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VT Headlines: VT mental health system not prepared for flood trauma, experts say

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WCAXVt. mental health system not prepared for flood trauma, experts say
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  1. Why do some people think that every situation needs mental health counseling? Have people gotten so weak minded that they cannot face a crisis and need someone to tell them what to do? Have they never had to figure out on their own what to do? Yes, the floods were bad a lot of people lost their homes and it is sad , fortunately not more lives were lost! Unfortunately, in this day and age mental health always gets pushed into the picture at every turn starting in our elementary grades and up. Example, a child gets killed in a crash while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who runs to the schools but mental health counselors to help with the grieving students. The bottom line is, yes maybe you lost a friend, grieve at home with your family, who should tell you this is why you shouldn’t drive under the influence, learn a life lesson from it, not in a group where they just get sympathy and coddled! Life can be hard, that’s why people need to be strong. PEOPLE STRONG NOT VERMONT STRONG!

    • Betty, look at the children in school today. Everything is organized laid out and planed to perfection. Kid’s are dependent on the stuff they carry in backpacks to help them to get through the day. They never get the chance to learn to adapt and survive and live without.This isn’t a new thing it has been progressing for a couple generations now. Mentally weak, scared dependent people are easily controlled.

  2. Keeping people stressed out, fatigued, taking away their livelihoods and homes, threatening them with dire climate predictions (that are ONLY a guess at best and based on an engineers computer model not observation or historical data), IS how you put people on their knees to control and manipulate them into thinking and acting how you want them to.
    Then using that as an excuse to roll in the big guns, literally, and deploy tryannical fascism.

    After going on 4 years… yeah, tired, depressed, hopeless, and lost…as a people… look at history.
    Oh but we don’t and never learn from it…
    We get what we accept.

  3. Only 4 years? I recall feeling stressed out, fatigued, tired, depressed hopeless and lost back on 1/20/2017. I still feel that way, only red to black and blue … and here we go again.

  4. PickleBall stresses me out. There’s nothing more grating on the nerves than the sound of 20 pikleball games going on at the same time in the same place. And I was introduced to the game only 4 months ago. I can’t begin to fathom 4 years of listening to pickelball. I mean, really. Some things are important here.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, mental health was deemed a priority due to homelessness, systemic racism, and transphobia only a few months ago? Let’s look at numbers shall we? According to the fancy budget report submitted by the Vermont Department of Mental Health FY 2023 (yes, they have their own stand alone department) the proposed budget submitted was $287,273,887.00. The kicker is this, according to their colorful pie chart, 73% or $211,159,992, is designated for Medicaid and Global Commitment. What does global commitment mean and where does that money go? https://ljfo.vermont.gov/assets/Uploads/24aa917890/WEmily-Hawes-Commissioner-Department-of-Mental-HealthFY23-Budget-Presentation1-24-2022.pdf

    One thing is for sure, there is no better grifter racket than mental health in Vermont, according to their budget. Of course, this does not include all the non-profits sucking the funding out the other side. The government creates the trauma bonding and we all get to pay for it. See how it works?

    Flood trauma? How does that compare to sinking into poverty regardless of how hard one works and never getting ahead? The ones who need mental health intervention post haste are bureaucrats, legislators, and executive branch. They suffer malignant delusions of grandeur and kleptomania.