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VT Headlines: Vermont Truth and Reconciliation Commission holds first public meeting

WCAXNew organization to take over Burlington homeless shelter
WCAXAs temperatures go up, cyanobacteria blooms close down Burlington beaches
NBC 5Recent lack of maintenance on Valcour Island drawing concerns among visitors
WCAXConcerns raised about Vermont hotel being used to house the homeless
WCAXThreat of landslides lingers in Vermont after July flooding
WCAXVermont Truth and Reconciliation Commission holds first public meeting
NBC 5Rising costs for the new Burlington High School, forcing new completion timeline
WCAXSen. Welch to seek public opinion on drug price regulation
WCAXRep. Balint to hold clean energy roundtable
WCAXHow ESSER school funding has been put to work in Vermont

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  1. Truth and Reconciliation Commission? What a stupid socialist idea, and a monumental waste of taxpayer money. You want the truth? This commission should be abolished as soon as possible and those who instigated this nonsense should apologize to People of Vermont. Then they should leave the state…

  2. The irony of the “commission” is it is created and run by the biggest liars and dividers in modern history. Germany circa 1934.