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Vermont Republicans set dates for town caucus & state convention

Towns to caucus September 19th, state convention on Saturday, November 4th

Earlier this week Vermont Republican Party Chairman Paul Dame notified Vermont’s Town Clerks and the Republican Party’s local Town Committees that the state party has set a date of Tuesday September 19th as the date for the Republican Caucuses.

Every two years the Vermont Republican Party reorganizes itself from the bottom up. Every Republican voter in a town has the right to select their local party leaders the same way that they elect their local municipal leaders. Republican voters who are properly registered to vote in their town are encouraged to attend their caucus to make their voices heard at their local Republican Committees. During the second week in September more towns will begin posting the dates, times & locations of their caucus, with many towns expecting to caucus on Tuesday September 19th.

“I have always said that the party belongs to the people who show up,” said State Chairman, Paul Dame. “Whether you like the direction the party is going, and want to keep it on track – or whether you think the party needs to make changes to better reflect Republicans like you – in both cases I encourage voters to come to their caucus and talk to their local Republican Committee leaders and make their voices heard. Politics is a game of addition, and so I encourage any Republicans who want to join the team to turn out and get involved. Ten years ago I didn’t even know how the party structure works, and now I’m leading that same restructuring. There are great opportunities for young people to get involved and even take leadership positions.”

Republicans who are registered voters and attend the caucus will actually cast votes on the leadership of their town party, and their town’s representatives to the county committee. If there is not already a town committee in place, three Republican voters in the town can organize a caucus to elect a new committee. Any one who wants to know more should contact the State Republican Party through their website at

Each town committee sends delegates to the County, and the County Committees organize themselves and send delegates to the State Committee. Current Republican Party rules call for a State Committee of 88 delegates with at least four from all fourteen counties, in addition to other officers. Together this newly formed committee will elect the leaders for the state party all of whom will serve a two-year term.

The State Committee is set to hold it’s reorganization on Saturday, November 4th in South Burlington at a day long convention and serve as an opportunity for Republicans around the state to gather together to prepare for the 2024 elections.

“In the past, including when I was first elected two years ago, it has always been a very low-key strictly-business kind of event,” said Chairman Dame. “Previous chairs have tried to make it a small, short and cheap meeting. This year the goal is to make it an event that any Republican might want to attend and provide some opportunities for the training of volunteers, party officials, and potential candidates, or we might bring in some other well known speakers, or engage in some policy discussions from a Republican viewpoint. Over the next two months we will be releasing more details as things get finalized, but the date and location are now set.

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  1. If the GOP doesn’t fall in line with Phil Scott in 2024, there will be as many GOP House members as there are Catamounts in this state.

  2. Phil Scot is a progressive. He is not a Republican. We no longer have a two party system. We have a unipary, which Phil is a member of. I am further confused by your statement because the Republican party chair stands by Phil Scott as most Democrats and Republicans. The republican party is systematically being destroyed by it’s own unipary members, the media and the socialist global agenda aligned to the United Nations. The Biden Administration supports this agenda, which is in direct conflict with a constitutional republic. Conservatives are under attack and being politically threatened and harassed globally, not just in America. Democracy will only exist relative to the democratic socialist or socialist convention.

  3. Vermont GOP, being led by its so-called conservative Governor, now if it wasn’t
    so sad, it would be funny…..Wake up people, The GOP can survive but not with
    its current leadership !!

  4. Paul Dame and Tom Koch have failed Conservative Vermonters. There are fewer Republicans in the State Legislature than before Dame was elected State Chairman.
    Dame and Koch’s goal was to open the Party to anyone that claimed to be a Republican so there would be more numbers in the State House. Not only did they fail, their Big Tent agenda gave VT Conservatives Liam Madden, who openly boasted about not being a Republican. It also gave them Jarrod Sammis who left the party after his election and became a Libertarian.
    Chairman Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch have proven they stand for nothing.
    They supported Christina Nolan as the U.S. Senate candidate despite Ms. Nolan’s admission to supporting abortion thru the 2nd Trimester, over 99% of all abortions. She also vowed to fight to codify Roe V Wade in all 50 States.
    Gerald Malloy was the 100% Pro Life and Constitutional candidate and they refused to support him.
    They continue to support the 24 Transrepublican VT Representatives who voted for H 89, the Law which gives the State the right to take your child regardless of their age to sexually, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy your child. It goes further to make it possible for the State to arrest you and any medical provider who refuses to give up the child, while providing protections for anyone who does abuse the child.
    Phil Scott, Benning, Parent and other Transrepublicans support this also.
    Dame has boasted multiple times about Scott being the most popular Governor in America. What Dame won’t tell you is Scott receives the vast majority of his votes, 60 – 70% from democrats.
    Scott spits in the face of Conservative Vermonters and Dame brags about him.
    Don’t ever forget that Scott told thousands of Vermonters, “You Aren’t Essential. ”
    But planned parenthood and VT Liquor stores were.
    Neither Dame nor Koch support the VTGOP Platform which they voted for.
    Many people I know have stood up and spoken out against the current VTGOP leadership.
    If you don’t care or you have given up, disregard this.
    If your children and grandchildren are worth fighting for, you must get involved.
    Here’s how, you must go to your Town or County VTGOP meetings and become a member. You must become a delegate to have a vote.
    Work together to find someone who is able and willing to run for the VTGOP Executive Offices. One more thing, share this with everyone you know who is sick of watching evil win.

