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VT Headlines: Welch outlines priorities in Senate floor speech

NBC 5Festival of Fools to return to Burlington next month
WCAXWoodstock works to replace water pipes to end ‘do not drink’ order
WCAXFormer NH lawmaker charged with sexual exploitation of children
NBC 5UVM fires men’s hockey head coach Todd Woodcroft after investigation
WCAXWelch outlines priorities in Senate floor speech
WCAXSummer meals program helps Vt. families after school year ends

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  1. Welch is speaking to an essentially empty chamber. With the empty, vacuous words coming from Welch, this seems somehow appropriate…

  2. Ridding the stink of The Biden crime family is priority one for the Dem/Progs. The priority is how to dispose of The Biden, Kamala the cackling lunatic, and insert either Michelle (aka Big Mike) or Gruesome Newsome. The theater of the absurd is staging to change out the lead actors as the replacements are being prepped to take over and “finish the job.”