and commentary in other Vermont media. 

VT Digger ran a 10/23 national Politifact “Fact Check” story on the last presidential debate that mentions Hunter Biden but nothing about the laptop scandal. 

Fox 44 has nothing about Biden in local coverage. Its website carries national AP links disputing the Post narrative. WCAX carried a national headline on GOP senators ordering Facebook and Twitter to testify about censoring the New York Post story, but has had no local coverage. VPR, Burlington Free Press, Rutland Herald – nothing local there either. If you look hard enough on their websites, and on a few others, you can find a few links to national news.

There are many tried-and-true ways to “make it local” and maybe even contribute to the national story.Vermont reporters could dig into whether Hunter Biden or any of his many business partners and clients do business in Vermont; they could ask Vermont politicians who have met members of the extended Biden family what if anything they knew about the alleged trading on Vice-President Biden’s name; they could ask our congressional delegation what they think of the scandal.

The story’s been a live ball for almost three weeks. But so far, no-one in the Vermont media will kick it. The story has drawn fewer reporters than voters to a Joe Biden drive-in rally. Wonder why? And what other stories aren’t being covered?

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  1. So if Joe Biden was to be found guilty of crimes against America and was elected because of deliberate media censorship should the media be stripped of it’s FCC licenses and tried as co-conspirators? Or should they be heavily fined for acting as a political pack for in kind contributions to the candidate? Does the term “the free press” mean free to work for one political party?

  2. The general belief has been that most people in Nazi Germany had no idea of the horrors taking place in the concentration camps within their borders. Of course, those who lived within the range of the smoke stack’s cremation vape emissions must have known, but Germany’s press black out was, apparently, pretty effective both nationally and internationally, which was the main objective. Here at home, we’re being subjected to another heinous news blackout. Thank G-D for you, Guy, in Vermont, Tucker Carlson, and the many talk radio hosts who have picked up the story nationally. Now, with more info released, its way more than Hunter Biden’s laptop. Tony Bobulinksi has confirmed that Joe Biden, himself, was a major party to the China, Ukraine, Russia massive financial dealings. Interesting, that Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s step-son was a party to the venture, as he had an interest in Rosemont Seneca with Hunter, and Devon Archer.

    Good reading…

    • Ok so besides these guys, has anyone legitimate verified it for real? Just hearsay til then.

      • Are you asking, Jack, besides the thousands of documents on H Biden’s laptop being verified by the FBI as legitimate and free from tampering, Tony Bobulinki’s testimony about the meetings he held in person with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Devon Archer and others involved, the emails and texts documenting those meetings and the conversations commemorating them, the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs unequivocal report confirming the entire sordid affair, the absolute dearth of denial by any party to the business, particularly Hunter Biden not Joe Biden, is there anything else corroborating these events?

        You’re out of gas, Jack. You’re trying to fight volumes of verified facts with your uninformed and highly prejudicial words. That’s a “no contest” conclusion. Guy is right, Jack. If there was anything the media could say they would have. The shame is, they should have carried the story, supported or duly refuted. Instead, just crickets. And you.

        There is none so blind save he who will not see!

  3. Guy,

    Did it occur to you that perhaps there is NO story here other than one falsely created by Giuliani and his cohorts?

  4. There’s a reason mainstream media is not covering the story. It has not been verified yet. You can argue that point if you like but it’s true. Even the Post hasn’t verified it. Check that out if you think I’m spouting. This story was peddled to Wall Street Journal, who backed away slowly. Everyone else that looks at it recognizes it’s a rehash of “news” that’s already been debunked. Nobody has verified it to date. Verification usuually comes before the story breaks, because if you publish an unverified news report as truth and it gets debunked, you could be criminally held liable. Why hasn’t the person who wrote the Post story put his name on it? Why was the person who’s name was on it surprised when public when she learned the story in public on camera. Good grief Guy, you’re in the news business. Has the story been verified yet?

    • Jack- yes, check out the interview with Tony Bobulinski, Bidens partner. And given how many atrociously false, anonymous stories have been trumpeted by the same media, the oh we’ve got to have more proof seems a little two faced for them.

    • Are you suggesting that only members of the main stream media can “verify” the “story” to your satisfaction? Apparently, the extensive and highly convincing verifications done by Tucker Carlson, his Fox editors, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs which generated an extensive 90+ page written report are not a tough for you. Combine those with the audio and video testimony of Tony Bobulinsky, and corroboration of that data by the multitude of documents found on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, files which reportedly were verified by the FBI as genuine is more verification than was used to impeach our President!

  5. Kamala, will only be a small part of the cabal, which will include Sanders, OCS, Hillary, Obama, and MANY others who will decide among themselves what will happen to Americans. .Biden will be dragged out occasionally