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VT Headlines: VT authorities stretched thin with back-to-back homicide investigations

WCAXVt. authorities stretched thin with back-to-back homicide investigations
VT DiggerAmid ongoing jackhammering, a South Burlington neighborhood urges city officials to intervene
NBC 5Burlington City Council President Karen Paul announces candidacy for mayor
VT DiggerA new law clears the way for a homeless shelter in the Northeast Kingdom
Seven DaysNews Quiz: What has Hillary Clinton signed on to produce for a Vermonter?

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  1. Vermont of today is not the Vermont of my childhood. But let’s not blame drugs and/or druggies coming here from the flatlands, let’s blame firearms !

    • let’s not forget to blame the elected officials coming here from the flatlands with their bold, innovative ideas…

    • The best a person of quality and common sense in Burlington can hope for is a democrat mayor. Currently, Mayor Weinberger represents the relative extreme right wing of Burlington politics and he has had enough of being screamed at to his face by mentally defective leftist fascists during public meetings. Anyone who cares about keeping Burlington from descending any further into the swirling toilet of the left should be grateful that Karen Paul has decided to run and is actually willing to immerse herself into that situation of chaos and social decay. She if one of few who hold out hope that Burlington can be salvaged.