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VT Headlines: Universal school meals debate heats up

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WCAXVt. officials concerned with meeting climate target timeline
NBC 5Green Mountain Power launching cost-effective solar to aid low-income Vermonters
NBC 5A proposed bill could outlaw tobacco, cannabis products that use single use filters
VT DiggerBurlington officials speak out against ballot initiative on police oversight
WCAXFarmers can earn money by improving conservation practices
WCAXVt. braces for reduction in SNAP benefits, prepares for debate overBuy universal school meals
NBC 5US government has received more than 350 new UFO reports
VT DiggerFaced with a stubborn court backlog, the Legislature sees no easy solutions
NBC 5Burlington city leaders roll out new public safety plan
Seven DaysProgressive Contest for South District Council Seat Ends in Tie
WCAXVTrans takes feedback for Colchester ‘diverging diamond’ project
VT DiggerMany second-home owners pay a lower tax rate than residents. Will the Legislature change that?

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  1. Regarding the “Vt. braces for reduction in SNAP benefits, prepares for debate overBuy universal school meals”:

    I am confused, VT is reducing benefits to those in “need” but is still buying breakfast and lunch for everyone regardless of need?

  2. I’m suspicious of many of the ‘social benefit’ programs the state has initiated but school meals for all is not one of them. If we cannot feed our children, we are indeed a sorry excuse for a society. Need is irrelevant – many parents that don’t qualify for ‘need’ don’t have the knowledge or inclination to prepare healthy meals for their children to take to school.

    • The percentage of parents who don’t need the help is very high. Most kids can make their won lunch starting at about age 8.

  3. It used to be that school was meant to prepare children for getting by in the real world. Now the real world includes free stuff for anyone who claims a need for it and freedom from shame, so you dont even have to make a claim for need now, because that might cause embarrassment. What can we expect next from Montpelier? Maybe a requirement for all employers to provide free breakfast and lunch for employees, since that is what they have become accustomed to? Who votes for these people?

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