    • This isn’t a winning strategy. Unless you live in an economically desolate place like Rutland, Newport or Bennington, MAGA conservatives don’t have a chance. You can be a Republican and believe in climate change, understand that the election wasn’t stolen and that the vaccines worked. You can be pro-science and pro-life. I am pro-business, anti-regulation and believe in school choice. When you do things like go on tour to rail against Critical Race Theory, educated people just aren’t going to take you seriously and there are a lot of them in Vermont. My relatives ran the GOP in the 90’s back when it was relevant and it was because they were pro-business but didn’t wear tin foil hats. Until you people take them off and rejoin society the VT GOP is going to be irrelevant.

      • Your post eloquently outlines the faulty, shaky platform on which the RNC stands upon. The polls of the populace don’t agree with the RNC or the DNC because neither has a platform that Americans agree with at all. The real deal is the majority doesn’t believe a word that comes out of a politician’s mouth and the old guard has to go – full stop. Unless someone demonstrates American values and puts American interests first and foremost, the chicken dancing won’t move the needle of favor for any candidate. At this point, many Americans are ready to fill many buckets with said chickens, fried extra crispy.

      • Must be you believe that losing seats in the legislature is a winning strategy ‘eh Chris ?
        Dame and Koch support the transrepublicans that joined with the marxists who openly call for the destruction of the unborn to the moment of birth and children at risk because of their sexual predation.
        Scott is no fiscal conservative despite whatever convoluted logic anyone pretends.
        He stole $2 Million from the program to protect VT children at risk of domestic violence and $3 Million from the tobacco settlement fund to give to illegal aliens because they were not eligible for the Stimulus checks.
        He spent $ 1.6 Million on road signs to promote the plandemic lie.
        He has given millions to planned parenthood but has not given a Cent to any of the nine VT Pro Pregnancy Centers.

        The VTGOP slogan should be, We don’t stand for anything, and we expect you to fall for everything.
        Since you mentioned Rutland, more transrepublican state reps from Rutland voted for H 89 than any other County in VT. Vote them out or continue to lose your rights and endanger children.

      • There is a cult of Republicans that doesn’t realize you can’t win elections in Vermont without the support or votes of the independents. If every Republican from the wacky right to moderate Right were to vote for Republicans we still wouldn’t be able to win a general election in Vermont.
        While the wacky right blames the existing GOP leadership for the most recent house losses, it could have quite possible the wacky right that lost the elections.

      • Using Mr. Arnold’s reasoning, if you support life from the moment of conception, want to protect children from sexual deviants, want your tax dollars used for something other than the slaughter of babies in the womb, want your Governor to actually represent law abiding Vermonters instead of betraying them, support the Constitutions of VT and America, you are a wacky right Republican.
        Mr. Arnold has responded to my comments before.
        Blah, blah, blah, never any defense of those who have betrayed conservative Vermonters and lie. Simple and consistent attacks on anyone who point out the failings of the VTGOP, Scott, Benning and anyone who support them.
        Can’t really blame him though, there is no defense of this evil.

      • Hey Jim and Tom, thanks for proving my point. If you want to know who really betrayed conservative Vermonters, look to your Orange Messiah who led you down the path of irrelevancy. How many abortions has “the most pro-life President” paid for? If he came out wanting to stop climate change, you’d both be driving Prius’s tomorrow. Stop following a man that uses your anger to benefit himself and his cronies.

  5. Not surprised to see Chris attack Trump instead of defending his stance on whatever he may or may not believe in.
    Just like Mr. Arnold, when you can’t defend your comments, scream about something else.

    Let’s make it real simple, if someone wants to defend the VTGOP, their betrayal of the VTGOP Platform and their support of those who have lied to Conservative Vermonters, here’s your opportunity.
    I wouldn’t ever be caught driving a Prius, Unlike those who push the lie I understand EVs don’t produce electricity or save the planet. The materials are mined using diesel powered vehicles and equipment, ( along with child slave labor ) and are shipped by boat many thousands of miles to different Continents before being packaged in an environmentally destructive shell.
    Which is then powered by coal.

    One more thing Chris, the only Man I follow is the One who created me.